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The Best Scooters for Kids promote exercise and enhance balance, coordination, and fitness while fostering freedom, joy, and confidence.

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Gear Up for Adventure: Selecting the Best Scooter for Your Child

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Scooters are a thrilling choice for a kid’s first ride-on vehicle, offering excitement, freedom, and outdoor fun. Whether exploring, doing tricks, or simply enjoying the ride, scooters provide an exhilarating experience. Available in push or electric models, they are easy to learn and operate, and they promote physical skills and an active lifestyle. Prioritize safety with a helmet to protect your child’s head.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member looking for the best scooters for kids on Amazon, you’ve come to the right place. With many scooter options on the website, finding the perfect one for your child can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry; we’re here to help! We’ve done the hard work for you by curating a list of the top 23 scooters that meet your child’s needs. Our carefully selected options will save you time and frustration, making your search easier and more efficient. So check out our curated list of the best scooters available on Amazon. Happy shopping!

Enjoying the Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter for Kids 8+
Photo by Razor Scooters

The 24 Best Scooters For Kids from Toddlers to Teens

We hope you find our handpicked selection of the 24 Best Scooters for Kids helpful! However, if you’re short on time, we’ve conveniently listed our top 3 choices for each scooter category below. We arranged them by model, suitable age range, and price to simplify your decision-making process. Enjoy your scooting adventures!

Our Top 3 Choices for Each Category

Kick scooters for kids are specially designed scooters that cater to the needs and abilities of young riders. They are smaller, lightweight, and feature kid-friendly features to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Kick scooters for kids are primarily used for recreation, transportation, and outdoor play. They provide a playful and fun way for children to get around the neighborhood, go to school, or explore their surroundings.

These scooters often have adjustable handlebars to accommodate different heights as kids grow. They typically feature three or two wheels for added stability, making it easier for kids to balance and ride confidently. Kick scooters for kids are available in various colors, designs, and themes to appeal to children’s preferences. They promote physical activity, balance, coordination, and outdoor play, offering a fantastic way for kids to have fun while staying active and developing essential motor skills.

Three-wheel scooters are specifically designed with an additional wheel for enhanced stability and balance for kids. They feature two wheels in the front and one in the rear, providing a stable platform for young riders. These scooters are popular among toddlers and younger children who are still developing their coordination and balance skills.

The three-wheel scooters allow kids to ride confidently and comfortably, reducing the risk of tipping over. These scooters often have adjustable handlebars, durable frames, and non-slip footplates for added safety and convenience. They are a great choice for outdoor play, promoting active lifestyles, motor skill development, and fun adventures for kids.

A Pro Scooter, or trick scooter, is a purpose-built, non-foldable scooter designed for riders who love performing tricks and grinds, using the strongest and lightest materials to withstand the rigorous demands of trick riding, with reinforced decks, forks, handlebars, and robust wheels to endure impact, stress, and abuse during high-intensity maneuvers, featuring advanced components like reinforced welding, compression systems, and specialized grips to enhance durability, stability, and control, making it the perfect choice for riders grinding rails, launching off ramps, or executing impressive aerial tricks, providing the necessary strength and resilience to handle the punishment and demands of the freestyle scooter scene.

Electric scooters for kids are battery-powered scooters that provide a convenient and fun mode of transportation. They are designed for children with features like adjustable speed settings, hand-operated brakes, and a comfortable riding deck. These scooters are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to maneuver and store.

Electric scooters for kids offer a thrilling experience while ensuring safety through features like a kickstand, electric braking system, and LED lights for visibility. They provide an alternative to traditional kick scooters, allowing kids to enjoy outdoor adventures with minimal effort. With a rechargeable battery, electric scooters for kids offer hours of entertainment and are an exciting way for children to explore their surroundings.

Pro scooters and kick scooters are both popular options for kids, each with its own advantages. Pro scooters are known for their durability, performance, customization options, and ability to promote skill development in trick riding. However, they tend to be more expensive and have a steeper learning curve. On the other hand, kick scooters are easy to use, affordable, portable, and versatile, making them suitable for beginners and younger kids. They may not offer the same level of performance or customization as pro scooters, but they provide a fun and convenient means of transportation. The choice between pro scooters and kick scooters for kids depends on factors such as age, skill level, riding goals, and budget.

