Hi, Jan Welch here. I wanted to let everyone know that I am holding a raffle for the family of Julian Issac. I still cannot believe that Julian was taken from us. Since his passing, my heart has hurt every day. I wanted to do something to help out Julian’s twin brother William Issac and his family. I am raffling off two pieces of art from my collection, by legendary rolling artists Erik Burke and Chris Peel, to help the Issac family with any expenses they may incur during their time of need.

The two pieces in this raffle were in an art show I curated featuring all inline skating artists on August 7th, 2010, at my store and gallery space, Bedouin Vintage Collective.

Wheat Paste by Erik Burke

This was Erik’s submission for the art show. It measures 60″ by 25″ and is a wheat paste image of a human with a house for a head. It was mounted to a canvas for the art show. Erik is an internationally renowned Muralist. Many skaters know him as a highly influential skater from Reno, Nevada, who was part of the PELD crew.

Beauty Print by Chris Peel

The print by Chris Peel measures 28″x20″ and will be shipped without the frame. Chris Peel’s art is well known in the aggressive inline skating world. He did all the original artwork and branding for the hayday of Ground Control frames. He designed the 4×4 logo, Vicious Logo and Nimh Logo, as well as dozens of shirts for those brands. Chris Works as an illustrator and art director.

How to Enter the Raffle

The raffle has ended. Thanks to the 23 people who entered, we raised $670 for the Issac family.

Filming with Julian in Houston. Photo by Randy Edwards

Julian Issac

Julian was kind and humble. Looking into his eyes, you immediately knew what a gentle soul he had. He loved and was loved by everyone he met. Julian and William have long been two of my favorite skaters to come out of Texas. Unlike most of my Texas friends, I did not grow up with the twins, but I watched them grow up from afar. After moving back to Texas from San Diego, I began spending time with them. I look back upon all the great experiences we had at shows and bars in Austin and out skating in Houston and Austin with the Texas family. I love you, Julian, and I hope you have found Keaton and our other brothers and sisters in heaven.

Brian Freeman, myself, William Issac and Julian Issac in Austin, Texas.

Julian Issac LST profile by Josh Castillo

Header Image – Julian Issac, Ross Puryear, William Issac


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