Best Roller Skates for Kids and Teens

We have curated a list of the Best Roller Skates for Kids and Teens and the best protective gear to keep them safe.

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Buyers Guide: The Best Roller Skates for Kids and Teens

In the world of outdoor activities for kids and teens, roller skating stands out as a fun, engaging, and healthy hobby. With abundant choices available in the market, selecting the perfect pair of roller skates for your child can seem daunting. Each pair offers a unique blend of style, comfort, and performance, catering to different ages, skill levels, and preferences. This variety, while exciting, can often leave parents and guardians feeling overwhelmed in their search for the ideal skates. From adjustable sizes for growing feet to specific designs for beginners or more experienced skaters, the options are seemingly endless, making the decision process challenging.

Recognizing the complexities involved in this choice, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to simplify the process of finding the best roller skates for kids and teens. This guide is meticulously crafted to navigate the vast array of options, focusing on crucial details and pros and cons, such as safety features, durability, comfort, and style. Whether your child is a beginner taking their first glide or a teen looking to upgrade their skating experience, our guide provides valuable insights and recommendations. We hope this carefully curated guide will be a helpful tool in your journey, ensuring that the roller skates you choose meet and exceed your expectations and bring endless joy and adventure to your child’s skating experience.

Our Top Picks of the Best Kid’s Roller Skates

In our quest to identify the best roller skates for kids and teens, we’ve meticulously selected 10 top picks from a wider list, with each pair offering unique attributes suited to different ages and skill levels. The Kuxuan Adjustable Roller Skates stand out for their adjustability, a key feature that allows them to grow alongside your child, ensuring a lasting and comfortable fit. This makes them a practical choice for parents looking for skates that can keep up with their child’s rapid growth. Another excellent option, particularly for beginners, is the Lenexa Go Gro Adjustable Roller Skate Bundle. This bundle not only includes skates that can be adjusted to fit growing feet but also comes with crucial safety gear, providing an all-in-one solution for new skaters.

The Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Roller Skates are ideal for those who value style and functionality. These skates boast a vibrant and eye-catching design without sacrificing essential features like comfort and ankle support, making them perfect for kids who want to skate in style. Meanwhile, the Roller Derby Sparkles and Pacer GTX-500 Mach-5 are celebrated for their robust construction and comfortable fit. These skates are designed to withstand regular use, making them reliable choices for active skaters.

In addition to these options, the C Seven skates are notable for their classic aesthetic and adaptability to various skating levels. For younger enthusiasts, the Riedell Wave Junior provides excellent support and durability, which is essential for developing skaters. Teen skaters might prefer the fashionable Moxi Rainbow Rider and Moxi Beach Bunny, which combine trendy designs with superior skating performance. Finally, the BTFL Pro skates are tailored for advanced young skaters, focusing on agility and precision, ideal for those ready to take their skating to the next level. For more detailed information on each of these skates, as well as the others on our list, be sure to keep reading. We provide in-depth insights, pros, and cons to help you make the best choice for your young skater’s needs.

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Kuxuan Adjustable roller skates

Kuxuan Adjustable Roller Skates for Kids

When shopping for roller skates for your child, the Kuxuan Camo Adjustable Roller Skates are an excellent choice, especially for beginners. What makes these skates stand out are their LED light-up wheels, which add an element of fun and visibility. They’re designed to be kid-friendly, with the ability to adjust to four different sizes. This adjustability is a key feature, as it allows the skates to grow alongside your child’s feet, offering both comfort and longevity.

In terms of construction, these skates are built to last. They boast a high-quality aluminum frame, ensuring sturdiness and durability. The wheels are made of durable polyurethane (PU) and equipped with ABEC-7 bearings, which are known for their smooth performance. This combination of materials makes the skates suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, providing a versatile and enjoyable skating experience for your child.

