Best Ice Skates for Kids

Check out our curated list of the Best Ice Skates for Kids and Teens in 2024, perfect for winter pond skating and year-round rink adventures!

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Trusted Brands, Happy Feet: The Best Ice Skates for Your Child!

If you’re a parent searching for ice skates for your child, the choices available online, especially on platforms like Ice Warehouse and Amazon, can be vast and sometimes overwhelming. Specifically, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you might be inclined to explore the plethora of options available on Amazon. But, with so many choices on both websites, identifying the best fit for your child’s needs can seem daunting.

Drawing from 27 years in the skating industry, I’ve curated top-rated skate options from Amazon and Ice Warehouse, featuring trusted brands like Riedell, Bauer, CCM, Jackson, K2, Botas, Roces, Bladerunner, and Lake Placid. These brands have consistently proven their worth, ensuring that your child’s initial experiences on the ice are both rewarding and safe. This guide simplifies your search, ensuring your child, whether a beginner or intermediate, gets the best gear for their ice-skating journey.

Child ice skating

Adjustable vs. Non-Adjustable Ice Skates: Which Suits Your Child Best?

The choice between adjustable and non-adjustable models is crucial when considering ice skates for kids. Adjustable skates offer the advantage of accommodating the rapid growth of children’s feet. Designed with resizing mechanisms, they can be extended or tightened, providing a fit that can evolve with the child’s growth spurts. This adaptability ensures prolonged use and cost-effectiveness and means the skates can be passed on to younger siblings or friends.

In contrast, non-adjustable skates provide a fixed fit. While they might offer a more precise and consistent fit at the time of purchase, they can be outgrown relatively quickly, leading to more frequent replacements. Adjustable skates often emerge as the more economical and practical choice for parents anticipating rapid growth or looking for extended usability. However, if precision and a consistent fit are paramount, especially for advanced or competitive young skaters, non-adjustable models might be more suitable.

Child figure skating

Understanding the Styles of Ice Skates for Kids

Ice skates for children come in various styles, each tailored for specific activities and skill levels. The two primary types are figure skates and hockey skates. Figure skates have a longer blade with serrated edges at the front, known as toe picks. These toe picks aid in performing jumps, spins, and other intricate maneuvers characteristic of figure skating. On the other hand, hockey skates are designed with a shorter, curved blade that allows for quick, agile movements on the ice, making them ideal for the dynamic nature of hockey games. The blade’s curve provides stability, facilitating rapid direction changes, which are essential in hockey.

Several factors come into play when determining the right style for your child. Firstly, consider the intended activity: if your child is drawn to the artistry and choreography of figure skating, then figure skates would be the appropriate choice. However, if they’re interested in playing hockey or prefer a more freestyle form of skating, hockey skates would be better suited. Another critical factor is the comfort and fit of the skate. Choosing a style that provides adequate support, especially around the ankle, is essential to prevent injuries and ensure a positive skating experience. Lastly, as with any sport, the child’s skill level can also influence the choice. Initially, beginners might benefit from a more general-purpose skate with a longer blade, whereas more advanced young skaters may require specialized skates that cater to their specific needs.

Child playing pond hockey

Best Ice Skates for Kids: Our Top Picks

For those on a budget, the Lake Placid Summit emerges as an economical choice without compromising on durability and performance On the premium side, the Bladerunner Micro XT and the K2 Marlee and Raider skates are exceptional, offering elite adjustability combined with top-tier features. Young figure skating enthusiasts will find the Jackson Finesse 452 an ideal blend of comfort and precision, while the Jackson Ultima Finesse 180 Softskate provides an added layer of flexibility.

In the realm of hockey skates specifically designed for toddlers and youth, the Bauer X-LS and CCM Jetspeed are leading choices, both providing the necessary support and agility for budding hockey players. For bigger kids, the Jackson Softec Sport offers a hockey-style recreational skate, balancing the agility of hockey skates with the comfort of recreational ones. Across the board, these selections cater to various price points and needs, ensuring every young skater finds the ideal pair regardless of their preferences or budget.

