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Discover inline skating YouTube channels for all levels and disciplines to inspire you to get the most out of your skating journey.

The Ultimate YouTube Guide for Inline Skating Enthusiasts!

Are you an avid inline skater seeking inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment? If so, We have compiled a list of our favorite YouTube channels catering to inline skaters of all skill levels. These channels cover most skating disciplines, from aggressive to urban to slalom to speed. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced skater seeking to push your limits, these channels provide a valuable resource for tips, tutorials, tricks, and insights.

Are there any channels that you love that are not on this list? Or do you have a channel you want people to check out? If so, post them in the comments below, and we will update the list over time to include more channels.

JoJo Velasquez

378K Subscribers | 124 Videos | 330M Views

JoJo Velasquez’s Most Watched Video with 105M Views

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The Stuttering Skater

205K Subscribers | 97 Videos | 56M Views

YouTube player

The Stuttering Skater’s Most Watched Video with 608K Views


168K Subscribers | 267 Videos | 16.1M Views

YouTube player

SkatefreshAsha’s Most Watched Video with 2.7 Million Views

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Flow Skate

136K Subscribers | 270 Videos | 16.9M Views

YouTube player

Flow Skate’s Most Watched Video with 2.9 Million Views

Ricardo Lino

122K Subscribers | 1.12K Videos | 18.5M Views

YouTube player

Ricardo Lino’s Most Watched Video with 877K Views

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Bill Stoppard

93.8K Subscribers | 703 Videos | 21.2M Views

YouTube player

Bill Stoppard’s Most Watched Video with 2.9 Million Views

Tiago Inline Skater

84.1K Subscribers | 165 Videos | 10.3M Views

YouTube player

Tiago Inline Skater’s Most Watched Video with 1.1 Million Views

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Viktor Thorup

75K Subscribers | 431 Videos | 15.9M Views

YouTube player

Viktor Thorup’s Most Watched Video with 2.2 Million Views


61.5K Subscribers | 230 Videos | 6.53M Views

YouTube player

SkaMiDan’s Most Watched Video with 2.6 Million Views

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Felipe Zambardino

52K Subscribers | 733 Videos | 5.53M Views

YouTube player

Felipe Zambardino’s Most Watched Video with 149K Views

Andressa Fontinele

47.6K Subscribers | 45 Videos | 2.66M Views

YouTube player

Andressa Fontinele’s Most Watched Video with 498K Views

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38.1K Subscribers | 177 Videos | 4.51M Views

YouTube player

InMoveSkates’s Most Watched Video with 522K Views

Skating Squid

36.1K Subscribers | 347 Videos | 2.76M Views

YouTube player

Skating Squid’s Most Watched Video with 502K Views

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Acosta Blades

32.9K Subscribers | 181 Videos | 3.15M Views

YouTube player

Acosta Blades’s Most Watched Video with 709K Views

Brandon Drummond

25.5K Subscribers | 471 Videos | 3.65M Views

YouTube player

Brandon Drummond’s Most Watched Video with 359K Views

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Deez Skates

25.3K Subscribers | 132 Videos | 2.02M Views

YouTube player

Deez Skates’s Most Watched Video with 276K Views


22.8K Subscribers | 268 Videos | 2.37M Views

YouTube player

Thirty+Rollin’s Most Watched Video with 613K Views

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Rachard Johnson

21.1K Subscribers | 249 Videos | 4.61M Views

YouTube player

Rachard Johnson’s Most Watched Video with 862K Views

Back to Blading

19.4K Subscribers | 659 Videos | 3.45M Views

YouTube player

Back to Blading’s Most Watched Video with 88K Views

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Pascal Briand

17.6K Subscribers | 584 Videos | 3.12M Views

YouTube player

Pascal Briand’s Most Watched Video with 236K Views

Mushroom Blading

17.3K Subscribers | 30 Videos | 397K Views

YouTube player

Mushroom Blading’s Most Watched Video with 56K Views

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16.5K Subscribers | 196 Videos | 1.84M Views