Great price
Good for outdoor and indoor use
4 Size Adjustable
Light up wheels
Soft boot design
Rigid plastic trucks
✘ Not appropriate for intermediate and up skaters
Sizes10.5C – 1Y, 1.5Y – 5Y, 5.5Y – 7.5Y, 10 – 13, 13 – 3

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Lenexa Go Gro Adjustable Roller Skate Bundle

Lenexa Go Adjustable Roller Skates for Kids

The Lenexa Go Gro Adjustable Roller Skate Bundle is an ideal starting point for parents looking to introduce their toddlers to the world of skating. This budget-friendly bundle is more than just a pair of skates; it includes a backpack and essential safety gear like knee, elbow, and wrist guards, offering great value. Unlike many entry-level skates that compromise on quality, the Lenexa Go Gro skates are sturdy and well-constructed, with wheels that turn smoothly, enhancing the skating experience for young beginners.

The versatility of these skates is another plus point, as they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The polyurethane wheels further enhance this adaptability, making skating on uneven surfaces easier and more comfortable. This skate set is a practical choice for parents and a fun introduction to skating for kids, helping you gauge their interest in the sport. Its combination of quality, versatility, and inclusivity of essential accessories is why the Lenexa Go Gro Adjustable Roller Skate Bundle has earned its place on our list of the best quad roller skates for kids.

Great skate for toddlers
4 Size Adjustable
Urethane wheels
Bundle includes knee, elbow, and wrist pads
Also includes backpack
Exceptional price
Pads may be too large for smaller children
✘ Plastic skates
Do not have real trucks, so can not turn by shifting your weight, the child will have to step into their corners
Sizes8J – 11J, 12J – 2, 3 – 6

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Candi Girl Lucy

Candy Girl Lucy Adjustable Roller Skates for Kids

The Candi Girl Lucy skates, part of the Roller Derby’s Candi Girl series, are designed to bring style and performance to young skaters. These top-of-the-line quad skates are ideal for growing feet, offering both beginners and intermediate kids the ability to keep rolling through various sizes as they progress in the sport. The Lucy model boasts a high-top style boot with a classic lace-up closure, providing snug support. Additionally, an EZ-Twist knob inside the boot allows for easy adjustment of the size, ensuring a perfect fit as your child grows.

In terms of construction, these skates feature a high-impact chassis that strikes a balance between being lightweight for maneuverability and sturdy for stability. PU cushions in the skates absorb shocks, making for a smooth ride. At the same time, the metal trucks offer the right mix of stability and flexibility, essential for beginners and intermediate skaters learning to turn corners and find balance. The 54mm x 32mm Candi Girl indoor/outdoor wheels are of high quality, providing just the right amount of grip and bounce for rolling on sidewalks, smooth pavement, or even at the indoor rink. This blend of comfort, adjustability, and quality is why the Candi Girl Lucy skates are included in our best roller skates for kids list.

EZ Twist Knob adjusts up to 4 full sizes
Great ankle support
Very cute
Sizes12 – 2, 3 – 6

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Roller Derby Sparkles

Roller Derby Sparkles Roller Skates for Kids

The Roller Derby Sparkles Roller Skates are a dazzling choice for kids who love to stand out. These skates come alive with LED lights in the wheels, creating an illuminating effect that’s sure to capture attention wherever your child skates. The best part? The lights are powered by the movement of the wheels, eliminating the need for batteries. This feature not only adds to the fun but also ensures safety by increasing visibility. The 54mm urethane wheels are not just eye-catching but also provide the right grip and bounce, making these skates ideal for both rink and sidewalk skating.

In addition to their flashy wheels, these skates are designed for comfort and performance. They feature a deluxe lightweight torsion beam chassis, which offers a balance of flexibility and support, crucial for young skaters. The combination of a power strap and lace closure on the boot ensures a secure and snug fit, allowing kids to skate with confidence and ease. The Roller Derby Sparkles Roller Skates blend style, functionality, and innovation, making them a popular choice among young skaters and a standout selection in our range of kids’ roller skates.

