Best Ski Helmets for Kids

This guide showcases the best ski helmets for kids to protect them during high-impact falls or collisions and keep them safe while skiing.

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The Best Ski Helmets for Kids: Understanding MIPS, Non-MIPS, and WaveCel

Winter sports evoke images of snow-covered mountains, children laughing as they glide down slopes, and families creating lifelong memories on ski trips. However, with all the fun and excitement comes an undeniable responsibility – ensuring the safety of young adventurers. One of the most vital pieces of safety equipment, especially for children, is the ski helmet. Just as we wouldn’t send our kids out on a bike without a helmet, we shouldn’t let them hit the slopes without one either.

Ski helmets for kids are crucial because they considerably reduce the risk of head injuries, which are among the most serious and potentially life-altering injuries one can sustain. For children, whose brains are still developing, this protection is paramount. Beyond just serving as a protective shell, recent advancements in helmet technology have introduced systems designed to reduce rotational forces during oblique impacts, which are more common in skiing accidents.

Best Ski Helmets for Kids

There are several types of these innovative technologies, with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) and WaveCel being the most prominent. MIPS, for instance, is designed to protect against rotational motion transferred to the brain during angled impacts, while WaveCel goes a step further with a collapsible cellular material that crumples and glides to absorb both linear and rotational forces. Non-MIPS and non-WaveCel helmets, on the other hand, might not provide the same level of rotational force protection but are still rigorously tested for impact resistance.

As a parent, navigating through the myriad of helmet choices and their technological nuances can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. In this article, we’ve done all the homework for you. We’ve sifted through the data, analyzed the pros and cons, and gathered expert opinions to present a comprehensive guide on the best ski helmets for your kids. So, you can save valuable time and energy from extensive online research and feel confident in your choices, ensuring that your young skiers are equipped with the best protection. Join us as we explore the importance of safeguarding young heads and ensuring that winter sports remain a source of pure joy and exhilaration.

Best Ski Helmets for Kids

How to Measure Your Child’s Head for the Perfect Fit

Ensuring the perfect ski helmet fit for your child is crucial for both safety and comfort. To start, you’ll need a soft measuring tape or a string and ruler, and it’s helpful to have another person assist. Position the tape or string about an inch above the eyebrows, which typically corresponds to the widest part of the head, and wrap it around to measure the full circumference. Once you’ve taken the measurement, especially if using a string, note down the length in centimeters as most helmet sizes are given in this metric.

When selecting a helmet, consult the brand-specific size chart since sizing can slightly vary among manufacturers. Many modern helmets feature adjustability options, such as dial-fit systems, to fine-tune the fit—a great feature to accommodate a child’s growing head. The helmet’s positioning is also crucial; there should ideally be a gap, roughly two fingers wide, between the helmet’s bottom and the top of the ski goggles to avoid pushing the goggles onto the nose. As children grow rapidly, it’s good practice to reassess the helmet’s fit each ski season, ready to upsize when needed, ensuring a blend of comfort and safety on the slopes.

Best Ski Helmets for Kids

Deciphering Ski Helmet Designs: In-Mold vs. ABS Explained

In the world of ski helmets, “in-mold” and “ABS” constructions are frequently mentioned, and each offers distinct advantages and trade-offs. In-mold helmets are crafted by fusing a thin outer shell, typically made of polycarbonate, directly with the foam liner in one molding step. This results in a lighter helmet, often with superior ventilation capabilities. However, this lightweight design might not be as durable over multiple impacts and can come with a higher price tag due to the advanced molding process.

On the other hand, ABS helmets are built using a two-step approach: first, a tough outer shell made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is formed, and then it’s bonded to the foam liner. This method yields a more robust and often heavier helmet. The sturdier shell of ABS helmets means enhanced durability against multiple impacts and potential punctures. In terms of cost, the simpler manufacturing process of ABS helmets usually translates to a more wallet-friendly price point.

