ROEX shop and Renegade Distribution co-founder Oli Benet revealed today that he is leaving these projects to focus on his health. Oli has achieved so much in his career, from his days as an aggressive skater to building one of the most popular skate shops in the world. We wish Oli all the best with his health and any future ventures he gets involved in.

“In June 2014 ROEX was born, originating from Joan Garcia Tejera’s skate classes and a small second hand shop that I ran from my flat. We joined together to create ROEX Roller Outlet, a shop which has gone on to have 52,000 followers on facebook, 42,000 on instagram, a free inline skate school that has taught thousands of people to skate, a European distribution company that brought Flying Eagle Skates Official to international recognition and now a new ROEX shop in Burgos.

All of this comes with extremely hard work, and after having some serious health issues these past 2 years (which I am well on the way to recovery from) I have decided to leave the project, and will no longer be involved with ROEX and Renegade Distribution, giving myself an opportunity to breathe and step away from the physical and emotional stress of such a big project and focus on improving my health, quality of life and allowing me to work on new projects. I know Joan will do an incredible job handling the company, as he is a truly honest, hardworking passionate person with a desire to help the skate scene grow to new heights.

Thank you Joan for persuading me to start this journey with you, also I want to especially thank all the #roexfamily, the riders, the customers and the supporters that made it all possible. I also want to give a very special thank you to Tracy Wang of Flying Eagle Skates and her family, she believed in us when no-one did, when all the european brands turned their back to us – her trust and honest business relationship with us, alongside her personal support has been absolutely phenomenal and something I will never forget.

Long live ROEX”

– Oli Benet

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