The 15 Best Ice Skates for Kids and Teens

Discover the perfect pair of ice skates for your young skater with our curated list of the top 15 options for kids and teens. We’ve selected skates that blend comfort, safety, and style, catering to beginners and advanced young enthusiasts alike. Find the ideal match to boost confidence and performance on the ice, whether for casual fun or competitive flair.

Lake Placid Summit

Lake Placid Summit Ice Skates for Kids

For those needing beginner skates that combine both value and respectable quality, the Lake Placid Summit adjustable ice skates are an excellent choice. Designed especially for the rapidly growing feet of children, these skates stand out with their adjustability feature, expanding up to four sizes. Additionally, they offer a choice between a figure skate or a hockey skate frame, accommodating various skating preferences.

While these might not be the highest-quality skates on our list, their price point is incredibly appealing, especially for parents uncertain about their child’s long-term interest in ice skating. They provide a comfortable experience with a soft foam lining that ensures warmth in colder environments, and the reinforced ankle support grants young skaters an added layer of safety and confidence. In essence, the Lake Placid Summit skates are suitable for those seeking a balance between decent quality and affordability, especially for kids just testing the waters of ice skating.

BladeHockey Blade or Figure Blade
Sizes10J – 13, 1 – 4, and 5 – 8
Price$35.26 – $44.99

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Bauer X-LS

Bauer X-LS Ice Hockey Skates for Kids

The Bauer X-LS ice hockey skates are an excellent first pair of hockey skates for toddlers. Designed with a keen understanding of a beginner’s needs, Bauer ensures these skates are comfortable straight out of the box. Including user-friendly velcro straps streamlines the process of putting on or taking off the skates, making it hassle-free even for the little ones. Moreover, with its innovative design, the new easy-to-balance 13′ runner promises to instill confidence in new skaters, allowing them to feel stable and self-assured on the ice.

The boot of the X-LS skates strikes the right balance between softness for comfort and sturdiness to support the learning process. Internally, the skates are a haven of comfort. They are equipped with extra-thick foams, ensuring a snug fit while maximizing comfort. Bauer’s commitment to ensuring functionality and ease of use is evident in the X-LS skates, making them a top choice for budding skaters.

BladeHockey Blade
SizesY6.0 – Y13.0

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Bladerunner micro ice

Bladerunner Micro Ice Skate for Kids

The Bladerunner Micro Ice skates are a prime choice for young ice enthusiasts and their budget-conscious parents. At the forefront of their design is the 4-size adjustability feature, equipped with a convenient push-button system. This adaptability ensures the skates can grow with your child, making them a long-lasting investment. Moreover, their durable nature means they can easily be passed down to younger siblings or friends, further emphasizing their value proposition.

The Micro Ice skates have a comfortable, well-padded liner and a robust, supportive structure, providing safety. Their lightweight nature ensures kids can move freely and without strain. Designed to keep young skaters closer to the ground, they promote a lower center of gravity, crucial for enhancing stability, balance, and control. The integrated buckle, strap, and lace closure system is the cherry on top, ensuring feet are securely fastened, and ankles are snugly locked in, providing an optimized and comfortable skating experience.

BladeHockey Blade
Sizes12Y – 2, 2 – 5, and 5 – 8
Price$58.99 – $79.21

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Roces MCK II

Roces MCK II Ice Skates for Kids

The Roces MCK II Hockey Skate and the Roces MCK II Figure Skate stand out as exemplary entry-level recreational ice skates, specially designed to accommodate a child’s growing feet. These skates prioritize adaptability and aim to deliver a seamless user experience for budding skaters.