Best Ski Helmets for Kids

Overview: Our Top Picks

Navigating the vast world of ski helmets for kids might seem daunting, but we’ve taken the time to handpick the best of the best for each age group. For those tiny toddlers venturing out on the snowy landscape for the first time, the Giro Crue MIPS stands out, known for its impeccable fit tailored for the smallest adventurers. Close on its heels is the Anon Windham WaveCel, lauded for its robust safety features designed especially for young skiers. As your child becomes more independent on the slopes, visibility becomes paramount. This is where the POC POCito OBEX MIPS helmet shines with its distinctive high-visibility colors, ensuring that your young skier remains in sight even in crowded areas. Progressing to the bigger kids, who are not only growing in size but also in skill, the Giro Scout Jr. MIPS offers a blend of comfort and safety, ideal for those intermediate runs. Another worthy contender for this age group is the Smith Prospect Jr. MIPS, renowned for its durability and fit. Finally, catering to the confident teenagers weaving through the slopes, the stylish Anon Logan WaveCel offers both flair and function, while the POC POCito Fornix MIPS brings a blend of style and top-tier safety features. All in all, each helmet in this curated list ensures that as the thrills of skiing increase, safety remains uncompromised.

Smith HoltGiro CrueAtomic Four JrAnon Rime 3Smith Glide MIPSGiro Crue MIPSGiro Spur MIPSGiro Launch PlusSmith Scout Jr MIPSAtomic CountSmith Prospect Jr MIPSPOC POCito Obex MIPSPOC POCito Fornix MIPSAnon Windham WavecellAnon Logan Wavecell
Smith Holt JrGiro CrueAtomic Four JrAnon Rime 3Smith Glide Jr MIPSGiro Crue MIPSGiro Spur MIPSGiro Launch PlusSmith Scout Jr MIPSAtomic Count JrSmith Prospect Jr MIPSPOCito Obex MIPSPOCito Fornix MIPSAnon Windham WaveCelAnon Logan WaveCel
Size (cm)48 – 5848.5 – 5948 – 5548 – 5548 – 5848.5 – 5948.5 – 5548.5 – 5554 – 5848 – 5548 – 5651 – 6251 – 5848 – 5552 – 65
Shell MaterialABSIn-moldIn-moldABSIn-moldABSIn-moldIn-moldABSIn-moldIn-moldIn-moldIn-moldIn-moldIn-mold

Best MIPS Ski Helmets for Kids

When selecting ski helmets for kids, MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) helmets stand out due to their design to reduce rotational forces on the brain, which is common in oblique impacts. While MIPS helmets offer an enhanced layer of protection against such forces, they can be pricier than non-MIPS alternatives, and some users have noted differences in fit and comfort. Let’s explore the best MIPS ski helmets for kids.

Smith Glide Jr MIPS

Smith Glide Jr MIPS Ski Helmets for Kids

The Smith Glide Jr MIPS is an excellent choice for young children or toddlers, offering affordability without compromising safety and comfort. It’s one of the most budget-friendly helmets with the added protection of the MIPS rotational system. In addition to the MIPS Brain Protection System, Smith’s lightweight in-mold design is perfect for young skiers. Making sure it fits your child just right is a snap, thanks to the easy-to-use adjustable dial.

Inside, the helmet provides extra warmth and a soft interior to keep little skiers cozy on even the chilliest days. The plush ear pads ensure kids won’t be bothered by the cold weather. While the ventilation isn’t adjustable, it generally keeps the temperature comfortable. However, it’s worth noting that there have been a few instances of sweaty heads with the Glide Jr. helmet. It offers affordability while still providing the added safety of the MIPS system, making it a go-to choice year after year.

Size (cm)XS (48 – 52), S (48 – 53), M (53 – 58)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B
Weight[medium] 14oz
Fit Adjustmentdial
Ventilationfixed vents
Audio CompatibleNo
ColorsCobalt, Black, White, Slime, Lectric Flamingo

Giro Crue MIPS

Giro Crue MIPS Ski Helmets for Kids

The Giro Crue MIPS Helmet is a fantastic choice for toddlers and young skiers, offering both comfort and style. Its low-profile hard shell design is lightweight, so your child won’t feel weighed down, allowing them to hold their head up easily. Furthermore, it features the In Form™ Fit System with an adjustable dial, allowing a customized fit, even with gloves on.

