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Hello friends, I have a question for you. What is it that you want? Is it to spend your life being told what to do, being told your dreams are unattainable. Working a job that doesn’t care about you. Shying away from the woman or man you want so desperately to kiss and hold because you’ve been convinced you aren’t good enough. Feeling afraid to climb that mountain because of what might be at the top. Only to wake up at the end of your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or at the end of your life, asking yourself why you didn’t pursue that thing your heart desired most, wondering where the time went.

I’ve felt these things, and I’ve watched my friends and family suffer to these things and I don’t want it to happen anymore.

So here it is…

I’m going to roller-blade around the world.
This is my dream, my passion, and what my heart desires most.
I can tell you that with or without support I’m going to do this, because I feel so strongly in the fibers of my being that this is what I was born to do. I want to travel the world and change lives. I want to inspire people to be kind and strong. I want to do this for myself and for every person who knows what they want, but are too afraid to go after it. I want to fill the world with love and positive vibrations, unwavering in the face of pain, defeatism, and struggle. Arriving at the end knowing I spent every day bettering myself and the lives of everyone around me.

January 2019 I intend to roller-blade 3,500 miles across South America over the course of a year.

If you know me, you know I’m wild, and you know that nothing is going to stop me. So today I’m launching a GoFundMe  to raise funds in support of my next grand adventure. If you feel so inclined to help support me on this endeavor I can promise you I will use your support in every way to better this thing we call life. If you don’t want to support me that’s fine too, I run pretty well off of good vibes alone. Money comes and goes, for me going after your dreams is priceless.

I’m going to be documenting all of my wild exploits before during and after this chapter of my life.
I want you to be a part of it, no matter the distance or difference between our lives.

Until then I will continue to do what I love with the people I love.

Thank you
Peace, Love, and Good Vibes
– Caleb

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