In the best gift ideas for inline skaters guide, you can view 50+ curated gift ideas perfect for the rollerblader in your life!

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Buyers Guide: Best Gift Ideas For Inline Skaters

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Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves to rollerblade? Are you racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift? Then you are at the right place! Having been in the inline skating industry for 27 years, I understand what inline skaters LOVE and need. I know many people shop with Amazon Prime, so I spent countless hours scouring Amazon to compile and curate this comprehensive gift guide with over 50 ideas in every price range, from practical to fun. 

While Amazon offers thousands of potential gifts, finding ones that an inline skater will love can be overwhelming. I own and adore almost every gift idea on this list and am excited to share them with you. I’m confident this list will lead you to that special gift for the rollerblader in your life!

Best Gift Ideas For Inline Skaters

We have 50+ awesome ideas for you in our gift guide below, but if you’re in a time crunch and want to hear 10 of our favorites, here they are!

  1. Sonic Pro Inline Skate Tool | $14
  2. Darn Tough Socks | $19 – $36
  3. Inline Warehouse Gift Card | $25 – $200
  4. Luminous LED Wheels | $37
  5. Bern Brentwood 2.0 Helmet | $40 – $64
  6. Bont Bearing Press | $59
  7. DryGuy 2207 Force Boot Dryer | $60
  8. Madd Gear 99″ Long Skate Rail | $99
  9. Theragun Massage Gun | $199 – $399
  10. Insta360 X3 Camera | $450


Bont Bearing Press

The Bont Bearing Press is a MUST for every inline skater who frequently changes bearings. It is hands down the favorite tool in my arsenal, and it brings me joy every time I use it. One end serves to press bearings into your skate wheels, while the opposite end allows for easy bearing removal. If you’ve seen any of my skate reviews on YouTube, you already know I rave about the Bont Press every chance I get. The Bont Bearing Press is a gift any rollerblader will love!

Intuition Skate Premium LINER

Intuition Skate's all black Premium Liner is heat-moldable and available in 10 individual sizes

The Intuition Skate Premium Liners were developed with partner brands and redesigned for inline skaters to have a very personalized fit. They are available in 10 individual sizes and are designed to fit any skate that comes with removable liners. They do not need to be heat molded with their high-density Genuine Intuition Foam that naturally molds to your feet after you use them.

There are plenty of little ventilation holes along the entire top of the foot area. Below are silicone grip areas along the bottom and heel of the liners. They lace all the way up with a removable cuff and j-bars on the back to support your ankle bones and joints. The tongue is placed high and reinforced to be very durable and has great energy transfer.

Inline Warehouse Gift Card

Inline Warehouse Gift Card

Can’t make up your mind? If not, the Inline Warehouse Gift Card is a perfect choice, allowing the one you love to get whatever they want from one of the best inline skate shops.


At some point, every skater will have to do skate maintenance. The best tool for the job is the Sonic Pro Inline Skate Tool, which offers excellent leverage to change wheels, extract bearings, tighten screws, and more. The ergonomic handle of the Pro Tool is comfortable for shop technicians to use all day but compact enough to take on a roll. This latest variant features Hex and Torx bits to fit most brands of skates, as well as a bearing extractor, bearing pusher, and floating spacer aligner. These make an excellent stocking stuffer or birthday present for any skater in your life, landing them on our list of best gift ideas for inline skaters.


The Bern Brentwood 2.0 Helmet has been my choice for almost a decade. I love the fit and feel of it, and the visor is a perfect addition to keep the sun or rain out of your face. The visor is removable and replaceable. This helmet also doubles as my bike helmet! The Bern Brentwood is available in multiple colors and sizes for men and women.

Luminous LED Wheels

Luminous LED Wheels

Your eyes do not deceive you! These inline skate wheels light up and are all the rage at local skating rinks and urban night skates worldwide. The Luminous LED Glow Inline Skate Wheels are the best LED Wheels on the market, brought to you by the same minds behind Seba and FR Skates, two premiere inline skate brands from France. LED Wheels create a new fun element while skating, and the White Glow has a glow-in-the-dark feature.