Inside, the helmet boasts a soft interior and a padded chin strap for ultimate comfort. The ventilation system keeps things cool by expelling warm air, preventing overheating. These vents are strategically positioned to match up with the central vent of your goggles, preventing fogging. Additionally, the ear pads can be taken off, which is great for both warmer spring skiing and for making cleaning a breeze. The GGiro Crue MIPS sports a cool retro skate helmet style with vibrant colors, making it a trendy choice for fashion-conscious kids who want to hit the slopes in style. This helmet is built to handle the rigors of youth skiing, ensuring they stay a trusted companion for many seasons of snowy adventures.

Size (cm)XS (48.5 – 52), S (52 – 55.5), M (55.5 – 59)
Shell MaterialHard Shell Construction (ABS plastic)
CertificationsCE EN1077
Weight1lb 1.7oz
Fit SystemIn Form™ Fit System
VentilationStack, Super Cool
Audio CompatibleYes
ColorsAvailable in 12 Colors

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Giro Spur MIPS

Giro Spur MIPS Ski Helmets for Kids

Ready to see your little snow champ take the lead on the slopes? Enter the Giro Spur MIPS Helmet – your peace of mind when your child becomes that tiny speck maneuvering the snowy bends. This helmet isn’t just stylish; it’s packed with safety features tailored for the young adventurer. Thanks to its in-mold construction, it perfectly blends the sturdiness of a polycarbonate outer shell with the shock-absorbing EPS foam, all enhanced by the MIPS® technology. The result? A helmet that’s light as a feather yet tough as nails.

But we’re not just talking about protection here. Comfort is key. With the in-form tuning system, a simple twist of a dial and some vertical adjustments ensure the helmet fits snugly on your child’s head, just like a custom-made cap. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all era!

Style? Oh, this helmet has that covered, too! The Giro Spur MIPS Helmet comes in a palette of vibrant colors, allowing your child to pick one that perfectly complements their flair. And for those sun-kissed spring days, the eight strategically placed vents ensure your young skier stays cool and sweat-free.

Get ready, parent. With this helmet on, your child is not just safe. They’re slope-ready and stylish!

Size (cm)XS (48.5 – 52), S (52.5 – 55)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsCE EN1077
MIPS VersionYes
Weight12.7 ounces
Fit Adjustmentergo-friendly dial, In Form Fit System, Vertical Tuning
VentilationSuper Cool Venting (8 fixed vents)
Audio CompatibleNo
ColorsAvailable in 9 Colors

Smith Scout Jr MIPS

Smith Scout Jr. MIPS Ski Helmets for Kids

The Smith Scout Jr. MIPS Helmet is perfect for young adventurers, offering top-tier protection and comfort. Designed with advanced MIPS technology, it ensures optimal safety during those unexpected tumbles. This helmet stands out with its AirEvac ventilation system, ensuring kids remain cool by allowing hot air to escape and promoting fresh airflow.

One of the standout features of the Scout Jr. is its unique self-adjusting fit system. Ditching the typical dial system found in many helmets, it uses an elastic band making the helmet lightweight and comfortable. This no-bulk design is especially great for kids who might be a bit hesitant about the feel of helmets.

Another key aspect is its hardshell durability combined with MIPS brain protection, offering double-layered safety. This makes the helmet a reliable choice whether your child is skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking. The best part? Its comfortable design means kids will wear it naturally, cultivating a great safety habit. With certifications for both snow and bike standards, it’s truly a versatile pick for active kids.

Size (cm)S (54 – 56), M (56 – 58)
Shell MaterialBombshell (ABS)
CertificationsASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 Class B, CPSC, CE EN 1078
Weight1lb 2oz
Fit AdjustmentSelf-Adjusting Fit System
Ventilation12 vents. Airflow climate control, AirEvac ventilation
Audio CompatibleNo
ColorsBlack, Cobalt, Habanaro, Amethyst

Smith Prospect Jr MIPS

Smith Prospect Jr MIPS Ski Helmets for Kids

Preparing for a ski day with your young adventurer? The Prospect Jr. MIPS Helmet might be the perfect addition to their gear. This helmet isn’t just about safety – it’s also about style and a comfortable fit that grows with your child. Thanks to the innovative Smith Grow With Me™ sizing system, this helmet can adapt to different head sizes, ensuring a snug fit season after season. And speaking of safety, it boasts of MIPS® rotational safety and Aerocore™ technology – translating to top-tier protection on the slopes.

