United Front an inline skating video by Jan Welch

United Front: Epic rollerblading video with talented skaters from San Diego and beyond. Remastered in HD for an unforgettable experience.

Relive the Golden Era of Rollerblading with United Front

United Front is an exhilarating aggressive inline skating video created by Jan Welch in 2001 and distributed by Daily Bread Magazine. Filmed in San Diego, California, it showcases the remarkable talents of local skaters from that era as well as skaters from around the country and world who flocked to San Diego, which served as the rollerblading epicenter in the late 90s and early 2000s. You’ll be treated to a two-part profile featuring the incredible talents of Chris Haffey, who was just 15 at the time, as well as a profile on Sandro Timoteo from Peru.

The video also includes a section dedicated to the Santee Crew with Lye Shivak, Damien Wilson, and Nick Wood, and the Stunt Seekers section, featuring the impressive skills of Dustin Jones, Aaron Dizon, and Brian Shima. Recently, Jan went the extra mile to remaster each section of the video, upgrading the original 640 x 480 DV master files to a breathtaking 1440 x 1080 HD resolution. Brace yourself for a nostalgic journey and an unparalleled viewing experience as you unwind, relax, and dive into the captivating world of United Front like never before!

Jan Welch holding a VHS copy of United Front

Jan Welch holding an original VHS copy of United Front.

Part 1: The Introduction

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The intro section of the video showcases the impressive skating skills of an incredible lineup of talented individuals. Get ready to be mesmerized by the performances of Dustin Jones, Dan Busta, Louie Zamora, Mike Johnson, Chris Fleener, Chris Edwards, Chris Haffey, Jon Elliott, Levi Plies, Lonnie Gallegos, Justin Buchanan, Roman Letona, Lyle Shivak, Aaron Dizon, Dominic Sagona, Franco Cammayo, Mike O’Brien, Ken Lee, Mike Leaf, Robert Guerrero, Jason Howard, Grant Thurston, and Brian Shima.

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Part 2: Sandro Timoteo

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The second section of the video is dedicated to Sandro Timoteo’s impressive skating skills. Filmed in Lima, Peru by Cale Hoffmann, this section showcases breathtaking scenery and incredible skate spots. Get ready to be amazed by Sandro’s talent as he takes on the streets of Lima with style and finesse.

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Part 3: Montage

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The montage section of United Front captures exciting skate sessions at a handful of iconic skate spots in San Diego.

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Part 4: Santee Section

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In the fourth section of the video, you’ll witness the unstoppable Santee Crew dominating skate spots across San Diego County. Brace yourself for the incredible skills of Nick Wood, Damien Wilson, and Lyle Shivak as they showcase their exceptional skating abilities.

Part 5: Stunt Seekers

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In the Stunt Seekers section, you’ll witness an incredible shared profile featuring the daring talents of Dustin Jones, Aaron Dizon, and Brian Shima. Prepare to be amazed as these skaters push the boundaries with mind-blowing tricks and jaw-dropping stunts. Their fearless performances have rightfully earned them a place among the legends of rollerblading.

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Part 6: Chris Haffey

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The Chris Haffey profile in United Front holds a special place in my heart as it was the first section I ever filmed with him. This video also marks the first project I worked on after relocating to San Diego in December of 1999. Chris, widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time in rollerblading, had already achieved legendary status during his high school years. His profile follows the impressive Stunt Seekers section featuring Aaron Dizon, Dustin Jones, and Brian Shima. Brian himself introduces Chris’ profile, confidently proclaiming his greatness. And indeed, Brian’s prediction proved to be spot on!

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Part 7: Ender / Credits

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In the final section of United Front, I was thrilled to include the incredible skating of Kevin Smith, Aldrin Miller, Chris Haffey, Ioannis Vovos, Sandro Timoteo, and Jimmy Ormsby. The credits roll while showcasing their impressive skating, accompanied by the narration of Cory Casey.

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