Kick scooters and electric scooters are two popular personal transportation options for kids, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Kick Scooter Pros
  1. Physical Exercise: Kick scooters require manual propulsion, which promotes physical activity for kids and helps improve balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health.
  2. Lightweight and Portable: Kick scooters are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and store when not in use.
  3. Cost-Effective: Kick scooters are generally more affordable than electric scooters, making them a budget-friendly option for many families.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Kick scooters do not produce emissions or require charging, making them an eco-friendly mode of transportation.
Kick Scooter Cons
  1. Limited Speed: Kick scooters rely on human power, so they have a maximum speed determined by the rider’s physical capabilities.
  2. Longer Commute Times: Since kick scooters rely solely on human propulsion, longer distances can be more challenging and time-consuming.
  3. Limited Terrain Adaptability: Kick scooters are best suited for smooth, flat surfaces and may struggle on uneven or rough terrain.
Electric Scooter Pros
  1. Speed and Convenience: Electric scooters provide electric-powered propulsion, allowing faster speeds and more efficient commuting.
  2. Longer Range: Electric scooters typically have longer battery life, enabling longer rides without frequent recharging.
  3. Versatility: Electric scooters are well-suited for various terrains and can handle inclines and rough surfaces more effectively.
  4. Time-Saving: Electric scooters offer quicker transportation, reducing commuting time and increasing efficiency.
Electric Scooter Cons
  1. Cost: Electric scooters are more expensive than kick scooters due to their motorized components and battery systems.
  2. Maintenance and Charging: Electric scooters require regular maintenance and charging, adding to the overall cost and inconvenience.
  3. Weight and Portability: Electric scooters are generally heavier and less portable than kick scooters, making them less convenient for carrying or storage.
  4. Safety Concerns: Electric scooters can reach higher speeds, increasing the risk of accidents and requiring riders to follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear.

Ultimately, the choice between kick and electric scooters for kids depends on personal preferences, intended use, and individual circumstances. Kick scooters offer physical exercise, affordability, and simplicity, while electric scooters provide speed, convenience, and versatility. It’s important to consider budget, commuting needs, terrain, and safety factors when deciding which option is best suited for you or your child.

Kick Scooters

Micro Sprite Scooter

Micro Sprite Scooters for Kids 6+
Photo by Micro Kickboards

Kick scooters for kids are designed for young riders to enjoy outdoor play and transportation. They are smaller, lightweight, and have adjustable handlebars. With two or three wheels for stability, kick scooters promote physical activity, balance, coordination, and motor skill development. They come in various colors and designs to suit children’s preferences.

Razor A2

Razors A2 kids scooter

The Razor A2 scooter is a fantastic choice for children aged five and older, offering an ideal combination of affordability and impressive features. Its timeless design has made it a popular option among kids. The scooter incorporates a vibration-dampening suspension system in the front, ensuring a smooth ride by absorbing small bumps and cracks on the pavement. Despite its sturdy aluminum construction, it remains lightweight at just 6 lbs., making it easy for young children to carry while still appealing to teenagers.

The Razor A2 scooter is designed with adjustable handlebars, allowing it to grow with your child and provide years of enjoyment. It has a maximum weight capacity of 143 lbs., ensuring it can support your child’s development and offer a reliable and enjoyable riding experience. Additionally, the scooter comes with a wheelie bar for simple tricks, adding to the excitement. It requires no assembly, as it is ready to ride straight out of the box.

Razor A2 Specifications
Max Rider Weight143 lb (65 kg)
Product Weight5.35 lb (2.4 kg)
Wheel Size95mm
ColorsPurple, Blue, Clear, and Red
Price$45.58 (Amazon)

Razor A3

Razors A3 kids scooter

The Razor A3 scooter is ideal for beginners, providing a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Made with aircraft aluminum, the T-tube and deck offer durability, and stability. The scooter features a wheelie bar for added excitement, allowing young riders to showcase their tricks. Adjustable-height handlebars and foam grips ensure a comfortable and secure grip during thrilling rides. The scooter is also equipped with Razor’s original folding mechanism, making it convenient for carrying, transporting, and storing.

What sets this scooter apart is its exceptional ride quality. The larger 120mm urethane wheels provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience, while the front vibration-dampening suspension system adds an extra comfort layer. The rear-fender brake allows easy stopping and gives your child a sense of control. Not only does the Razor A3 excel in delivering an incredible riding experience, but it also offers convenience.

The Razor A3 scooter comes fully assembled, so your child can start riding immediately. This scooter is the perfect choice if you’re seeking a safe, durable, and fun first scooter. Get ready for countless hours of excitement and adventure!

Razor A3 Specifications
Max Rider Weight143 lb (65 kg)
Product Weight7.02 lb (3.2 kg)
Wheel Size125mm
ColorsBlue, Clear, Green, and Red
Price$51.56 (Amazon)

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Razor A5 Lux

The Razor A5 Lux is an upgraded version of the classic Razor scooter for kids. It stands out with its extra-large 220mm urethane wheels, which provide a smooth and comfortable ride even when encountering small obstacles like pebbles on the sidewalk. Designed for kids aged eight and older, this lightweight scooter is incredibly sturdy, with a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.