LED light-up wheels.
Limited outdoor use, best for smooth surfaces and indoor use
Sizes12J, 13J, 1-5
Price$42.32 – $57.75

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Pacer GTX-500 Mach-5

Pacer GTX-500 Mach-5 Roller Skates for Kids

If you’re in the market for a beginner-friendly quad skate or an entry-level speed skate for your child, the Pacer Mach-5 GTX500 roller skate is an excellent choice. Designed with comfort in mind, the Mach-5 GTX500 features a well-padded boot that ensures your child can enjoy long hours at the rink without discomfort. This skate is not just about comfort; it also boasts a sturdy frame paired with oversized Mach-5 GTX500 wheels, striking the perfect balance between impressive looks and high performance.

The quality of the Mach-5 skates extends to their solid racing bearings, which are designed to keep your child rolling smoothly and quickly. This skate is ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly choice without compromising on quality and performance. The combination of comfort, durability, and affordability is what makes the Pacer Mach-5 GTX500 a notable inclusion in our list of the best roller skates for kids and teens.

✔ Durable
✔ Reasonable priced
✔ Comfortable
Plastic Trucks
For indoor use
Swap wheels if not used for derby
Fit Issues
Low-quality bearings
Sizes1 – 4, 4 – 12
Price$44.39 – $89.95

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Bont Quadstar with luminous wheels

Bont Quadstar Roller Skates for Kids

The Bont Quadstar roller skate is tailored for performance, offering a light and responsive experience ideal for young skaters. This versatile skate provides excellent performance indoors and outdoors, making it a great choice for children who enjoy rink skating. One of the standout features of the Bont Quadstar is its construction: the base is made of fiberglass and is covered in 100% Genuine Australian Leather that is fully heat-moldable. This unique feature allows for a customized fit to the skater’s foot, enhancing both comfort and performance. Additionally, the skate includes replaceable rubber bumper toe protection, an adjustable Velcro top strap, and a rear heel loop for lace threading, all contributing to its durability and ease of use.

In terms of technical specifications, the Bont Quadstar’s boots are mounted on fiberglass-reinforced nylon plates, which are notably lightweight and feature a 20-degree action with 8mm axles. The skates have 62mm x 35mm LED light-up wheels, adding a fun and stylish element, and ABEC 5 bearings, ensuring a smooth and fast ride. This combination of high-quality materials, innovative design, and performance features makes the Bont Quadstar an excellent choice for children’s roller skates, earning its place on our list of the 17 Best Quad Roller Skates for Kids and Teens.

Heat moldable
High-Quality Construction
100% Genuine Australian Leather
Glow-in-the-dark wheels
ABEC-7 Carbon Precision Bearings
Can be used for both indoor and outdoor skating
✘ Not True to Size
Sizes10 – 13.5, 2.5

Epic Princess

Epic Princess Roller Skates for Kids

The Epic Princess Roller Skates are a delightful option for beginner roller skaters, combining quality and affordability in a classic quad skate design. These skates are particularly appealing to girls, featuring an all-white classic look with eye-catching purple wheels and pompoms. This charming design makes the skates visually appealing and adds an element of fun, making them a favorite among young girls starting their roller skating journey.

Beyond their appealing aesthetics, the Epic Princess skates are built with practical features to ensure a smooth and enjoyable skating experience. They come equipped with indoor/outdoor Polyurethane wheels and ABEC 3 bearings, which balance speed and control well, making them suitable for various skating surfaces. The skates also feature sturdy nylon plates and double-action trucks, enhancing stability and maneuverability. Additionally, each pair of skates comes with two sets of laces and a set of pompoms, allowing for personalization and added flair. The combination of style, functionality, and affordability makes the Epic Princess Roller Skates popular for beginner skaters.

Classic style
Pom Poms
Great beginner girl’s skate
The faux leather material is stiffer than leather and may require a break-in period
Not suitable for intermediate and advanced skaters
SizesYouth 1-4, Juvenile 10, Adult 5

C Seven

C Seven Roller Skates for Kids

The C Seven Roller Skate is perfect for kids just beginning their skating journey, offering great value for its price. Designed to keep your kids skating comfortably for extended periods, these skates are crafted from soft, pliable white vegan faux leather, striking a perfect balance between comfort and style. They’re equipped with 54mm x 32mm 82A polyurethane wheels specifically designed for outdoor skating, making them versatile for various skating environments.

