The 10 Best Ice Skates for Kids and Teens of 2023

We have curated a list of the 10 Best Ice Skates for Kids and Teens of 2023 to skate on ponds this winter and on rinks all year long!

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Buyers Guide: The 10 Best Ice Skates for Kids and Teens

Welcome to the Buyers Guide section of, which provides everything you need to make informed purchases online. 

Many ice skate options are available online, but if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you might be explicitly seeking the best ice skates on Amazon. While the website offers dozens of ice skates, finding the ones that meet your needs can be overwhelming. To save you time and frustration, I have curated a list of the ten best available options. 

Having been in the skating industry for 27 years, I’m familiar with what is out there and know the best skates and gear available for kids.

The 10 Best Ice Skates for Kids and Teens

We have compiled a list of the 10 Best Ice Skates for Kids and Teens below, but if you’re in a time crunch and want to skim through them, here they are!

  1. Lake Placid Summit | $43 – $49
  2. Roces MCK II | $57 – $75
  3. Bladerunner Micro Ice | $61 – $90
  4. Bladerunner Micro XT | $75 – $99
  5. Botas Regina | $80 – $130
  6. Riedell Soar | $90
  7. K2 Marlee and Raider Beam | $100 – $116
  8. Jackson Softec Hockey Skates | $100 – $140
  9. Jackson Ultima Finesse 180 Softskate | $115 – $170
  10. Jackson Finesse 452 | $125 – $160

Lake Placid Summit

The Lake Placid Summit Kids Adjustable Ice Skates are an excellent value beginner skate that will give your child hours of fun on the rink. The Summit skates are available with either a hockey frame or a figure skating frame. Their kid-friendly fit system expands the skates to 4 full sizes, allowing your child to wear them repeatedly even as they grow. Insulated soft-tec foam lends warmth and a plush feel to the interior, while reinforced ankle support provides extra stability where needed most.

Available in sizes 10J-13, 1-4, and 5-8

Roces MCK II adjustable Skates

The adjustable Roces MCK II Hockey Skate and the Roces MCK II Figure Skate are the perfect entry-level recreational ice skates that grow with your child’s feet. It is highly user-friendly, water-resistant, warm, and perfect for learning basic techniques. It features a removable, anatomic thermal-insulation liner, carbon steel figure blade, and fast, easy, and precise closure thanks to the two micrometric memory buckle.

Available in sizes 9-12Jr, 13Jr-3, and 4-7

Bladerunner micro ice

The Bladerunner Micro Ice is the perfect first skate for kids who want to have fun on the ice and for parents who wish to have a quality skate for their kid at a great value. The Micro Ice is a 4-size adjustable skate with an easy-to-use push-button system allowing it to grow with the child’s feet. It is a great value product kids can use for multiple years that parents can also share with younger siblings or other children when the child grows out of them.  

The Micro Ice offers excellent comfort for kids because of the well-padded liner and supportive structure. The lightweight structure ensures the skates are not too heavy, and the profile keeps children closer to the ground for a lower center of gravity to enhance stability, balance, and control. The integrated buckle, strap, and lace closure system secure the feet and lock in the ankles for optimum support with comfort.

Available in sizes 12J-2, 2-5, and 5-8

Bladerunner Micro XT

The Micro XT Hockey Skate and the Micro XT Figure Skate are perfect entry-level recreational ice skates that are incredibly comfortable at an excellent price. The Micro XT Ice is a 4-size adjustable skate with an easy-to-use push-button system allowing it to grow with the child’s feet. It is a great value product kids can use for multiple years that parents can also share with younger siblings when the child grows out of them. Micro XT Ice skates are comfortable when kids put them on because of the well-padded liner and supportive structure. Kids of all skating levels and abilities will benefit from the support, comfort, and value of the Micro XT Ice.

Available in sizes 12J-2, 2-5, and 5-8

Botas Regina figure skate

The Botas Regina skates are stylish and comfortable figure skates for kids made in the Czech Republic and available at a great price! The skates are constructed of high-quality synthetic material with a waterproof finish and a brushed knit and foam lining that provides comfort. The ankle padding, tongue, and flexible collar around the calves make these ice skate girls will want to use them. Comfort is key. REGINA is an excellent choice of ice skates children can enjoy and figure skates youth can use safely.

Available in sizes 1-13

Riedell soar Recreational figure skates

The Riedell Soar Ice Skates is a perfect skate choice for recreational youth and junior skaters looking for comfortable value-priced quality skates to have fun with! The Soar offers sleek, modern comfort with a foam-backed velvet lining and durable maintenance-free uppers to keep feet comfortable. 