One of the great features of the Razor A5 Lux is its quick and easy folding mechanism, allowing for convenient storage and transportation. It’s especially suitable for commuters or anyone seeking a faster, hassle-free way to get around. The scooter is built to last, thanks to its super-strong aluminum T-tube and a larger deck that supports taller riders. The handlebars are adjustable in height and come with soft foam grips, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Razor A5 Lux Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight8.38 lb (3.81 kg)
Wheel Size200mm
ColorsBlue, Pink, and Silver
Price$76.44 (Amazon)

LaScoota “The Pulse”

LaScoota The Pulse kids scooter

The lightweight LaScoota “The Pulse” scooter is a top choice for safety-conscious parents. This scooter features a non-slip, weight-absorbing, and extra-wide deck that ensures a secure footing and a comfortable ride. It is built with durable aluminum and steel and boasts a reliable brake system and front suspension that can withstand everyday use and rough handling.

The exclusive LATTA technology front suspension minimizes vibrations and absorbs high-impact shocks, enabling your child to confidently navigate cracked sidewalks, rough pavement, and even some light off-road terrains. Its patented push-button folding system allows the scooter to fold for convenient storage or transport easily. The handlebar offers three adjustable height options (35″, 37″, and 39″), ensuring a comfortable fit for children of different heights.

The scooter’s extra-wide and non-slip deck enhances stability, while the heat-treated brake system ensures reliable control. The LaScoota “The Pulse” scooter will provide your child with a safe, durable, and thrilling riding experience.

LaScoota “The PulseSpecifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight9.47 lb (4.3 kg)
Wheel Size95mm
ColorsAvailable in twelve different colors
Price$79.99 (Amazon)

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Micro Sprite

Micro Sprite kids scooter

The Micro Sprite is a highly-rated, smooth-gliding 2-wheel scooter for children aged 6 to teenagers. Its design ensures a stable and comfortable ride without any shaking or rattling. The scooter is lightweight and foldable, making it convenient for travel and storage. It comes in various cool colors and styles, including an LED version with light-up wheels, allowing kids to take their scooters out at night.

You’ll be pleased to know that all parts of the Micro Sprite scooter are replaceable. This means that when your rider outgrows the scooter, you can easily update it and pass it along to a sibling or friend in nearly new condition. Additionally, the scooter comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind. Overall, the Micro Sprite offers kids and teens a sleek and enjoyable riding experience.

Micro Sprite Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight5.9 lb (2.67 kg)
Wheel Size120mm (Front) and 100mm (Back)
ColorsBlack, Silver, Red, and Blue
Price$99.99 (Amazon)

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Three-Wheel Scooters

Three-Wheel Scooters

Micro Mini Deluxe for Kids 2-5 and Maxi Deluxe for Kids 5-12
Photo by Micro Kickboards

Three-wheel scooters for kids are designed for stability and balance, making them ideal for young children. With two front wheels and one rear wheel, these scooters provide enhanced stability and prevent tipping. They feature adjustable handlebars, comfortable grips, and durable construction. These scooters promote active play, improve coordination, and offer kids a safe and fun mode of transportation.

LaScoota Go N’ Glow

LaScoota Go N' Glow kids scooter

The LaScoota Go N’ Glow self-balancing scooter is designed for kids aged 3-12, providing a safe and enjoyable riding experience. With its sturdy aluminum alloy body, non-slip handgrips, and rear-wheel foot brake, this 3-wheel kick scooter ensures fun and safety. The innovative lean-to-steer technology allows children to easily navigate turns by simply leaning, improving their balance and coordination.

It offers the convenience of a one-step push-to-fold mechanism for easy storage and portability. The durable PU wheels feature multi-colored LED lights that add excitement to every ride, and the high-precision ABEC-7 ball bearings ensure smooth performance. With adjustable handlebar height, the LaScoota scooter can grow with your child, making it an excellent long-term investment.

It has a weight capacity of up to 100 lbs, making it suitable for various age groups. The LaScoota Go N’ Glow scooter is a fantastic choice for your child, providing endless outdoor fun and active play.

LaScoota Go N’ Glow Specifications
Age3 – 10 years old
Max Rider Weight100 lb (45.35 kg)
Product Weight6.5 lb (2.94 kg)
Wheel Size120mm (Front) and 80mm (Back)
ColorsMetallic Red, Metallic Blue, and Teal
Price$49.95 (Amazon)

LaScoota Sit N’ Scoot

LaScoota Sit N' Scoot

The LaScoota Sit N’ Scoot combines innovation with special features, perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. With the option to scoot while standing or sitting, adjustable handlebars, and smooth-gliding wheels, this scooter ensures a safe and enjoyable ride. It features lean-to-steer technology, allowing children to steer by leaning their body weight, enhancing balance and coordination skills.