Packed with features that ensure warmth and water resistance, they are ideally suited for mastering basic skating techniques. Among their standout attributes are a removable anatomic thermal-insulation liner and a carbon steel figure blade. Additionally, the two-micrometric memory buckle ensures swift, easy, and precise closure. Opt for the Roces MCK II series for a blend of comfort and convenience on the ice.

BladeHockey Blade and Figure Blade
Sizes9 – 12Y, 13U – 3, 4 – 7

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Riedell soar

Riedell soar Recreational figure skates

Are you seeking the ideal ice skates for recreational youth and junior skaters? The Riedell Soar Ice Skates are the perfect choice! These value-priced skates offer a combination of comfort and quality for hours of fun. The sleek and modern design features a foam-backed velvet lining and durable maintenance-free uppers, ensuring your feet stay comfortable during skating sessions.

With Thinsulate insulation, your feet will stay warm even when enjoying outdoor skating. The lightweight PVC soles make skate care a breeze. Plus, the stainless steel Spiral blade provides skaters with a smooth edge for effortless gliding. Whether exploring picturesque pond skating spots or having fun with family and friends, the Riedell Soar Ice Skates are the perfect companion for your ice skating adventures!

BladeFigure Blade
Sizes10.5C-1Y, 1.5Y-5Y, 5.5Y-7.5Y, 10-13, and 13-3
Price$78.42 – $89.00

Botas Regina

Botas Regina Figure Ice Skates

Crafted with precision in the Czech Republic, the Botas Regina figure ice skates seamlessly merge style with comfort, making them a top choice for kids. These skates are fashioned from high-quality synthetic materials with a waterproof finish, ensuring durability. Lined with brushed knit and foam, the interior guarantees warmth and a snug feel during every skate.

Young girls will particularly appreciate the thoughtful additions of extra ankle padding, a cushioned tongue, and a flexible collar tailored for their calves. The emphasis on comfort ensures that the REGINA skates are great for recreational ice skating and pave the way for budding figure skaters to pursue their passion with confidence.

BladeFigure Blade
Sizes1 – 13
Price$79.95 – $129.95

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Bladerunner Micro XT

Bladerunner Micro XT Ice Skates for Kids

The Micro XT Hockey Skate and Micro XT Figure Skate stand out as top-tier choices for beginners and recreational skaters seeking affordability without compromising quality. With a design emphasis on comfort, these skates also come equipped with 4-size adjustability, incorporating a user-friendly push-button system to cater to your child’s rapidly growing feet.

Choosing the Micro XT Ice skates is a nod towards longevity and durability, suitable for serving children over multiple years and being an ideal hand-me-down for younger siblings. Each pair boasts a plush, well-padded liner and a supportive structure, ensuring immediate comfort right out of the box. Tailored to meet the needs of children across different skill levels, the Micro XT Ice skates consistently deliver unparalleled support, comfort, and value, laying the foundation for unforgettable ice skating journeys.

BladeHockey Blade or Figure Blade
Sizes12J – 2, 2 – 5, and 5 – 8
Price$83.64 – $93.47

K2 Marlee and Raider

K2 Marlee and Raider ice skates for kids

Elevate the thrill of skating with the K2 Marlee Ice for girls and the K2 Raider Ice for boys. These hockey-style skates stand out as performance-oriented recreational gear, meticulously designed with features that ensure kids experience both stability and comfort during their icy escapades. A significant highlight is their adaptability; these skates can adjust up to five sizes, ensuring they grow alongside your child. This adaptability ensures a perfect fit over the years and offers parents the advantage of not having to replace skates annually.

Beyond size flexibility, they boast an integrated blade mount. This feature lowers a young skater’s center of gravity, making it considerably easier to maintain balance on the ice. Further enriching the skating experience is the blend of the plush comfort of the Original SoftBoot® and the sturdy support of the Junior Cuff. Together, the Marlee and Raider Ice seamlessly meld comfort with performance, promising a skating experience that’s both enjoyable and efficient.