YouTube player

BINY’s Most Watched Video with 555K Views

Rerolling Inline

17.2K Subscribers | 65 Videos | 1.78M Views

YouTube player

Rerolling Inline’s Most Watched Video with 922K Views

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Nils Jansons

15.1K Subscribers | 98 Videos | 1.13M Views

YouTube player

Nils Jansons’s Most Watched Video with 51K Views

Jump Street Podcast

12.5K Subscribers | 454 Videos | 1.36M Views

YouTube player

Jump Street’s Most Watched Video with 33K Views

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Nicola Torelli

11.3K Subscribers | 14 Videos | 660K Views

YouTube player

Nicola Torelli’s Most Watched Video with 186K Views

Nick Lomax

10.7K Subscribers | 86 Videos | 750K Views

YouTube player

Nick Lomax’s Most Watched Video with 44K Views

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Tom Moyse

12.2K Subscribers | 346 Videos | 2.11M Views

YouTube player

Tom Moyse’s Most Watched Video with 205K Views

This Week in Blade

9.08K Subscribers | 198 Videos | 613K Views

YouTube player

This Week in Blade’s Most Watched Video with 7.5K Views

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9.21K Subscribers | 634 Videos | 1.53M Views

YouTube player

iRollerboot’s Most Watched Video with 30K Views


7.34K Subscribers | 69 Videos | 745K Views

YouTube player

BUTTER TV’s Most Watched Video with 68K Views

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CJ Wellsmore

7.17K Subscribers | 108 Videos | 682K Views

YouTube player

CJ Wellsmore’s Most Watched Video with 54K Views

Jan Welch

5.82K Subscribers | 387 Videos | 1.64M Views

YouTube player

Jan Welch’s Most Watched Video with 10K Views

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Borklyn Zoo

5.78K Subscribers | 129 Videos | 815K Views

YouTube player

Borklyn Zoo’s Most Watched Video with 154K Views

Corey English

5.59K Subscribers | 50 Videos | 456K Views

YouTube player

Corey English’s Most Watched Video with 38K Views

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Roll Minnesota

5.46K Subscribers | 328 Videos | 573K Views

YouTube player

Roll Minnesota’s Most Watched Video with 21K Views

Wheel Scene

5.33K Subscribers | 196 Videos | 628K Views

YouTube player

Wheel Scene’s Most Watched Video with 19K Views

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Michael Witzemann

3.73K Subscribers | 184 Videos | 502K Views

YouTube player

Michael Witzemann’s Most Watched Video with 12K Views

Blading on The Brain

3.52K Subscribers | 164 Videos | 137K Views

YouTube player

Blading on The Brain’s Most Watched Video with 7.9K Views


2.82K Subscribers | 37 Videos | 147K Views

YouTube player

Jumbo’s Most Watched Video with 5.1K Views

Tri Tri-Rudolf

2.79K Subscribers | 297 Videos | 443K

YouTube player

Tri Tri-Rudolf’s Most Watched Video with 18K Views

Plastic Pushers

2.76K Subscribers | 126 Videos | 273K Views

YouTube player

Plastic Pushers’ Most Watched Video with 28K Views

Rolling Raptor

2.53K Subscribers | 259 Videos | 373K Views

YouTube player

Rolling Raptor’s Most Watched Video with 10K Views

Jo Zenk

2.27K Subscribers | 101 Videos | 234K

YouTube player

Jo Zenk’s Most Watched Video with 25K Views

Sven Boekhorst

1.99K Subscribers | 199 Videos | 905K Views

YouTube player

Sven Boekhorst’s Most Watched Video with 73K Views

SkateSam Ghana

1.75K Subscribers | 276 Videos | 214K Views

YouTube player

SkateSam Ghana’s Most Watched Video with 1.5K Views

Witch on Wheels

1.32K Subscribers | 89 Videos | 118K Views

YouTube player

Witch on Wheels’ Most Watched Video with 13K Views

Mike McFly

1.34K Subscribers | 441 Videos | 294K Views

YouTube player

Mike McFly’ Most Watched Video with 5K Views

Cam Good Times

2.21K Subscribers | 166 Videos | 195K Views

YouTube player

Cam Good Times’ Most Watched Video with 9.8K Views

Aggressive Inline Diary

610 Subscribers | 242 Videos | 63.1K Views

YouTube player

Aggressive Inline Diary’s Most Watched Video with 10K Views

Inline Struggle

416 Subscribers | 170 Videos | 21.5K Views

YouTube player

Inline Struggle’s Most Watched Video with 2.2K Views

Remy Cadier

571 Subscribers | 141 Videos | 166K Views

YouTube player

Remy Cadier’s Most Watched Video with 8.1K Views


374 Subscribers | 56 Videos | 49.5K Views

YouTube player

BigBossPatrick’s Most Watched Video with 10K Views


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