The Luminous LED wheels are visible any time of day but really pop in the dark. LED lights function with an included spacer that fixates in the center of the wheel. All you need to do is enjoy the show! 85A hardness Luminous wheels are great for recreational and urban freestyle skating outdoors or inside the roller rink!

Safety Gear

Ennui Street Wristguards
Ennui Street Wristguards

The Ennui Street Wrist Guard features a large slider plate on the palm and an ultra-stiff splint on the back to give top-notch support. The liner features a mixture of neoprene and CoolMax fabric to increase comfort, while three velcro straps keep everything in place.

Pro-Rugged Knee-Shin Guards
Pro Rugged Knee Shin Guards

The G-Form Pro-Rugged Knee-Shin Guards are my pad of choice! I’ve been skating different versions of these for the past eight years, and I love their durability, comfort, protection, and fit. The pads are made with SmartFlex™ — body-mapped, impact-absorbing pads that offer form-fitting and lightweight protection for your knees and shins that is flexible as you ride and hardens on impact. I’ve taken some really hard falls on these and am positive that I would have cracked my knee and split my shin open on multiple occasions without these.

Triple Eight Pad Set
Triple Eight Pad Set

If you are skating regularly and want some excellent pads on a budget, consider the Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set with Kneesavers, Elbowsavcers, and Wristsavers. Both the G-Form and Triple Eight pads are available in multiple sizes.

JBL clip 4 bluetooth speaker

The JBL Clip 4 is a powerful Bluetooth speaker perfect for the roller skater on the go. It’s small and can be clipped to a fanny pack, backpack, or belt loop. You can listen to tunes while still hearing what’s happening around you. It’s also lovely when roller skating in a group so you can still socialize while simultaneously listening to music.

Darn Tough Socks

The right skating socks are essential for your feet’s overall health and happiness; socks absorb moisture and prevent rubbing, chaffing, and painful blisters. The proper sock should provide cushioning to the ball of the foot and heel to keep the foot comfortable and warm. I’ve skated many socks and will now only put Darn Tough Merino Wool Socks on my feet. Why Darn Tough? Well, the quality and comfort are unmatched. The socks are all made here in Vermont. They have a lifetime guarantee, so if anything happens to them, Darn Tough will replace them. I skate both lightweight and midweight versions in their casual and hiking lines. They have many beautiful colors and patterns, making them an excellent gift.

Apple Wireless headphones

Nothing beats listening to your favorite music while roller skating outside, in the roller rink, or at the skatepark. My headphone of choice while skating is the Apple AirPods (2nd Generation). I prefer these to the Apple AirPods Pro because they do not eliminate as much noise, making you more aware of your surroundings and providing a safer roller skating experience while listening to music.

Athalon Skate Bag

The Athalon Everything Boot Bag is the perfect backpack to keep your skates, safety gear, tools, and accessories organized. This bag is ideal for traveling and has many excellent features. I love this bag so much for my inline skates that I bought a second one for my ski boots. This is one of my favorite additions to the best gift ideas for inline skaters list.

Twincam bearings

An essential item that every rollerblader needs are skate bearings! Bearings can degrade and falter due to hair, dirt, dust, water, or lack of lubrication. A skater should always have extra bearings in case their current ones crap out! Nothing is worse than going on a long skate, blowing out a bearing, and then trying to return to your home or car. This 16-pack of Rollerblade Twincam ILQ-7 Skate Bearings is an excellent present or stocking stuffer for the skater in your life, landing it on the best gifts for inline skaters list.

Insta360 x3 Camera

People love to document their roller skating, myself included, and the camera I use the most is the Insta 360 X3. Reviewing your footage at the end of the day can help you harness your roller skating skills. They are also perfect for content creators on both social media and YouTube. The footage looks fantastic, the stabilization is out of this world, and the clips are easy to edit on your phone or computer.

