Joseph Gammill is a 37-year-old inline skater and photographer living in San Marcos, Texas. He received his first pair of inline skates in the late 80s and has been blading ever since. For the last six years, Joseph has been documenting the inline skating scene across Texas for various print and online media outlets.

Joseph and his baby.

How did you get into photography?

It all started with me grabbing Anthony Medina’s Canon T3i and messing around with it. I then linked up with Greg King in Corpus Christi, and he taught me about lighting and camera settings. After that, I was hooked.

Have you had any published photos?

Yes, One Magazine gave me my first photo in print. Then I started sending a lot to Chad Anthony to be printed in Skitch Magazine. Be-Mag, Big Wheel Blading, and Wheel Scene have featured my photos in online write-ups as well. 

Mick Casals with a makio on an anti skating device in downtown Austin.

Have you worked together with any skating brands? In so in what capacity?

Mostly I worked with the riders. People would ask to get some shots in new skates, clothing, wheels, etc. I did get to shoot the Promo for Andrew Broom’s first wheel with Sic Urethane

What was the first time you shot someone on big wheels?

I shot some photos of Eric Cruz on some off-road skates for a write-up was doing. It was cool watching him cruise the bike trails like a skatepark. 

Eric Cruz – bank to tree plant

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on? 

Hands down, working on the CANDY book has been my favorite project. I got to shoot almost every weekend with the CANDY crew. This project was different from anything else I have ever worked on. The entire crew skated on another level, they pushed themselves so hard, and everything had to be perfect. The photos that came out of those two years are some of my favorites—also, having Josh Castillo put the book together with the creative direction he and Keaton Newsom had discussed really topped it off!  

Andrew Broom lacing an ao fishbrain on the under rail (left) John Sullivan – ao top mistrial (top right) Mick Casals transition to transition transfer (bottom right)

Who are your favorite people to collaborate with?

I like shooting with the ELITE Texas bladers lol. Really, I just enjoy shooting my friends. Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio have a lot of talent. Also, getting to work with Andrew Broom is a plus. The Kid puts out so much content and is continuously progressing. 

Is there anyone who you’ve wanted to shoot with but never had the opportunity? 

Honestly, I like shooting with anyone who is willing to work and has the same commitment to getting the best photo possible. It’s not about who I am shooting; it’s about having fun and coming home with some great shots. 

Anthony Medina doing a TTS

Do you have an all-time favorite photo you’ve shot? 

There is a shot of Anthony Medina doing a TTS on some flower beds. I shot it from 3 stories up, and the angles of the ledge and the colors of the flowers made for an awesome shot. 

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What’s the most challenging photo you’ve ever taken?

I don’t have a most challenging photo; I guess the hardest thing I have had to deal with is a person’s timing. Everyone skates differently 

Mick Casals with a bs nugen (top left) and a top acid (bottom left) Anthony Medina soul grind (right)

How does skating in Austin compare now to how it was when you first began skating? 

I grew up skating with some incredibly talented people. So, I guess not a lot has changed. But the main reason Austin is different is the feeling of family. Our crew is very tight-knit; we have each other’s backs on and off the blades. 

Where do you want to take your photography into the future?

I’d like to start shooting more portraits and landscapes. I want to work more on framing and angles. Really get to know my camera and its capabilities. 

Grant Collins – sweatstance (top left) – John Sullivan, Andrew Broom, and Anthony Medina during the filming of Candy (top right) – Heath Burley with a makio stall to royale (bottom right)

Is there any photographer who influenced your approach to shooting photos?

Greg King had the most significant influence on my photography. Before I even picked up a camera, I would go out and get shots with Greg. I would ask so many questions about lighting and settings that I probably drove him crazy. He has an insane talent behind the lens, and everything he shoots is so crispy.

Who is your favorite photographer?

I have a lot of favorites; fortunately, they are also my friends. Jordan Smith is one of the most creative people I have ever seen. His photos and concepts are so wild, and it goes far beyond the lens. John Sullivan can walk down a street in Dallas in the middle of the night and come back with stunning shots of the city. He can make a puddle in the street into a fantastic work of art. Mick Casals is the all-around start to finish photographer. He shoots on cameras older than he is and develops his own film. His shots are so good, and he doesn’t need photoshop and lightroom to make it happen. 

Brandon Bobadilla lacing a disaster makio to 180 to the parking lot.

Do you do any other photography outside of skating?

I shoot weddings (small ones), maternity photos, family photos, things like that. 

Has COVID-19 changed how you go out skating and shooting?

Absolutely, At least for me, it has. I used to go skating every single weekend. When Covid-19 first hit, my job put some severe restrictions in place. We were not allowed to leave the county or be around anyone in the community except family. The population I work with is in the extremely high-risk group and are very vulnerable. 

Ryan Rasmussen wallride (left) Brandon Bobadilla negative acid (top right) John Sullivan ao fish (bottom right)

Are you taking any precautions while out against COVID-19?

As a new father and someone who works in the medical field, I try to take every precaution. The last thing I want is to bring something home to my family. I wear my mask any time I leave the house and social distance. I have only been able to shoot with the guys a few times since the release of Candy, and I can’t wait to start shooting consistently again.

Keaton Newsom with an ao fish.

Header photo – Heath Burley lacing a wallride

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