The Thinsulate insulation keeps feet warm when enjoying skating outdoors. Lightweight PVC soles make for easy skate care. The stainless steel Spiral blade gives skaters a smooth edge. The Soar is perfect for exploring picturesque pond skating spots with your family and friends!

Available in sizes 10.5C-1Y, 1.5Y-5Y, 5.5Y-7.5Y, 10-13, and 13-3

K2 Marlee and Raider BEAM

The K2 Marlee Beam for girls and the K2 Raider Beam for boys will cause excitement on rinks and ponds this season! A brand new Youth series skate, the Beam brings fun with red LED lights on the toe and tongue for a one-of-a-kind ice skating experience! The battery-operated lights are activated by a button on the tongue and feature two flash patterns – solid, fast flashing, and slow flashing.

Lights aside, the Marlee and Raider Beam are also packed with the functional features that our ice skates are known for. It starts with the Original SoftBoot® coupled with the Junior Cuff, creating a comfortable yet supportive skating experience. The water-repellent boots also have Thinsulate™ insulation, so feet stay warm and cozy out on the ice. Sure to be a hit with the kids, get the Marlee Beam, and light up the ice with smiles!

Available in sizes 4-8, 8-12, and 11-2

Jackson Softec Hockey Skates

The Jackson Softec Sport Ice Skates are the perfect entry-level recreational hockey skate for boys and men at an exceptional value. The soft boot design is very comfortable, featuring a Thinsulate® lined upper and tongue with cushy foam padding for maximum comfort and warmth. The Modern look offers reduced weight due to its lightweight, durable nylon construction and synthetic outsole.

Available in sizes 1-13

Jackson ULTIMA FINESSE 180 Softskate Figure Skate

The Jackson Ultime Finesse 180 Softskate Ice Skates are the perfect entry-level recreational figure skates for girls and women at an unsurpassed value. The Ultima line from Jackson offers luxurious comfort to start you off on the right edge. These Ice skates have reinforced vinyl upper with a padded covered tongue and rolled padded collar that gives support, warmth, and comfort.

Jackson’s entry-level Ultima Mark I blade has a less aggressive pick pattern than Mark II; constructed from stainless steel for longer blade life and easy maintenance and is factory sharpened. The Finesse Series skates feature new fashionable no-maintenance PVC outsoles and fashionably placed chromed insert that adds style and sophistication. Fully lined cushy foam padding ensures comfort and support, minimizing potential tears and abrasions while skating.

Available in sizes 1-13

Jackson Finesse 452 Figure Ice Skates

The Jackson Finesse 452 Figure Skate is the perfect skate for boys and men that are starting lessons and need extra support to execute more advanced moves. Jackson reinforced the boot for additional stiffness and added a rolled collar to help alleviate high-ankle abrasion. The Mark I stainless steel blade is pre-sharpened from the factory and attaches to the maintenance-free PVC outsole. 

The skates feature traditional upper patterns with stylized chrome inserts. A padded felt tongue for comfort and support and Reinforced vinyl-coated uppers give strength, support, and durability.

Available in sizes 1-13

Guardog Top Notch Adjustable Ice Skate Guards

Top Notch guards from Guardog are essential for protecting your blades while walking off the ice. The guards are made to fit most figure skate blades and some hockey blades anywhere from 6 inches to 10+ inches long (the upper limit varies by shape and type of blade). Use the included sizing chart to mark and cut the guards as short as you need them to leave a small gap between the two pieces of the guard. The included springs securely hold the guards while you walk, making it easy to put them on and take them off quickly. They are sold in pairs and made in Canada.

Athletico Ice Skate Bag

The Athletico Skate Bag is large enough to carry a pair of ice skates, roller skates, or inline skates. This bag will accommodate most skates up to a men’s US size 13. The large center pocket can hold a change of clothes, pads, or other small accessories.

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Fit and Sizing
Find Your Correct Size

Most skaters usually select their shoe size when buying skates. However, measuring your feet is a good idea to get an accurate measure. Stand on a hard surface and place the heels against a wall for more precise measurement. Measure both feet and refer to the longer heel-to-toe measurement.

Check for Proper Fit

Your toes should not be pressed against the front of the skate or feel cramped. They can slightly brush against the front of the skate because the heels will settle back in the skating position to make more room for the toes.

Inline skates offer a similar fit to shoes, and you should expect some break-in time for the skates to adjust to the shape of your foot. During the break-in period, your child may experience pressure points, but these will go away after skating a few times.

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