It still blows my mind that you now have a camera that is this good for 10x cheaper than the cameras I used in the past to film that were much lower quality. The Insta360 X3 camera allows you to unleash your creativity, and with 360 degrees of footage, you will never miss the action. I film with an Insta 360 on almost every time I go roller skating.

Big Wheel Blading coffee mug

Big Wheel Blading coffee mug

Does the skater in your life enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning? They’d love the 15oz Big Wheel Blading Logo Mug, a fantastic present and the perfect addition to our list of best gift ideas for inline skaters.


Stock laces on inline skates are generally poor quality and fall apart or quit functioning correctly over time. When that happens, it’s well worth upgrading to Bont Skates Waxed Laces. They come in 6mm and 8mm options, are available in five lengths, and have a wide array of colors.

Pivo Smartphone video tracker

Roller skaters love filming with their smartphones. It helps them see what they are doing wrong (or right) and allows them to share their skating with their friends or followers on social media. Sadly many skaters, like myself, have to film themselves. Fortunately, there are numerous options for making that easier.

One of those is the Pivo Smartphone Video Tracker, which works as your personal cameraperson that you can store in your pocket. It is straightforward to use, attach your smartphone to the base, pair via Bluetooth, and like magic, your smartphone will track your every move.

Therabody MASSAGE GUNs

Theragun Elite

Along with roller skating comes aches, pains, and sore muscles that, if not treated, could result in unwanted injuries. A massage gun is perfect for rehabbing your muscles and warming up before skating to reduce soreness or stiffness from your previous session and activate muscles before your next skate. Visiting a physical therapist or getting professional massages is expensive, time-consuming, and tiresome. As an alternative, many people have invested in a massage gun to make releasing sore muscles at home much more manageable. 

The Theragun Elite is a premium massage gun from the pioneers of percussive massagers, used by physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, and athletes. A brushless motor makes the gun both quiet and powerful. It has five attachments, is Bluetooth compatible, and has a digital screen. At nearly $400, the Teragun Elite is the most expensive gun on our list.

Theragun Mini

The smallest, lightest Theragun is the perfect ultra-portable massage gun for every skate session. Now 20% smaller and 30% lighter, Theragun Mini is proven to relieve aches and pains and improve recovery. The mini is your pocket-sized partner, giving you Theragun quality muscle treatment with unparalleled portability. Compact but mighty, the Theragun mini is the most agile massage device that goes wherever you go.

Sonic Bearing cleaner

The Sonic Turbo Wash Skate Bearing Cleaning System is the laundry machine for roller skate bearings. When skating outside through dust, sand, water, and mud, your bearings will eventually get dirty and need to be cleaned. Just load them in the Sonic Turbo Wash Skate Bearing Cleaning System, and once done, they will emerge spotless and ready for a faster, smoother roll. The turbo wash bottle comes pre-loaded with 8 ounces of Sonic Citrus Cleaner in the jar.

Sonic Bearing oil

After cleaning, lubricate the bearings with Sonic Oil Skating Bearing Lubricant. The oil coats the bearings evenly to spin freely, giving them speed and protecting them against heat and friction, extending their life and making them a perfect addition to our list of best gift ideas for roller skaters.

Christmas ornament

As soon as I saw this Old World Christmas Inline Skate Ornament, I knew I had to have it! Since then, it’s been the centerpiece of my Christmas tree and brings me joy every time I look at it! Bring the spirit of rollerblading to the Christmas Tree with this fantastic Old World Christmas Inline Skate Ornament.

SuperFeet Blue Insoles

Superfeet Blue Insoles will keep your feet balanced and supported

With Superfeet™ Blue Insoles in your skates, your feet feel balanced and supported. The fit of your skates will be more precise, making them more responsive and allowing you to skate your best. Superfeet™ offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back! Select the size according to your US shoe size and then trim the length for the perfect fit. Go up one size for wider feet.


I spent many years playing with fingerboards when I was younger, and I really wanted finger blades, but no one made them. Thankfully Grip and Tricks has stepped up with various color schemes of their Freestyle Inline Fingers Skates. These will make some awesome stocking stuffers.