These skates excel on smooth surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors, providing a smooth and enjoyable skating experience. A key safety feature of the C Seven Roller Skate is its removable brake stoppers. These stoppers are made from durable polyurethane, ensuring longevity and effective grip, essential for safe skating in the rink. Additionally, the stoppers are easily replaceable using a cross-bolt screw, making maintenance straightforward. With these features, the C Seven Roller Skate offers a reliable and safe option for kids just starting out in roller skating.

Good for beginners
100% Vegan
Wheels are designed for outdoor use
Excellent price
Stylish retro design
Designed for both indoor and outdoor skating
The faux leather material is stiffer than leather and may require a break-in period
✘ Not suitable for intermediate and advanced skaters
Sizes1 – 11

Chicago Boys Rink Roller Skate

Chicago Roller Skates for Kids

The Chicago Roller Rink Skate is a great option for beginners, offering both quality and affordability. This skate is known for its classic high-top profile boot, which provides essential ankle support for new skaters. The boot’s simple eyelet/speed hook lacing system allows for easy adjustments, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Its 54mm urethane wheels are durable and designed to withstand the normal wear and tear of skating. These wheels also offer excellent traction and control, creating a safer and more enjoyable skating experience. Furthermore, the semi-precision bearings in these skates ensure a smooth and fast ride, making them ideal for beginners who are still getting used to the feel of roller skating.

This iconic Rink Skate from Chicago is designed for beginners and has been a popular choice for rink and social skating for decades. Its strategic design focuses on gliding smoothly, which is particularly appealing for those who enjoy rink skating. The skates also have an aluminum base plate and adjustable trucks, enhancing their maneuverability and ease of turning. These features combined make the Chicago Roller Rink Skate a reliable and enjoyable choice for those just starting out in roller skating and those who skate socially at rinks.

Great starter indoor skate for kids
Exceptional price
Classic brand
Not great for outdoor skating
The faux leather material is stiffer than leather and may require a break-in period
SizesJ10 – J13, 1 – 4
Price$35.00 – $58.29

Angel Skates

Angel Roller Skates for Kids

Angel Skates offers an affordable entry-level unisex retro roller skate catering to kids, teens, and adults. These skates are designed with a traditional high-top profile boot, providing crucial ankle support, especially for beginners. The metal eyelet lacing system on the boots allows for easy adjustment, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for skaters of all ages. Their versatile design makes Angel Skates suitable for those just starting out in roller skating, regardless of their age.

The functionality of these skates extends to their wheels and bearings. They are equipped with 58mm/88a wheels paired with ABEC 7 bearings, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor skating environments. This versatility means your child can enjoy skating in various settings, from rinks to pavements. The solid ankle support these skates provide is key to helping young skaters gain confidence and skills quickly, even to the point of skating backward. Their combination of affordability, versatility, and supportive design is why Angel Skates are included in our list of the best roller skates for kids and teens.

100% Vegan
Adjustable Toe Stop
Perfect for beginners
Slip-Free wheels
Designed for both indoor and outdoor skating
The vinyl material is stiffer than leather and may require a break-in period
Sizes1 – 12
Price$89.99 – $94.99

Chicago Classic Rink Roller Skates

Chicago Classic Rink Roller Skates for Kids

The Chicago Classic Rink Skate is an excellent choice for girls and women who are beginners in roller skating. These quad skates are designed with comfort in mind, featuring an athletic high-top boot with a padded ankle collar. This design supports the ankles and ensures maximum comfort during skating sessions. The skates also have an easy lacing system that includes eyelets and speed hooks, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to achieve the perfect fit. This feature is particularly helpful for beginners who are still finding their ideal comfort level on skates.

