Greg Mirzoyan is a 38-year-old inline skater and photographer living in Badalona, a municipality to the immediate northeast of Barcelona, Spain. Greg is the content manager for Rollerblade and has been working with them for the last 12 years. As a child, he dabbled with inline skating until it became a real passion for him in 1994. Since then, he has never stopped skating.

How did you get into photography?

I won what we used to call a ‘Blader Cross’ in 2004 (now known as Skate Cross). I used the prize money to buy myself a digital camera. I took photos in the past, but analog cameras weren’t convenient. From the moment I had the digital camera, I could play around during skate sessions, and soon after, I discovered photoshop… that was huge.

What was your first published skating photo?

In print, my first published photo was in a brochure for a skate park manufacturer in Paris. Later on, my photos appeared in BeMag, Rolls mag, Amateur mag, and most Rollerblade publications since 2008.

Sean Keane

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on? 

This is tough to answer. There were so many.

I really like the Rollerblade 3WD video I worked on both because of the mission that it was to make and how great it turned. This was meant to introduce the 3 wheels concept to our collection.

I shot this with Sean Keane, Jeremy Suarez, Jorge Botero, and Stephana Ochoa across the US.

Who are your favorite people to collaborate with?

As a workmate, Ben Brillante is my favorite person to collaborate with; he is a skater/creator based in Paris. We are complementary and have accomplished countless projects together across the globe.

As a skater, I would Say Jorge Botero from Colombia (3-time speed skating world champion). I have learned a lot from him and discovered the speed skating culture. Speed skating is my favorite discipline to shoot after urban and street. I followed Jorge in Miami, Florida, and Medellin, Colombia, to shoot a documentary about his life. It was a great collaboration.

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Jorge Botero Part I

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Jorge Botero part II

Is there anyone who you’ve wanted to shoot with but never had the opportunity?

Tons of people. I have an aggressive skating background; the list of people I admire in this community is big.

In the freeskate community, not so much. I was always more interested in what I can capture that is new rather than who to capture it with. So I could keep shooting with Ariel Surun from NYC and Ben Brillante from Paris for years without feeling limited.

Ariel Surun (left) Ben Brillante (right)

Do you have an all-time favorite photo you’ve shot?

This picture of Nicolas Auroux for BeMag, was one of the two images I gave them to choose from; they took the 2nd one. I never understood why.

How does skating today for you compare to how it was when you first began skating and working in the sport?

I can never think of skating only as physical activity. My passion for photography alters my vision. Whether I’m skating or watching someone skate, I can’t help but think of new ideas, what can make it look good… this feeling never fades away.

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Where do you want to take your photography into the future?

I love where my photography is at. I think the best way it can expand is by shooting other sports. Photography is my DNA. I like to talk about creating images with an athlete, whether I know their sport or not.

Rollerblade speed skating team.

Is there any photographer who influenced your approach to shooting photos?

There were a few people I’ve looked up to throughout my career, but I was never a fanboy. I can’t think of anyone who has really influenced me.

Jorge Botero

Do you do any other photography outside of skating?

My son is my favorite subject by far; I feel like it’s my mission to document his life. It doesn’t go public, though.

I also like to photograph people; I think it is good therapy for me because I’m not the most social person.

Has COVID-19 changed how you guys go out skating and shooting?

I didn’t skate much the first half of the year; even when it was finally allowed, I felt bad to have fun when the general vibe was so bad.

I was lucky to shoot, I did two full Rollerblade collection shoots in January (Marseille) and September (Paris), and each of them kept me very busy in post-production. So really, it could have been a lot worse. If this didn’t happen, I’d have had a very different experience this year.

Are you taking any precautions while out against COVID-19?

I believe in COVID-19 – I follow the rules.

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