The scooter, with a removable seat and adjustable handlebars, is designed to grow with children. With three stable wheels and an extra-wide deck with an anti-slip surface, it offers a smooth and secure ride. The wheels have multi-colored LED lights illuminating as children scoot, adding an extra fun element.

Experience the joy and development the LaScoota Sit N’ Scoot offers, backed by positive customer reviews. Watch your child’s confidence and motor skills flourish on thrilling scooting adventures. Get ready for endless fun and excitement with this exceptional scooter!

LaScoota Sit N’ Scoot Specifications
Age2 – 7 years old
Max Rider Weight100 lb (45.35 kg)
Product Weight7 lb (3.3 kg)
Wheel Size125mm (Front) and 80mm (Back)
ColorsAvailable in twelve different colors
Price$49.99 (Amazon)

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Razor Jr. T3

Razor Jr. T3 kids scooter

The Razor Jr. T3 is the ideal scooter for young kids! With its three wheels, it offers excellent stability, making it easy to turn and difficult to tip over. This design helps build core strength and balance in budding young road warriors. The tilt-to-turn feature makes it exceptionally user-friendly for little ones. The scooter’s low and flexible base aids in smooth turning, providing a stable platform for kids to learn and improve their balance. It’s a perfect beginner scooter, ensuring your child scoots with confidence.

The Razor Jr. T3 features soft rubber grips, 120mm front and 76mm rear urethane wheels, and a flexible slip-resistant Polypropylene deck. Its rear fender brake ensures easy and safe stopping. Recommended for ages three and up, it supports riders up to 48 pounds. The Razor Jr. T3 scooter will ignite a love for riding that will last a lifetime. With its fun colors and cool design, your little one will have a blast while mastering coordination skills. Plus, it’s effortless to assemble right out of the box!

Razor Jr. T3 Specifications
Age3 – 6 years old
Max Rider Weight48 lb (22 kg)
Product Weight4.86 lb (2.2 kg)
Wheel Size120mm (Front) and 76mm (Back)
ColorsMetallic Red, Metallic Blue, and Teal
Price$59.74 (Amazon)

Micro Mini Deluxe

Micro Mini Deluxe kids scooter

The Micro Mini Deluxe scooter is the perfect way to introduce your child to the exciting world of scooting! It is designed specifically for kids under five and offers a stable and smooth ride that builds confidence and essential skills. With its adjustable-height handlebar, the scooter grows with your child, ensuring extended usability and years of enjoyment.

Its Lean-To-Steer design provides stability and support, helping toddlers and young children master balance and coordination. Despite its impressive strength (holding up to 110 lbs), the scooter remains lightweight, making it ideal for young riders. The adjustable T-bar caters to children ages 2 to 5, delivering a comfortable and personalized fit.

Micro guarantees durability and satisfaction with a gold standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and exceptional customer service. The scooter’s replaceable parts ensure longevity, making it virtually everlasting. Assembly is a breeze—simply insert the T-bar into the deck using the provided hex wrench, tighten it, and your child is ready to ride!

The Micro Mini Deluxe scooter also offers additional options, such as a folding version and an LED version, allowing your child to choose their preferred style. Get ready to embark on countless adventures and create lasting memories with the MicroMini Deluxe scooter!

Micro Mini Deluxe Specifications
Age2 – 5 years old
Max Rider Weight110 lb (49.89 kg)
Product Weight6.5 lb (2.94 kg)
Wheel Size120mm (Front) and 80mm (Back)
ColorsGrey/Green, Purple, Black/Red, Rose
Price$89.99 (Amazon)

Micro Maxi Deluxe LED

Micro Maxi Deluxe Pro kids scooter

The Micro Maxi Deluxe LED takes the much-loved children’s three-wheeled scooter to the next level. This deluxe version grows with your child with its LED light-up front wheels, anodized stem for added durability, unique footplate for improved grip, and increased rider weight limit. Designed with impeccable Swiss engineering and thoughtful attention to detail, it’s built to last through countless adventures.

Its lean-to-steer design offers stability and allows children to confidently curve and carve the sidewalk. The scooter features two front LED motion-activated light-up wheels, adding an extra element of fun without needing batteries.

With a weight capacity of up to 110 lbs and an adjustable T-bar handlebar that accommodates children ages 5 to 12, this scooter is perfect for elementary-aged kids. The Micro Maxi Deluxe LED has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, excellent customer service, and replaceable parts, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. No assembly is required—simply insert the T-bar into the deck and ride! For added choice, you can also find the Micro Maxi Deluxe in non-LED and foldable versions.