The Chicago Classic Rink Skate features 60mm urethane high-impact oversized wheels, designed specifically for indoor skating and capable of withstanding regular rink use. These wheels offer excellent traction and control, essential for beginners learning to skate. The skate’s design, which includes an aluminum base plate and adjustable truck for smooth gliding and easy turning, makes it a popular and suitable choice for beginners, securing its place in our list of the best roller skates for kids and teens.

Great starter indoor skate for girls and women
Exceptional price
Classic brand
Not great for outdoor skating
The vinyl material is stiffer than leather and may require a break-in period
Sizes1 – 10

Impala Roller Skates

Impala Roller Skates for Kids

The Impala Roller Skates combine a charming retro style with practical functionality, making them ideal for beginner and intermediate skaters. These skates stand out for being 100% Vegan and are available in various colors and designs to suit different preferences. The construction of the skates focuses on quality and confidence, featuring a high-quality PVC upper, heel, and sole, suitable for both rink skating and street skating.

Regarding technical features, the Impala Roller Skates are well-equipped with an aluminum baseplate, urethane bushings, 58mm 82A nylon core urethane wheels, ABEC 7 bearings, and a PU stopper. Additionally, they offer a padded collar and tongue for enhanced comfort, along with a durable, waterproof boot that provides maximum ankle support. This combination of style, comfort, and performance is why these skates have earned a spot on our list of the best roller skates for kids and teens.

High-Quality Construction
✔ 100% Vegan
✔ Comfortable
Designed for both indoor and outdoor skating
Multiple colorways and styles
Not for wide feet
The PVC material is stiffer than leather and may require a break-in period
Sizes1 – 14
Price$71.47 – $109.94

Moxi Rainbow Rider

Moxi Rainbow Roller Skates for Kids and Teens

The Moxi Rainbow Rider is an excellent quality and affordable skate for your teenager just getting into skating. These casual high-top beginner skates come in three fun rainbow colorways made of drum-dyed vinyl that resists fading and scratching. They have a high-impact Die-cast aluminum plate with strong metal trucks for optimal support and durability. The Moxi Rainbow Rider comes with 58mm x 40mm outdoor wheels and ABEC 5 bearings that are suitable for outdoor and indoor skating.

With a change of wheels, you can dance skate too! It has a lot of ankle flexibility for a wide range of moves. Also, this skate tends to run wide, so it’s ideal for wider feet. These adjustable roller skates have an easy lace system for simple fitting. The skate has additional ankle padding, a curved collar for extra support and comfort, and a long-lasting but replaceable, adjustable toe stopper to provide easy braking control, placing it on our Best Quad Roller Skates for Kids and Teens list.

Price$89.00 – $109.00

Riedell Wave Junior

Riedell Wave Junior Roller Skates for Kids

Designed for the occasional recreational skater, the Riedell Wave Junior delivers comfort and style at an affordable price. The boot of the Wave skate features a soft, padded lining and is built around a proven Riedell® last for a fit that has been renowned for years. Full-precision bearings and high-rebound urethane wheels complete the Riedell Wave and provide a smooth roll that kids will surely enjoy.

These adjustable roller skates have an easy lace system that makes adjusting the skates simple. The padded tongue helps you slip on the skates easily and provides a snug fit. The boot has a high, snug fit on the ankle for solid ankle support. The skates have a long-lasting rubber toe stopper to provide easy braking control. These kid’s quad skates also have high-rebound 57mm urethane wheels designed to provide extra grip on any surface and are perfect for a smooth, easy ride indoors or outdoors, placing it on our 17 Best Quad Roller Skates for Kids and Teens list.

Riedell is renowned for their excellent quality
Designed for both indoor and outdoor skating
The nylon material is stiffer than leather and may require a break-in period
More expensive than other skates on this list
Sizes10Y – 13Y, 1J – 3J

Roller Skates for Kids Over $100

Investing in roller skates over $100 for kids offers significant benefits in terms of quality, safety, and overall skating experience. These higher-priced skates typically feature enhanced durability, better support and comfort, and advanced safety features, ensuring a more enjoyable and secure experience for young skaters. Such an investment not only makes skating more pleasurable for kids but also offers peace of mind and long-term value for parents.

