I came to Atlanta with a dream.

I wanted to blade 200 miles (321.86km) and do it for a good cause.

Here I am…
• Completed the Athens to Atlanta road race.
• Skated from Atlanta to Athens and back to Atlanta (A2A2A).
• Skated 26 miles alone before that.
• Earned my first Double Century (200 miles) title.
• Aggressively bladed downtown Atlanta.
• Raised over $400 for victims of sexual violence.
• Made new friends.
• Touched hearts.
• Smiled the whole damn time.

I am becoming the superhero I have always dreamed about…Rollerbladeguy

I want to thank everybody who helped me though this wild experience.

201.72 Miles in 20 Hours
201.72 Miles in 20 Hours

Ben Price and Sam Fistel for leading me through the night from Atlanta to Athens.

Susan Han and Trenter Bugg for being extremely kind and caring host

All the volunteers and members who made A2A possible.

Mark Catelotti, Adam Bazydlo and Teshia Robinson for showing me around downtown.

My Powerslide blades for carrying me all the way!

And every other beautiful soul who sent me words and vibes of motivation, donated to my cause, and who believed in me.

I am truly in awe by the energy and power of the universe, the kindness of strangers, the capacity of the human body, mind, and heart, and the infinite within this soul…

Thank you all

– Caleb Smith aka Rollerbladeguy

Aggressive Skating in Downtown Atlanta before A2A2A.

Swerving into Athens at Mile 112

What an Amazing Weekend
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  1. Dude! Skate aggro if you want, but leave city vegetation alone! I can’t stand the way you sheared those leaves 🙁

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