Caleb Smith has fully embraced distance skating, while still holding true to his aggressive roots. He recently completed the 470 mile, 7-day RAGBRAI Challenge in Iowa a week after breaking his arm aggressive skating. Since then he traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and skated the 73-miles (117.482 km) to Woodward Skate Camp for the the “What Year Is It?” (WYII) skating event hosted by Cameron Card and Long Tonthat. After skating his ass off at the park all weekend, he then skated back to Harrisburg.

Athens to Atlanta and 200-Mile Skate

Currently Caleb is in Chicago and will be heading to Atlanta soon for the Athens to Atlanta (A2A) 87-mile race. You may think 87-miles (140 km) is a long way to skate, and it is, but Caleb plans to skate from Athens to Atlanta and back! To top it off, he is not doing it alone. Ben Price and Sam Fistel will skate Athens to Atlanta and back as well. Caleb however plans on adding an extra 26 miles to his route to achieve his new personal record of skating 200-miles (321.86 km) in one day.

The Livestream

This upcoming Sunday, October 7th you an catch Caleb at 11am doing a livestream on his Instagram account to discuss the A2A skate in further detail. He will also discuss his future blade goals and will speak about the charity that he is supporting through his skates called GNESA: Georgia’s Network to End Sexual Assault.

This will be an awesome livesteam! So set an alarm or reminder on your phones so you don’t miss it here!

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