Big Wheel Blading founder, Jan Welch Launches Then And Now, an inline skating YouTube Channel! This channel will take a look into his past and present within the sport. There will be a documentary-style section featuring interviews with people he has worked with inside the industry, the skaters he has filmed, and the friends he has made along the way. Over the years, Jan amassed photos and videos of each person that he’ll include in these episodes. These episodes will also be available as a podcast.

Another section on the channel will be the Vault. Last winter, Jan logged all his old VHS-C, HI-8, and Mini-DV tapes for the channel. Each tape will be its own episode and will include commentary from Jan and, when possible, some of the skaters who appeared on the tape to talk about the session and what went down.

This channel will document both aggressive skating and big wheel blading. Jan will have episodes of himself skating, his history in the sport, projects he has worked on along the way, commentary of his videos, the Scum Magazine days, the Daily Bread days, Tour Life, and much more. He will also be reviewing and discussing products.

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