Micro Maxi Deluxe LED Specifications
Age5 – 12 years old
Max Rider Weight110 lb (49.89 kg)
Product Weight6.5lb (2.94 kg)
Wheel Size120mm (Front) and 80mm (Back)
ColorsGrey/Green, Purple, Black/Red, Rose
Price$149.99 (Amazon)

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Pro Scooters

Pro Scooters

Fuzion Pro X5 for Kids 7+ and Micro Chilli Reaper 8+
Left Photo by Fuzion, Right Photo by Micro Kickboards

Pro scooters, also called trick scooters, are purpose-built non-foldable scooters for performing tricks and grinds, using strong and lightweight materials to withstand the demands of trick riding, with reinforced components and advanced features for durability, stability, and control during high-intensity maneuvers.

Madd Gear Carve Elite

Madd Gear Carve Elite kids scooter

The Madd Gear Carve Elite is an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate riders aged eight and up who want to advance their trick skills. This scooter is designed with performance and durability in mind, offering features that enhance the riding experience. Constructed with a focus on durability, the Carve Elite withstands rigorous use while remaining lightweight.

With its 19.5″ x 4.5″ aircraft-grade aluminum deck, the Carve Elite provides a sturdy and lightweight platform for performing tricks. The one-piece handlebar, measuring 20″ wide by 23″ tall, offers stability and maneuverability. The 110mm aluminum core wheels with ABEC-7 bearings ensure a smooth and fast ride on various surfaces.

The Madd Gear Carve Elite has a three-year manufacturer warranty and reliable after-sales support. Choose the Madd Gear Carve Elite to empower young riders and elevate their scooter skills. This scooter perfectly balances performance and durability, providing endless fun and excitement.

Madd Gear Carve Elite Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight7.7 lb (3.49 kg)
Wheel Size110mm
ColorsBlack, Gold
Price$69.99 (Amazon)

Fuzion Pro X5

Fuzion X5 kids scooter

The Fuzion Pro X-5 is the ultimate choice for beginners seeking a high-quality trick scooter at an affordable price. Its exceptional design and superior components make it the perfect stepping stone for riders looking to elevate their skills to the next level.

If you have a young daredevil who craves the thrill of the skate park, the Fuzion Pro X-5 is an excellent option. This budget-friendly scooter boasts a 4″ wide concave deck reminiscent of a skateboard, allowing riders to execute impressive tricks such as tail whips and slides effortlessly.

With its sturdy aluminum frame, the Fuzion Pro X-5 can accommodate riders up to 220 lbs, making it suitable for larger kids and adventurous adults who want to join in on the fun at the skate park. While pricier pro-level scooters are available with additional features, the Fuzion Pro X-5 delivers unbeatable value for its entry-level design, making it an irresistible choice for riders of all ages.

Fuzion Pro X5 Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight7.95 lb (3.60 kg)
Wheel Size110mm
ColorsBlack/Red, Liquid Gold
Price$84.99 (Amazon)

Apollo Genius 4.0

Apollo Genius 4.0 kids scooters

The Apollo Genius 4.0 stunt scooter is the perfect companion for freestyle riding at the skatepark and everyday use. Made from aircraft aluminum alloy, it offers a sturdy and lightweight deck that can handle all your riding needs, from cruising to stunts and choreographies. This scooter ensures a fast and smooth ride with its silent 100mm PU wheels and ABEC 9 high-speed ball bearings.

It is built to last and can support weights up to 220 lbs, thanks to its triple-bolted handlebar clamp and steel fork. Designed with German engineering precision, the Apollo Genius 4.0 stands out with its edgy design and durability, making you the pro among your friends. Specifically designed for skate parks, half pipes, and various terrains, this stunt scooter offers stability and performance for jumps, grinds, and complex stunts.

The non-slip coated grips on the handlebar provide excellent control, allowing you to navigate any ramp or obstacle in the skate park confidently. Enjoy the unique look and feel of the Apollo Genius 4.0 Stunt Scooter as you take it out for a spin.

Apollo Genius 4.0 Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight9 lb (4.1 kg)
Wheel Size100mm
ColorsAvailable in nine colors and patterns
Price$98.97 (Amazon)

Vokul Pro K1

Vokul Pro K1 kids scooters

For parents looking to buy a scooter for their kids, the Vokul Pro K1 is the perfect choice. It’s designed with adventurous kids in mind and’s suitable for intermediate and advanced riders aged eight and above. With its custom components, the scooter can withstand rough rides while ensuring durability and safety.

Despite being lightweight, it can support weights up to 220 lbs, accommodating kids and adults. The sleek design, smooth glide, and appealing graphics make it a standout at the skate park. Available in various colors, the “Arach Neo Phobia” oil slick scooter is particularly popular among kids.