Beyond its protective elements, the Prospect Jr. has been thoughtfully designed for comfort. Its Koroyd foam not only shields but ensures a refreshing airflow. Lightweight by design it means fewer complaints and more skiing fun. And for those extra chilly days? Just adjust the helmet’s vents. Style-wise, its sleek, freeride-inspired look will make your young one feel like a pro on the slopes. The Prospect Jr. MIPS Helmet isn’t just a ski accessory; it’s a fusion of style, comfort, and unmatched safety, making it a go-to choice for budding ski enthusiasts.

Size (cm)S/M (48 – 56)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B
MIPS VersionYes
Weight16 oz / 450 g (medium)
Fit AdjustmentGrow With Me dual-stage liner system adapts to growing kids
Adjustable dial fit for easy, on-the-go size adjustment
Ventilation14 vents
Audio CompatibleNo
ColorsMatte Black, Matte White, Matte Midnight Blue, Matte Peri Dust

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POC POCito Obex Mips

POC POCito Obex Mips Ski Helmets for Kids

The POC POCito Obex Helmet is designed with your child’s safety in mind. If they ever take a tumble on the slopes, this helmet offers top-notch protection to absorb the impact. And, for parents who always want to keep an eye on their little ones, the helmet’s bright fluorescent colors make spotting them on the mountain a breeze.

Worried about mountain safety? This helmet has an in-built RECCO® reflector which helps rescue teams locate your child if needed. Additional features like the fixed goggle clip and chimneys to release goggle steam make for a hassle-free skiing experience. Plus, the size adjustment ensures the helmet fits snugly on your child’s head.

Drawing inspiration from its adult counterpart, the Obex Pure, this kids’ version is lightweight, ensuring they can enjoy their ski day without feeling weighed down. The helmet also boasts advanced safety features like MIPS and meets high safety standards. What’s more, if you like to stay connected on the slopes, it’s even compatible with the Obex Communication Headset. This helmet has all the bases covered for both fun and safety putting them on our list of the best ski helmets for kids.

Size (cm)XS/S (51 – 54), M/L (55-58), XL/XXL (59 – 62)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsCE EN 1077-B, ASTM F2040
Weight15.8 oz
Fit AdjustmentDial Adjustment, Adjustable Chin Strap
VentilationAdjustable, Integrated Anti-Fog Vents
Audio CompatibleObex Communication Headset (sold separately)
ColorsFluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Yellow

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POC POCito Fornix MIPS

POC POCito Fornix MIPS Ski Helmets for Kids

The POC POCito Fornix MIPS Helmet is designed for kids who enjoy skiing. Kids, as we know, can sometimes be overenthusiastic on the slopes. This helmet incorporates MIPS technology that protects from unexpected falls that might occur. An adjustable system offers a snug fit to ensure safety and comfort.

The helmet comes equipped with 8 vents that can be easily opened or closed, depending on the weather conditions. This feature ensures that your child remains comfortable, whether it’s a warm or cold day on the slopes. Additionally, the integrated fit adjustment system, makes it convenient to wear with different face masks. Notably, the Chimney vents are specially designed to provide ventilation to the goggle area, preventing fogging and maintaining clear vision.

Additionally, an NFC medical ID chip is embedded in the helmet, which is helpful in emergencies to provide medical data. The helmet also includes a RECCO feature, which assists in locating someone if they get lost on the mountain. POC has a reputation for producing quality race helmets, and the POCito is suitable for kids, whether they’re part of a ski team or just skiing for fun.

Size (cm)XS/S (51 – 54), M/L (55 – 58)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsEN 1077-B, ASTM 2040
Fit AdjustmentAdjustable
Ventilation8 Adjustable Vents
Audio CompatibleNo
ColorsCerussite Kashima, Uranium Black, Lemon Calcite, Hydrogen White, Garnet Red, Epidote Green, Aragonite Brown

Best Non-MIPS Ski Helmets for Kids

Non-MIPS ski helmets for kids remain popular with many parents and young skiers due to their straightforward design and often more budget-friendly pricing. Traditional non-MIPS helmets protect against direct impacts, making them suitable for various winter sports activities. They tend to be more straightforward in design, resulting in lighter weight and sometimes a more comfortable fit for certain users. However, on the downside, non-MIPS helmets do not offer the same rotational force protection as MIPS helmets. This means that certain types of falls or impacts, especially oblique ones, might not provide the same level of safety. Let’s explore the best non-MIPS ski helmets for kids.