BladeHockey Blade
SizesY8-12, Y11-2, 1-5, 4-8

CCM Jetspeed

CCM Jetspeed Ice Hockey Skates for Kids

The CCM JetSpeed Ice Hockey Skates for kids is a standout product designed thoughtfully for budding youth players. One of their most notable features is the innovative Interchangeable Blade System. Young skaters begin their journey with Stability Blades, which are broader and flatter, ensuring an easier start to their skating adventure. As they gain confidence, these blades can be conveniently replaced with Performance Blades for a more advanced experience. An added advantage is that both sets of blades come included with every purchase, offering tremendous value for parents.

The JetSpeed skate doesn’t just stop at innovative blade design; it delves deep into comfort and fit. The boot, tailor-made for young players, boasts a shorter height, providing optimal support without hindrance. Flexible eyelets refine the fit, ensuring the foot is securely nestled. Internally, plush foams and a soft liner prioritize comfort, ensuring young skaters can focus on the game rather than discomfort. With such features, CCM’s commitment to nurturing young talent shines through, making these skates a top recommendation for parents.

BladeHockey Blade
SizesY6 – Y13

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Bauer X-LP

Bauer X-LP Ice Hockey Skates for Kids to Adults

The Bauer X-LP Skates cater perfectly to those stepping into the hockey world, making them an ideal choice for a first pair of genuine hockey skates. At the heart of their design is a unique boot construction enriched with plush ankle foams, ensuring that the transition into playing and skating remains as enjoyable and pain-free as possible. Further boosting confidence for young players is the new easy-to-balance 13′ runner, which, thanks to its strategic design, offers superior stability compared to traditional runners.

When placed alongside other entry-level Bauer skates like the X-LS and the Volt, the X-LP takes the lead with its upgraded pro-inspired tongue, designed with extra padding to safeguard the foot from game-related impacts. The inside of the skate doesn’t fall short either, boasting a microfiber liner that’s supremely comfortable and adept at moisture-wicking. On the outside, enhancements like a more resilient tendon guard and the LS Pro II holder ensure the skates are as durable as they are comfortable.

BladeHockey Blade
Sizes1 – 12
Price$89.99 – $129.99

Bauer Colorado

Bauer Colorado Recreational Ice Hockey Skate

The Bauer Colorado Skates are perfect for kids and adults seeking a fun recreational skating experience. Designed with a keen eye on comfort and style, these skates are accentuated by easy-to-use D-ring lacing, making the process of wearing and removing them straightforward and hassle-free. Once they are on, skaters can instantly feel the luxury of the extra-plush internal padding, including the thick collar padding, ensuring immediate comfort and a delightful experience from the moment you step onto the ice. Additionally, the skates come pre-sharpened with a 3/4″ hollow, signaling they are game-ready straight out of the box.

Delving deeper into their features, the Bauer Colorado Skates showcase a 3D one-piece shell specifically tailored for casual skaters seeking additional boot flexibility, thus enhancing immediate comfort and ease of use. A standout characteristic is the removable insulated liner, crafted to retain warmth throughout your skating session. This liner also presents the advantage of being washable, ensuring that maintaining hygiene is just as uncomplicated as the skating experience itself.

BladeHockey Blade
Sizes1 – 12
Price$99.99 – $119.99

Jackson Softec

Jackson Softec Ice Hockey Skates for Kids

The Jackson Softec Sport Ice Skates are designed with user comfort in mind, making them excellent for entry-level recreational hockey skaters, from kids to adults. The soft boot design combined with a Thinsulate® lined upper and tongue guarantees maximum comfort, ensuring feet stay warm even in colder conditions. Adding to the comfort factor is the cushiony foam padding, enveloping the feet in a snug embrace.

Beyond comfort, the skates sport a modern aesthetic underpinned by a lightweight yet durable nylon construction. This design consideration ensures reduced weight without sacrificing performance or longevity. The synthetic outsole further boosts durability and on-ice performance. Overall, the Jackson Softec Sport Ice Skates promises a blend of style, comfort, and outstanding value, making every skating session enjoyable.