Parents can have peace of mind with the Vokul Pro K1 scooter, as it combines style, performance, and reliability. It features solid 110mm alloy neochrome wheels, noise-free brakes, a tough T-6061 aluminum deck, high rebound 88A PU wheels, and a one-piece T4T6 fork, allowing riders to perform tricks like barspins, tailwhips, and double backflips.

Vokul Pro K1 Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight8.5 lb (3.85 kg)
Wheel Size110mm
ColorsAvailable in nine colors
Price$98.99 (Amazon)

Arcade Plus

Arcade kids scooters

With its enhanced features and focus on durability and performance, the Arcade Plus scooter is the perfect upgrade for young riders looking to master tricks and progress from intermediate to pro levels. The Arcade Plus scooter comes equipped with anodized aluminum pegs, enabling riders to perform various tricks. Its reinforced handlebar, 3D-stamped fork, and custom neck offer exceptional strength and stability. The scooter also features smooth bearings, ensuring a quiet and enjoyable glide, while the wider deck, with its dynamic design, adds style and functionality to the overall riding experience.

Unlike most entry-level scooters, the Arcade Plus sets itself apart with high-quality ABEC-7-rated bearings, ensuring a smooth and stable ride. The customized reinforced T-bars feature 117mm TPR grips, providing excellent control and balance, while the 83-degree headtube alignment further enhances stability. Additionally, the scooter offers the flexibility to switch between 100mm and 110mm aluminum wheels effortlessly. With its eye-catching graphics, your kids will be the center of attention and the envy of everyone at the park with the Arcade Plus scooter.

Arcade Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight8.5 lb (3.85 kg)
Wheel Size100mm
ColorsSilver/Blue, Mutant Lava
Price$99.99 (Amazon)

Fuzion Z300

Fuzion Z300 kids scooter

Experience the thrill of an elite-level stunt scooter without breaking the bank with the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter. This scooter is designed for beginner and intermediate riders and offers top-notch performance and exceptional value. Built to withstand the energetic play of active kids and is packed with custom components that make a difference.

It features robust 110mm alloy core wheels wrapped in 88A PU for a smooth and fast ride. This scooter is ready to handle any trick with a responsive nylon brake, a durable one-piece fork, and a sturdy steel bar with supports. Watch as your child becomes the envy of the skate park on the Fuzion Z300 with its sleek design, innovative headtube cut-out, and eye-catching graphics. With vibrant colors to choose from, they’ll stand out in style.

Suitable for riders aged eight and up, the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is lightweight yet capable of supporting riders up to 220 lbs. It offers exceptional performance at an affordable price. Get ready for an exhilarating ride and take your child’s scooter skills to new heights with the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter.

Fuzion Z300 Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight7.7 lb (3.5 kg)
Wheel Size110mm
ColorsAqua, Black, Purple, Silver
Price$139.99 (Amazon)

Micro Chilli Reaper

Micro Chilli Reaper

The Micro Chilli Reaper is an excellent stunt scooter for kids that works well for both beginners and intermediate riders aged 8 and up. It’s designed to handle all kinds of tricks in the park while remaining sturdy and lightweight. The deck, made from high-quality 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, features a 3-degree concave shape for optimal control. As riders progress to a more advanced level, the Chilli scooter offers a unique patented Spider compression system that allows for an easy upgrade from HIC to SCS, without the need to buy a new fork. The scooter is incredibly strong with a 3 bolt clamp, yet still lightweight enough for advanced tricks. It’s worth noting that most professional Chilli riders prefer the Reaper scooter. Additionally, if desired, the standard 110mm wheels can be replaced with 120mm wheels by adding an extended brake.

Micro Chilli Reaper Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight8.3 lb (3.76 kg)
Wheel Size110mm
Price$149.99 (Amazon)

Envy Colt S5

COLT S5 kids scooters

The Envy Colt S5 is a fantastic scooter for beginner to intermediate riders, offering great value for its price. It features high-quality Chromoly bars from the Series 7 Prodigy, designed at the perfect height for young riders. The TPR hand grips provide a comfortable and durable hold, with ample coverage in fresh Smoke colorways.

The lightweight two-bolt 6061 Aluminum clamp ensures excellent grip without adding excess weight. Upgraded with P2 forks from the Prodigy Series 8, it accommodates up to 125mm wheels. The 110mm 6063 Diamond wheels boast top-grade 86a Polyurethane with performance bonding to prevent de-hubbing.

The deck is constructed with a high-quality 6061-T6 Extruded Aluminum, featuring a sleek finish, an integrated 82.5 degrees head tube, and a fully sealed headset for enhanced durability. The Envy Colt S5 is completed with a nylon brake system and fitted with a front plate and rear inserts, adding a stylish touch. It’s a reliable and high-performing scooter, perfect for your child’s first steps into freestyle riding.