Smith Holt Jr

Smith Holt Jr Ski Helmets for Kids

The Smith Holt Jr. Helmet is a versatile choice perfect for kids who are active all year round. Expertly designed to shift from winter sports to summer activities like skateboarding and biking, it’s the only helmet your child might ever need. Key features that make this helmet stand out include the durable bombshell construction for reliable protection and the adjustable dial at the back ensuring a snug fit. It’s packed with 14 vents, ensuring good airflow to keep your young one comfortable, whether they’re skiing, snowboarding, or just biking around the neighborhood.

Worried about safety? The helmet’s advanced ABS construction provides durability, and it’s been certified for all-season use, meaning it’s been tested both on snowy slopes and sun-drenched skate parks. An additional bonus is the removable ear pads and goggle strap lock, ensuring easy transitions between activities. While the goggle clip might need a bit of extra care during transport, it’s a minor concern for such a well-rounded helmet. So, whether your child is in the park, on the slopes, or cruising the neighborhood, the Smith Holt Jr. Helmet ensures they’re protected and comfortable in style.

Size (cm)S (48 – 53), M (53 – 58)
Shell MaterialBombshell ABS
CertificationsASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B, CPSC, CE EN1078
Weight19 oz / 550 g (medium)
Fit AdjustmentAdjustable dial fit for easy, on-the-go size adjustment
VentilationAirEvac ventilation system, 14 fixed vents for consistent airflow
Audio CompatibleNo
ColorsWhite, Black, Purple Haze, Slime

Giro Crue

Giro Crue Ski Helmets for Kids

The Giro Crue Helmet is an ideal choice for young enthusiasts hitting the slopes while being budget-friendly for parents. Though it closely mirrors the Giro Crue MIPS in design and function, it does not incorporate the MIPS technology. This helmet stands out due to its robust, low-profile hard shell construction, which promises durability and safety. Its comfortable fit ensures young skiers can wear it for extended periods without discomfort. Ventilation isn’t a concern either, thanks to the generous venting system, ensuring a cool experience even during rigorous activity.

A notable feature is Giro’s updated In Form™ Fit System, which enables a more customizable fit, adapting to the user’s head shape and size. The adaptability of the helmet is further enhanced with its removable ear pads — a feature that can be handy in varying weather conditions. Additionally, the removable goggle retainer ensures that goggles are securely fastened, preventing any accidental slips or drops. The Giro Crue Helmet seamlessly pairs with all Giro goggles, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Size (cm)XS (48.5 – 52), S (52 – 55.5), M (55.5 – 59)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsCE EN1077
Weight1 lb. 1.7 oz.
Fit AdjustmentIn Form™ Fit System
VentilationStack Ventilation, Super Cool™ Vents
Audio CompatibleNo
ColorsBright Green, Trim Blue, Namuk Gold​/Northern Lights, Namuk Purple Blue​/Coral

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Atomic Four Jr

Atomic Four Jr Ski Helmets for Kids

The Atomic Four Jr is a top-of-the-line helmet for young skiing enthusiasts. Inspired by the style of adult Atomic Four models, it offers a sleek, low-profile design. One of its standout features is its removable liner, allowing kids to wear a beanie and goggles under the shell for a trendy look.

When it comes to comfort and staying cool, the helmet excels with its Atomic Aircon system, which draws away hot air, keeping the head cool during intense skiing sessions. Safety-wise, the Atomic Four JR boasts an in-mold shell and a unique Holo Core, akin to an egg carton’s design, to absorb shocks efficiently. This design ensures up to 30% higher impact protection than many standard helmets, providing parents added peace of mind.

Additionally, the helmet’s ABS hard shell and 360-degree tuning give a customized fit in size and adapt to the child’s head shape. And for young music lovers, the helmet comes audio-ready, allowing them to groove to their favorite tunes while hitting the slopes. The Atomic Four JR is not just a helmet; it’s a blend of style, comfort, and advanced protection designed for the budding skiing champs of tomorrow.

