Dustin Latimer Xsjado

As part of the USD 25th Anniversary celebration, the eagerly anticipated USD Dustin Latimer Xsjado skates are now available for pre-order.

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USD 25th Anniversary: The Iconic Dustin Latimer Xsjado Inline Skate Release

The world of inline skating is bursting with names that have made significant impacts, but few stand as tall as Dustin Latimer and Xsjado. As we mark the 25th Anniversary of USD, the brand celebrates with a special skate release that pays homage to these legends: The USD Shadow Dustin Latimer Pro Skates.

Dustin Latimer & Xsjado: A Retrospective

Before we delve into the specifics of this release, let’s take a moment to appreciate the history. Dustin Latimer, often regarded as one of the most influential inline skaters, has been synonymous with innovation and unmatched prowess on the skates. From breathtaking stunts to game-changing techniques, Latimer has been the heartbeat of the sport.

Xsjado, on the other hand, was not just a brand; it was a revolution. Known for its distinctive design and the concept of a footwrap that doubles up as a shoe, Xsjado skates provide the freedom to transition easily from walking to skating. Over the years, the Xsjado brand merged with USD, but its legacy remains undiminished.

Dustin Latimer Xsjado

Celebrating with Nostalgia: The New Release

The USD Xsjado Dustin Latimer Pro Skates perfectly blends the past and present. Designed meticulously to bring out the old-school charm, the skates sport the vintage Xsjado logo and the iconic three-piece souls, instantly transporting long-time fans back to the golden era.

But it’s not all about the looks. The skates come with a fully functional shoe that doubles as a liner, echoing the Xsjado legacy. These shoes have been revamped to fit a tad wider, fortified with rubber on the toes and heels, ensuring not just comfort but also protection and durability.

The aesthetics of the skates are a sight to behold. Adorned in a sleek black and grey, they exude a sense of nostalgia combined with modern sophistication. A special touch is the ’25th Anniversary All-Star Dustin Latimer’ inscription on the back of the cuff, a fitting tribute to the legend.

Performance is at the heart of these skates. The Kizer UFS Frames are reminiscent of the Mook frames from yesteryears, boasting an expansive grinding surface. In keeping with the tradition, the design incorporates the old-school three-piece soul and prominently features the Xsjado logo.

To ensure an unparalleled skating experience, these skates are equipped with USD 58mm 90A wheels, complemented perfectly by the precision of the Wicked ABEC9 bearings.

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In Conclusion

The USD 25th Anniversary Dustin Latimer Xsjado inline skate release is not just a product; it’s a celebration of history, innovation, and the spirit of inline skating. It’s a tribute to legends and a gift for enthusiasts. As the worlds of Dustin Latimer and Xsjado converge in this release, one thing is clear: the legacy continues.

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