COLT S5 Street Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight8.24 lb (3.74 kg)
Wheel Size110mm
ColorsBlack, Green, Red, and Teal
Price$164.99 (Amazon)

Envy Prodigy S9 Street

Prodigy S9 Street kids scooters

The Envy Prodigy S9 Street scooter is the perfect choice for parents seeking a scooter that exceeds their child’s expectations. Packed with remarkable features and upgrades, this scooter offers enhanced stability and control with its longer and wider 6061-T6 Extruded Aluminium deck. Including interchangeable Nylon Boxed Ends ensures exceptional durability, ideal for street riding enthusiasts.

Designed for exceptional comfort and performance, the Envy Prodigy S9 Street scooter features 4130 Cro-Mo T-style Thermal bars, Two Bolt 6061 Aluminium standard clamps, and TPR Hand Grips for a secure and comfortable grip. The 120mm x 24mm GAP core wheels with top-quality 86a grade Polyurethane and ABEC 9 bearings provide a smooth and responsive ride. The scooter’s NEW Diamond IHC Forks support scooter wheels up to 125mm x 30mm, allowing for further customization and adaptability.

By choosing the Envy Prodigy S9 Street, parents are investing in a top-tier scooter that excels in performance and durability. This scooter empowers young riders to progress within the street scene, unleash their creativity, and confidently conquer new challenges. The Prodigy Street Edition guarantees an exhilarating and enjoyable experience for young riders in the street scene.

Envy Prodigy S9 Street Specifications
Max Rider Weight220 lb (99.79 kg)
Product Weight8.8 lb (3.99 kg)
Wheel Size120mm / 86a
BearingsABEC 9
ColorsBlack/Teal, Gray/Green & White/Black
Price$179.99 (Amazon)

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Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters

Gotrax Vibe Electric Scooters for Kids 8 – 15
Photo by Gotrax

Electric scooters for kids are battery-powered vehicles that offer a fun and convenient mode of transportation. With adjustable speed settings, hand-operated brakes, and a comfortable riding deck, these scooters provide an exciting outdoor experience. They are lightweight, compact, and equipped with safety features for a thrilling and safe ride.

Gotrax GKS Lumios

Gotrax GKS Lumios kids scooter

Are you looking for an affordable and easy-to-manage electric scooter for your child? The GoTrax GKS Lumios is a perfect choice! It’s vibrant colors and eye-catching neon LED wheels will quickly become your child’s favorite toy. But it’s not just about looks – this scooter is made from lightweight and durable Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, making it easy to maneuver and built to last.

One of the standout features of the Gotrax GKS Lumios is its unique foot-activated throttle, which ensures a slow start and lowers speeds for younger or less coordinated kids. No need to worry about external batteries or cables, as this scooter is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Even when the battery runs out, your child can enjoy riding it like a regular scooter.

The Gotrax GKS Lumios provides extended playtime and excitement with an upgraded battery and motor. It can ride up to 4.8 miles per charge, thanks to the 20% larger battery, while the powerful 200W motor reaches a maximum safe speed of 7.5 mph. The adjustable handlebars allow the scooter to grow with your child, accommodating different heights. Get ready for endless fun with the GoTrax GKS Lumios electric scooter!

Gotrax GKS Lumios Specifications
Age6 – 12 years
Max Rider Weight154 lb (69.85 kg)
Product Weight14.7 lb (6.66 kg)
Wheel Size165mm
Max Speed7.5 mph
Range5 mi
Motor Power200 w
ColorsAvailable in multiple color variations
Price$149.00 (Amazon)

Swagtron Swagger 8

Swagtron Swagger 8 best kids scooters

The Swagtron Swagger 8 is a lightweight, foldable scooter designed with your child in mind. It features an ultra-quiet rear hub motor for a smooth and enjoyable ride. With a fully charged battery in just 3 hours, it offers an impressive range of up to 10 miles and a top speed of 15 mph. Safety is a top priority with the Swagger 8. It has a triple braking system and the “Autoguard” feature, ensuring reliable stopping power. The scooter’s adjustable stem allows for easy customization as your child grows.

Not only is the Swagger 8 built to last with its aerospace-grade aluminum-alloy frame, but it is also highly portable, weighing only 17.5 pounds and folding for convenient storage and transportation.
With its durable construction, smart features, and exceptional performance, the Swagger 8 is the perfect choice for parents looking to provide their children with a high-quality electric scooter. Get ready to see your kid cruising in style and having a blast with the Swagtron Swagger 8!