Moxi Beach Bunny

Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates for Kids and Teens

Discover the Moxi Beach Bunny, a top-notch outdoor beginner skate from Moxi. It offers stress-free recreational skating with an affordable price and animal-friendly construction. The sunlit pop of drum-dyed vinyl uppers and the custom-printed Dri-Lex moisture-wicking liner provide comfort and convenience. Enjoy optimal support with high-impact Marvel die-cast aluminum plates and strong metal trucks. Easily adjust the skates with the simple lace system.

The skates come with a padded tongue, ensuring a snug and comfy fit. They are available in five colors and offer excellent ankle support for safety. The Beach Bunny includes glittery high rebound 58mm/78A urethane outdoor wheels with ABEC 5 bearings and matching toe caps, making it perfect for your next adventure! They are versatile enough for dance skating and light park skating, earning them a spot on our list of the top 17 Best Quad Roller Skates for Kids and Teens.

Price$119.00 – $169.00

Riedell R3

Riedell R3

The Riedell R3 stands out as an awesome option for kids and teens who are starting with indoor roller skating, offering great performance at a reasonable price. Constructed with durable vinyl and featuring a nylon plate for strong support, these skates are built to last. They are designed for comfort, resembling the feel of favorite sneakers with added internal padding for a snug fit. Equipped with a lightweight PowerDyne Thrust Plate, they are particularly suitable for beginners, though serious roller derby enthusiasts might consider upgrading the plate in the future. The skates come with 62x43mm 95A Radar Cayman wheels and ABEC 5 bearings, perfect for indoor skating, but those looking to skate outdoors may want to switch to softer wheels for a smoother experience on rough terrain.


Sure-Grip Rock GT-50

Sure-Grip Rock GT-50

The Sure-Grip Rock GT-50 skates are ideal skates for kids and teens who want to get into speed skating or roller derby. They feature a stylish, low-cut design akin to the Riedell R3, making them suitable for rink skating. The skates come with 62mm Sure-Grip Swirl wheels, ABEC 5 bearings, and durable ROCK nylon plates. Their vegan-friendly vinyl boots provide a comfortable fit, enhanced by cushioned padding and an effective lacing system, along with adjustable and removable toe stops for customization. While they lack high ankle support and are made from non-leather material, they’re known for their immediate comfort, though outdoor skaters should consider special wheels for outdoor use.

Price$155.00 – $159.99

Sure-Grip Fame

Sure-Grip Fame

The Sure-Grip Fame is an excellent skate for kids and teens, especially those new to dance, rink skating, or outdoor activities. It is designed for immediate comfort with plush interior padding and a snug fit that enhances performance in dance routines and steps. Environmentally friendly, the Fame boot is made from PVC and comes with a high-quality ROCK nylon plate, one of the best for beginner skates. Its 65x36mm 78A Boardwalk Wheels, combined with ABEC 5 bearings, offer a smooth and effortless outdoor skating experience, easily handling uneven surfaces. Overall, the Sure-Grip Fame is a top choice for its durability, comfort, and agility, making it an outstanding option for young roller skating enthusiasts.

Price$159.00 – $189.00

BTFL Classic

BFTL Classic Roller Skates for kids and teens

The BTFL Classic Unisex Artistic Roller Skates, designed in Germany, offer a blend of high quality and affordability in a retro style, ideal for kids over 12 and adults. These skates are versatile, and suitable for various types of skating including recreational, rink, boardwalk, and street. Made with foam-backed genuine suede, the BTFL Classics provide both comfort and support, enhancing the skating experience. They come equipped with an adjustable toe stop and a lightweight nylon plate, which ensures a smoother ride and helps absorb vibrations, making them ideal for longer skating sessions.

These skates stand out with their 62x38mm 80A hybrid indoor/outdoor round edge wheels, which are excellent for artistic, jam, and rhythm skating. Available in five color variations and multiple sizes, the BTFL Classics cater to a wide range of preferences and fit requirements. Their all-leather construction at an affordable price point makes them a notable entry in our list of the 17 Best Quad Roller Skates for Kids and Teens, offering a great combination of style, functionality, and value.