Size (cm)XS (48 – 52), S (51 – 55)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsASTM F 2040|CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B
MIPS VersionYes
Fit Adjustment360 Fit System, dial, Ear Fit system (drawcord)
VentilationAircon (Holo Core), adjustable VentSlider
Audio CompatibleYes
ColorsAvailable in 7 Colors

Anon Rime 3

Anon Rime 3 Ski Helmets for Kids

The Anon Rime 3 is a top choice for young skiers. Designed with their comfort in mind, it features an Auto-Adjust fit system, ensuring a snug fit that flexes with their movement. Say goodbye to the usual hassle of buckles, as this helmet has an easy-to-use Fidlock buckle that eliminates pinching. When it comes to safety, the Rime 3 doesn’t compromise. Its robust Endura-Shell ABS construction meets multiple safety standards and provides impressive impact protection.

Although it sports a short brim that might not shield against all the snow, pairing it with a good set of goggles ensures clear vision. Inspired by skate helmets, the Anon Rime 3 is versatile enough for various sports. It has a sleek design, a soft fleece liner, and removable ear pads for comfort. The magnetic buckle is thoughtful, ensuring easy fastening even for little hands.

Size (cm)S/M (48 – 51), L/XL (52 – 55)
Shell MaterialABS
CertificationsCE 1077B, ASTM 2040, CE 1078:2012 +A1:2012, CPSC
Weight450 grams
Fit AdjustmentAuto-Adjust Fit System
VentilationPassive Ventilation
Audio CompatibleYes, but Not Included
ColorsBlack, White

Giro Launch Plus

Giro Launch Plus Ski Helmets for Kids

The Giro Launch Plus™ is a light, budget-friendly helmet with cool, fun designs your toddler will adore. They can pick from various designs – be it sharks or aliens, ensuring they’re always excited to wear it whenever they step out. But it’s not just all about the fun designs. The In-Mold Polycarbonate construction and EPS impact foam ensure your child’s head is well-protected to give you peace of mind.

Fitting won’t be a hassle, thanks to the In-Form Fit System offered in two youth sizes. Adjusting the helmet is as easy as turning a dial, ensuring a snug fit. Your child can play and explore without a worry in the world, and you can be assured their helmet will stay put.

Comfort is at the core of the Giro Launch Plus™. The interior is soft, making it a joy to wear, and the Super Cool Vents efficiently dispel heat and sweat—no more complaints about overheating or discomfort, even during extended play times or in warmer weather.

Adding to the ease, the helmet has a removable goggle retainer and is designed to fit perfectly with all Giro goggles. Every detail is tailored to ensure your child stays safe and enjoys the ultimate comfort while they’re making the most of their adventurous days.

Size (cm)XS (48.5 – 52), S (52.5 – 55)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsCE EN1077
Weight10.4 oz (size Extra Small)
Fit AdjustmentIn Form™ Fit System
VentilationStack Vent™ Technology
Audio CompatibleCompatible with aftermarket Giro audio systems by Outdoor Tech
ColorsAvailable in 4 Color Schemes

Atomic Count Jr

Atomic Count Jr Ski Helmets for Kids

The Atomic Count Jr Helmet is a blend of safety and comfort tailored for young skiers. Its intelligent design focuses on strengthening the sides and back, common impact points, while the crown remains lightweight for all-day comfort. The helmet’s liner can be removed and washed, ensuring it stays fresh for every ski trip. Moreover, the 360° Fit System allows precise adjustments to match your child’s unique head shape and size, providing a snug and secure fit.

In terms of protection, the Atomic Count Jr Helmet stands out with its unique combination of a hard outer shell and an ‘egg-carton’ inner layer. This design ensures maximum shock absorption and offers 30% more protection than standard helmets. Ventilation is no afterthought, either. The helmet is designed with plenty of air channels and adjustable vents to maintain the perfect temperature, ensuring your child remains cool even during intense skiing sessions. So, with the Atomic Count Jr Helmet, you can have peace of mind while your child enjoys the slopes to the fullest.