Swagtron Swagger 8 Specifications
Age12+ years
Max Rider Weight150 lb (68 kg)
Product Weight20.9 lb (9.48 kg)
Wheel Size152mm
Max Speed15 mph
Range12.4 mi
Motor Power200 w
ColorsBlue, Gray, Orange, and Red
Price$193.42 (Amazon)

Razor Power A2

Razor A2 Electric kid's scooter

The Razor Power A2 combines classic kick scooter design with modern innovation. With its lithium-ion battery and push-button throttle control, the Power A2 delivers an electrifying ride. Powered by a high-torque, in-hub electric motor, the Power A2 reaches speeds of up to 10 mph for up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

The push-button throttle provides instant acceleration and smooth cruising. Plus, the motor is virtually maintenance-free so you can enjoy hassle-free rides. Compact and lightweight, the Power A2 features a patent-pending folding mechanism that eliminates rattling and makes it easy to fold and carry.

Whether it’s a quick trip to the bus stop, campus, or around the neighborhood, the Power A2 brings a new level of excitement and fun to every ride. Say goodbye to traditional scooters and embrace the power of the Razor Power A2 electric scooter for endless adventures and memorable experiences.

Razor Power A2 Specifications
Age8+ years
Max Rider Weight143 lb (65 kg)
Product Weight4.21 lb (6.46 kg)
Wheel Size152mm
Max Speed10 mph
Range6.2 mi
Motor Power90W
Price$228.00 (Amazon)

Gotrax Vibe

Gotrax Vibe kid's scooter

The GoTrax Vibe is a fantastic electric scooter for kids with excellent features that kids love. The scooter has a powerful Rated 200W motor (Peak 250W) that lets it go up to 12 MPH and travel up to 7 miles on one charge. It’s designed for kids and teens aged 8-15 and can carry up to 176 lbs. It comes in four fantastic colors, so your child can pick their favorite.

Safety and comfort are paramount, and the GoTrax Vibe delivers. It features an upgraded LED headlight for enhanced visibility during nighttime rides and a high-performance anti-locking electronic brake for quick and safe stops. The scooter is also foldable and lightweight, weighing just 20.9 lbs, making it easy to carry and store.

One standout feature is the cruise control function, allowing your child to maintain a constant speed without constantly pressing the throttle. To ensure safe riding, they should place one foot on the scooter and the other on the ground to push off. Once they exceed 1.8 mph, they can use the throttle, and the scooter will move on its own. With its combination of power, safety, comfort, and convenience, the GoTrax Vibe is the ideal electric scooter for your child’s enjoyment and mobility.

Gotrax Vibe Specifications
Age8 – 15 years
Max Rider Weight176 lb (79.83 kg)
Product Weight20.9 lb (9.48 kg)
Wheel Size152mm
Max Speed12 mph
Range6.2 mi
Motor Power200 w
ColorsRed, Silver, Teal, and Blue
Price$249.00 (Amazon)

Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8

The Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8 electric scooter is ideal for parents seeking excellence in a kid’s scooter. It has a powerful 130W motor, reaching speeds up to 8.7 mph and covering distances of up to 6.3 miles. Designed for children aged 6-12 and with a maximum load capacity of 110 lbs, it ensures a safe and enjoyable ride. Safety is prioritized with a high-performance handbrake system, energy recovery brake function, and rear fender brake. The scooter’s front shock absorption guarantees a comfortable journey, while its lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body weighs only 17.6 lbs and folds easily. It comes with vibrant colors and a warranty of one year or 180 days for different parts.

For a faster option, consider the Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E10. With a top speed of 10 mph, it delivers an exciting and thrilling experience for young riders. It shares the same safety features as the E8, including the high-performance handbrake system, energy recovery brake function, and rear fender brake. The ZING E10 also offers front shock absorption for a smooth ride and an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body for easy portability. Whether you choose the E8 or the E10, Segway’s Ninebot ZING series guarantees your child an exhilarating and safe electric scooter adventure.

Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8 Street Specifications
Age6 – 12 years
Max Rider Weight110 lb (49.89 kg)
Product Weight8.24 lb (3.74 kg)
Wheel Size110mm
Max Speed8.6 mph
Range6.2 mi
Motor Power130 w
ColorsAvailable in multiple color variations
Price$249.99 (Amazon)

Final Thoughts

We hope this article on the 23 best scooters for kids serves as a valuable resource in your quest to find the ideal scooter for your child. By offering a comprehensive guide based on their age, skill level, and preferences, we aim to assist you in making an informed decision. Whether you’re considering two and three-wheel push scooters for stability and balance or exploring pro scooters for advanced riding experiences, our coverage of various types of scooters ensures you have a wide range of options. Additionally, if you’re interested in the growing trend of electric scooters, we provide insights into important factors like battery life, speed limitations, and safety features. Our ultimate goal is to help you select the perfect scooter that brings joy to your child and prioritizes their safety and enjoyment in their scooting adventures.


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