FitMedium to Wide

Moxi Panther

Moxi Panther

The Moxi Panther skates, while being the most expensive on this list, offer an exceptional blend of price and quality, making them a great deal for kids and teens. These skates combine the durable, abrasion-resistant suede from Moxi’s premium Jack boots with the functional hardware of the Beach Bunny and Jungle lines, ideal for young recreational and park skaters. They feature a Dri-lex microfiber liner for optimal moisture control, ensuring comfort during extended use. With a focus on comfort and ankle stability, they include a cushioned tongue, contoured collar, and ample padding. Equipped with Moxi Classic 58x33mm 78A wheels and ABEC 5 bearings, these high-top outdoor quads offer a smooth skating experience, justifying their higher price with superior quality.


Recommended Accessories

To keep your kids safe and give parents peace of mind, we’ve curated a list of the best protective gear, suitable for roller skaters of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced. This includes essential items like helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards to prevent injuries during falls. Plus, we’ve included some cool accessories to enhance their skating experience.

S1 Mini Lifer Helmet

S1 Mini Lifer Helmet

The S1 Mini Lifer Helmet is a professional-grade helmet for kids using high-impact EPS Foam Liner for maximum protection against big falls and multiple collisions.

Price: $77.99

Triple Eight Lil 8 Helmet

Triple Eight lil 8 helmet

The Triple Eight Lil 8 is an excellent helmet for beginners at a great price. This helmet is dual-certified for safety and uses a high-impact EPS Foam Liner for maximum protection against big falls and multiple collisions.

Price: $49.17

S1 Lifer Helmet

S1 Lifer Helmet

The S1 Lifer Helmet, designed for teens and adults, is a professional-grade helmet featuring a high-impact EPS Foam Liner, providing maximum protection during significant falls and multiple collisions.

Price: $79.99 – $94.99

Triple 8 sweatsaver helmet

Triple 8 sweatsaver helmet

The Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet offers an affordable and quality option for teens and adults, featuring a classic design with an ABS outer shell and a moisture-wicking, odor-resistant liner. It has an adjustable chin strap for a snug fit and a removable liner for easy cleaning. This helmet comes in five sizes and various colors.

Price: $35.19 – $88.09

Smith Scabs Safety Gear Set

Smith Scabs Safety Gear Set

Smith Scabs offer top-notch protective gear, featuring flexible and reliable pads for safety. Their Youth 3-Pack includes knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, tailored for young skaters. The pads have Velcro closures for easy wear, memory foam for cushioning, and hard caps for knee and elbow protection, plus a sturdy brace for wrist safety.

Price: $28.95

Triple Eight Pad Set

Triple Eight Pad Set

For those who prioritize their child’s safety without breaking the bank, the Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set is an excellent choice. It includes Kneesavers, Elbowsavers, and Wristsavers, all designed with Velcro closures for easy use. The set features slow memory foam and hard caps for knee and elbow protection, plus a solid plastic brace to shield wrists from impacts.

Price: $39.25 – $40.12

Spofine Safety gear Set W/ Helmet

Spofine Safety gear Set W/ Helmet

The Spofine Protective Gear bundle, featuring knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet, comes in four colors and sizes suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults. It’s designed with hook and loop closures for easy wear, absorbent foam and hard caps for knee and elbow safety, a solid plastic brace for wrist protection, and a helmet to safeguard the head.

Price: $39.99

Epic Skate Bag

Epic Skate Bag

The Epic Limited Edition Rainbow Roller Skate Bag is ideal for neatly storing your skates, tools, and accessories. It’s crafted from strong, tear-resistant materials and features reinforced seams, sturdy zippers, a tough grab handle, and an adjustable padded shoulder strap, making it perfect for regular trips to the rink or park. This bag has a handy side pocket for valuables and a spacious main compartment that fits your skates and several accessories.

Price: $25.73


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