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The best safety pads for kids include knee, elbow, and wrist protection to prevent injuries from falls, increasing your child’s confidence.

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Buyers Guide: The Best Safety Pads for Kids

What are the best safety pads for kids to protect them injury?

Putting on protective gear lessens the chances of your child getting hurt while inline skating, roller skating, skateboarding, cycling, or using scooters. While pads won’t guarantee complete immunity from injuries, they do offer protection against scrapes, bruises, fractures, and more serious harm for kids. For newcomers to these sports, locate smooth, flat areas with little traffic where your child can practice. Before kids explore roads and busy areas, it’s essential for them to feel at ease with the basics – like stopping, managing their speed, and making turns.

This article discusses pad sets that combine elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards, offering top-notch safety for kids without straining your wallet. Encouraging your child to wear all the pads safeguards them from potential injuries and boosts their learning confidence. Numerous choices for safety pad sets exist online, and determining the most suitable protective pads for your child can be a bit perplexing. We’ve compiled a selection of the best safety pads for kids to simplify your decision-making process.

Note: We have not included helmets in this article. However, helmets are an essential piece of safety equipment for kids, so we dedicated two articles to them, The 5 Best Skate Helmets for Kids and The 14 Best Bike Helmets for Kids.

The Best Safety Pads for Kids

Below, you’ll find our compilation of the best safety pads for kids. However, if you’re pressed for time and prefer a quick overview of our top picks, here they are!

Our Choice187 Killer Pads Jr. Six Pack$58.90
Runner UpTriple Eight Youth Little Tricky$34.90
Best for Bigger KidsTriple Eight Saver Series Pad Set$34.99 – $47.99
Best for ToddlersSimply Kids Knee and Elbow Pads$28.95
Best ValueOutdoor master Protective Gear Set$21.99
Best Set with HelmetSpofine Safety Gear Set W/ Helmet$39.99
Best Soft Shell PadsLaScoota Knee and Elbow Pads Set$26.99
Honorable MentionSmith Scabs Safety Gear Set$28.95

187 Killer Pads Jr. Six Pack

187 Killer Pads Jr. Six Pack

When it comes to safety and protection, the 187 Killer Pads for Juniors stand out as the finest in the industry. The expertise and artistry that have been proven in our Pro Series are applied to ensure that this junior set offers the best fit, utmost comfort, and exceptional durability. Renowned by the world’s premier skaters, 187 Killer Pads is the trusted brand you can rely on.

SizesSM, MD
ColorsAvailable in 19 different colors and patterns.
Price$58.90 (Amazon)

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Triple Eight Youth Little Tricky

Triple Eight Youth Little Tricky Protective Pack

The Little Tricky Protective Pack offers superior protection for active youths engaged in high-impact sports. It includes ergonomically fitted knee and elbow pads made from high-grade materials, providing comfort and unrestricted movement. The wrist guards feature impact-resistant splints for added support. The pack comes with wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, an instructional safety DVD.

Price$34.90 (Amazon)

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Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set

Triple Eight Saver Series  Safety Pads for Kids

The Triple 8 Saver Series Pad Set for juniors and kids is a comprehensive protective package that ensures all-around safety during various activities. The knee and elbow pads are thoughtfully designed for comfort and movement, utilizing high-quality fabrics, EVA foam padding, and full-coverage polycarbonate caps for top-notch safeguarding. The wrist guards provide robust defense with impact-resistant molded ABS splints and durable 4-way stretch nylon mesh for a snug fit. All pads are easily wearable thanks to their sleeveless design, featuring wide reinforced elastic straps and adjustable hook and loop closures for a secure fit.

SizesJunior, Small
ColorsBlack, Charcoal Camo, Floral, Pacific Beach, Shaved Ice, Sunset, Tie Dye
Price$34.99 – $47.99 (Amazon)

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Simply Kids Knee and Elbow Pads

Simply Kids Knee and Elbow Pads with Bike Gloves

The safety pad set from Simply Kids features three layers of heavy-duty material that effectively absorb impacts, providing advanced protection before your child feels it. The soft-pad technology guarantees uninhibited movement, ensuring your child’s freedom of motion. These pads are resistant to scrapes, lightweight, easily bendable, and well-ventilated. A key feature is their washability, preventing odors and ensuring a comfortable experience for your child’s skin.

SizesSM, MD, LG
ColorsAvailable in 23 different colors and patterns.
Price$28.95 (Amazon)

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Outdoor master Protective Gear Set

Outdoor Master Safety Pads for Kids

The Outdoor Master Protective Gear Set provides excellent security for your child in case of falls. The knee and elbow pads feature high-quality PP shells, accompanied by a special PE foaming layer that absorbs impact, safeguarding muscles and joints. These pads are designed to cover a larger protection area while allowing easy movement in sports. The material is gentle on the skin, promoting comfort and breathability, and reducing the risk of allergies. Specifically tailored for kids aged 3 to 15, the ergonomic design ensures a snug fit for knees, elbows, and wrists, aiding in joint flexibility.

SizesSM, MD
ColorsUnicorn Tail, Aqua Squad, Camo, Fairy Hut, Little Bee, Ninja Clan
Price$21.99 (Amazon)

Spofine Safety Gear Set W/ Helmet

Spofine Safety Gear Set W/ Helmet

The Spofine Protective Gear Bundle includes a set of knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. Available in four different colors, Spofine offers sizes for kids, teenagers, and adults. Hook and loop closure allows easy entry, and the slow absorbent foam and hard caps protect the knees and elbows. A rigid plastic brace protects wrists from impact, while the helmet protects the body’s most precious commodity.

SizesSM, MD, LG, XL
ColorsBlack, Blue, Pink, Silver
Price$39.99 (Amazon)

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LaScoota Kids Knee Pads and Elbow Pads Set

LaScoota Kids Knee Pads and Elbow  Safety Pads for Kids

The LaScoota Kids Knee Pads and Elbow Pads Set is an ideal choice for children requiring protection during activities like riding scooters, roller skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, and other sports. Crafted from quality, tested, and breathable materials, these knee and elbow pads offer durability. Additionally, the set includes gloves that enhance mobility, unlike bulky kids’ wrist guards, while effectively safeguarding against scuffs resulting from falls.

SizesSM, MD
ColorsBlue, Black, Purple, Pink
Price$26.99 (Amazon)

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Smith Scabs Safety Gear Set

Smith Scabs Safety Pads for Kids

The Smith Scabs pad set is an excellent choice for reliable protection, offering a supple and secure pad that consistently delivers. Designed for young skaters, the Youth 3-Pack encompasses perfectly sized knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. With a convenient Velcro closure, slipping into them is effortless. The absorbent slow memory foam and durable hard caps ensure thorough safeguarding for knees and elbows. Meanwhile, a sturdy plastic brace provides crucial wrist impact protection. Count on Smith Scabs for unmatched safety and flexibility, ready for every skating adventure.

ColorsRed/Black, Black/White
Price$28.95 (Amazon)

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