BladeHockey Blade
Sizes1 – 13

Jackson Ultima Finesse 180 Softskate

Jackson Ultima Finesse 180 Softskate Ice Figure Skates for Kids

The Jackson Ultime Finesse 180 Softskate Ice Skates are great beginner figure skates for girls and women, offering top value. Jackson’s Ultima line ensures a comfy start with its deluxe feel. These skates come with a sturdy vinyl top, a cushioned tongue, and a soft collar for support and warmth.

They feature the Ultima Mark I blade, which has a simpler pick pattern than the Mark II. Made of stainless steel, this blade lasts longer and needs little upkeep. Plus, it comes pre-sharpened. The Finesse skates also stand out with their stylish, easy-care PVC soles and shiny chrome details. Inside, soft foam padding provides both comfort and protection while skating.

BladeFigure Blade
Sizes1 – 13
Price$114.95 – $129.95

Riedell Ruby

Riedell Ruby Figure Ice Skates

The Riedell Ruby figure ice skates are a fantastic choice for those taking their first steps on the ice. These skates have been crafted with a focus on ensuring a blend of comfort and support, vital for newcomers. They feature synthetic reinforcements for light yet effective support, allowing learners to enjoy every glide and turn. Additionally, the modern ergonomic toe fit ensures instant comfort. At the same time, the plush hand-rolled collar caters to the Achilles tendon, and the flex notch design aids proper knee and ankle movement.

Beyond functionality, the Ruby skates also cater to aesthetics. Adorned with faux crystals in the backstay and a decorative gem lace bar, they add a touch of sparkle to the ice. Such embellishments ensure that learners not only perform well but also shine brightly in their endeavors. Complementing its design is the stainless steel Luna blade, known for its smooth edges, enhancing the overall skating experience and ensuring that each move is executed with precision and grace.

BladeFigure Blade
Sizes12Y – 10

Jackson Finesse 452

Jackson Finesse 452 Figure Ice Figure Skates for Kids

The Jackson Finesse 452 Figure Skate is designed for boys and men beginning their skating lessons and aiming for advanced moves. The boot is made stiffer for added support, and a rolled collar ensures the ankle stays free from abrasions. Plus, it comes with a pre-sharpened Mark I stainless steel blade attached to a hassle-free PVC outsole.

These skates showcase a classic upper design paired with stylish chrome inserts. They have a padded felt tongue, ensuring comfort and support for the foot. Additionally, the reinforced vinyl-coated uppers make the skates durable while providing the necessary strength and support.

BladeFigure Blade
Sizes1 – 13
Price$134.95 – $154.95

Recommended Accessories

To maintain and protect your child’s skates, certain accessories are crucial. These include blade guards, a sturdy skate bag for transportation, and a soft cloth for wiping down the skates after each use. These items help ensure the skates stay safe and in excellent condition over time.

Guardog Top Notch Adjustable Ice Blade Guards

Guardog Adjustable Ice Skate Guards

Guardog’s Top Notch guards are designed to shield your ice skate blades when you’re off the ice. They adjust to fit a variety of blade sizes, suitable for most figure skates and some hockey blades ranging from 6 to 10+ inches. Simply use the included sizing chart to customize the fit, leaving a small gap between the guard segments. With built-in springs, these guards easily and quickly snap onto your blades for a secure fit. Made in Canada, each pair guarantees quality and longevity, keeping your blades in top condition.

Price: $14.95

Athletico Ice Skate Bag

Athletico Ice Skate Bag

The Athletico Skate Bag is spacious enough to accommodate ice, roller, and inline skates, fitting most up to a men’s US size 13. It also features a large central compartment, offering plenty of room for clothes, pads, and other necessary accessories.

Price: $35.00

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