Size (cm)XS (48-52), S (51 – 55)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsASTM F 2040|CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B
Weight12.4 oz (XS)
Fit Adjustment360 Fit System (dial), Ear Fit System (drawcord)
VentilationAircon (Holo Core), adjustable VentSlider
Audio CompatibleYes
ColorsBlack, Blue, Mint Sorbet, Red, White Heather

Best WAVECEL Ski Helmets for Kids

WaveCel is an innovative technology that has gained attention in the realm of ski helmets for kids, bringing with it promises of enhanced safety. Unique in its approach, WaveCel helmets feature a collapsible cellular structure designed to absorb both linear and rotational forces, potentially reducing the risk of traumatic brain injuries. WaveCel offers a compelling option for parents prioritizing safety with its advanced protective features. However, like any technology, it’s not without its drawbacks. WaveCel helmets can be bulkier and slightly heavier than traditional or even some MIPS helmets. This might impact the comfort level of some kids, especially during prolonged use. Additionally, the cutting-edge technology may come with a higher price tag. Let’s explore the best Wavecel ski helmets for kids.

Anon Windham WaveCel

Anon Windham WaveCel Ski Helmets for Kids

When it comes to ensuring your child’s safety on the slopes, the Anon Windham WaveCel Helmet stands out as an exceptional choice. This kids’ ski helmet boasts features typically found in adult models, ensuring that younger riders don’t miss out on advanced safety and comfort.

Built with the advanced WaveCel technology, the helmet offers unparalleled protection, especially during collisions. Unlike traditional helmets, WaveCel safeguards against both rotational and linear impacts, making it up to 40 times more effective at reducing brain injuries.

Ease of use is a highlight. The helmet features a one-handed magnetic buckle closure, which is incredibly convenient when wearing gloves. The adjustable 360-degree BOA dial ensures a perfect fit for various head sizes, helping the helmet stay secure, even during those unexpected tumbles. Ventilation isn’t an oversight; the helmet’s passive ventilation system pulls in fresh air and releases moisture, ensuring your child remains comfortable and their goggles remain fog-free throughout their ski session.

Comfort touches like a fleece chin strap, ear pads, and the Polartec® fleece liner enhance the experience. And if you’re concerned about longevity, its Endura-Shell ABS construction guarantees durability for multiple seasons. Plus, its crash replacement policy makes the Anon Windham WaveCel a reliable long-term investment for parents who prioritize their child’s safety on the slopes, making them one of the best ski helmets for kids.

Size (cm)S/M (48 – 51), L/XL (52 – 55)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsASTM 2040, CE 1077B, CE1078
Fit Adjustment360-degree BOA
VentilationFixed Venting
Audio CompatibleYes but Not Included
ColorsBlack, Mountain Stone, Flora Pink

Anon Logan WaveCel

Anon Logan WaveCel Ski Helmets for Kids

For parents prioritizing safety and comfort when purchasing a ski helmet for their kids, the Anon Logan WaveCel is one of our top picks. This helmet is suited for adults and fits kids aged 9 to 14 perfectly, making it an ideal choice for growing teens. The innovative WaveCel technology acts like numerous mini shock absorbers, efficiently distributing the energy from impacts.

Unlike traditional helmets, the WaveCel design offers a snugger fit, hugging the head’s contours. However, its BOA dial ensures easy adjustments for the perfect fit. The helmet boasts superior ventilation, ensuring your child remains comfortable during intense activity. The magnetic strap closure is also designed for easy use, even with mittens on.

The helmet’s rounded design fits both traditional and rounded head shapes. A minor point to note is that its lining might not be as plush as some other models, but its safety features are unparalleled. With additional benefits like the in-shell BOA adjustment, Polartec fleece liner for warmth, and the reliable Fidlock snap helmet buckle, the Anon Logan WaveCel is a combination of futuristic design and top-tier safety features, ensuring your child is both stylish and protected on the slopes.

Size (cm)S (52 – 55), M (56 – 59), L (60 – 62), XL (63 – 64)
Shell MaterialIn-mold Polycarbonate, EPS
CertificationsCE 1077B, ASTM 2040
Fit Adjustment360° BOAⓇ Fit System (dial)
Ventilation10 passive vents
Audio CompatibleYes but Not Included
ColorsBlack, Elderberry, Mushroom, Purple, Red


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