When going out trail skating or cruising through the city, I bring my Waterfly Fanny Pack to store my wallet, keys, phone, tools, snacks, and spare parts. It’s comfortable and doesn’t get in the way of your movements while skating. The Waterfly Fanny Pack is compact, weighs only 5 oz, and measures 8″x2.5″x3.3″. Additionally, it is available in 17 colors, so finding one that the roller skater in your life will love should be a breeze!

Big Wheel Blading Cap

Big Wheel Blading Cap

The Big Wheel Blading 5 Panel Camper Caps are stylish and offer protection from the elements.

This high-quality hat is available in four variations: Navy with Orange Embroidery, Black with White Embroidery, Black with Gold Embroidery, and Gray with Gold Embroidery.

Inline Skates

Inline Skates

Are you looking to purchase some inline skates? Well, I can help with that too. While Amazon offers dozens of inline skates, finding the ones that meet your needs can be overwhelming. To save you time and frustration, I curated a list of the ten best options for men, women, and kids.


I’ve been skating in the Ray-Ban WAYFARER Sunglasses for most of my life and love them. Sunglasses are a must-have when skating on a bright sunny day, especially against the sun. Not only are they trendy, but they are also very lightweight and offer excellent protection from harmful sun rays. The skater in your life will wear these daily, making them a perfect addition to our list of best gift ideas for inline skaters.


One of my biggest frustrations when lacing roller skates is getting them tight enough. It’s a total pain in the butt, and I have even broken fingernails trying to pull them tight. Miraculously I stumbled upon a fantastic solution in the form of a Hooked Skate Lace Tightener. These make lacing your roller skates a breeze and should bring plenty of joy to the skater in your life.


Foam Rollers and Massage Balls

Long days of roller skating can take a toll on your muscles and back, especially when getting older. Foam rollers, massage balls, and roller sticks are all excellent tools for every roller skater to own and can help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation and increase your joint range of motion. You can even get them all together in a 7-piece set with a High-Density Back Roller, Muscle Roller Stick, 2 Foot Fasciitis Ball, Stretching Strap, and Peanut Massage Ball. Foam rolling can be an effective tool to add to your warm-up or cooldown before and after exercise. The massage balls or excellent in treating hard-to-get areas such as the lower back and shoulders, and I use one almost daily.


Black Diamond Storm 450 Headlamp

I’ve done a lot of night skating throughout the years, and the essential equipment to have at night is a good headlamp. The lamp that has illuminated the streets and trails in front of me is the Black Diamond Storm 450This thing is epic in all conditions and is bost waterproof and dustproof, boasting 450 lumens of bright light. It has settings that include full strength, dimming, strobe, red, green, blue, and night vision. The headlamp runs off four AAAA batteries, so make sure to have spares on you in case you forgot to check your batteries before a skate. You can get spare batteries here. This headlamp has been helpful many times outside of roller skating for hikes, late-night walks, and when the power goes out, making them a perfect addition to our list of best gift ideas for roller skaters.

Osprey Hydration pack

Osprey Raptor 14 and Raven 14

For the skater who likes to do long distances, especially in remote areas, it’s essential to have plenty of water! And a good bag to store supplies, food, tools, first-aid kit, and anything else you may need on your trek. The pack I use for all my long-distance skates, as well as day hikes and mountain biking, is the Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Backpack for men (Raven 14 for women). This pack is designed for mountain biking, so it has some excellent features that benefit skaters. The bag has a 2.5L reservoir for hydration, which sounds like a lot, but I have gone through all 2.5L on long-distance skates in the Texas heat.

Additionally, and this is my favorite feature, it has a dedicated lower compartment with an included roll-up tool pouch to organize skate tools and parts. There is a blinker attachment for safety, mesh pockets for sunglasses, and a hip belt with pockets to put snacks in. The LidLock helmet attachment so you can store your helmet when you don’t need it.

Osprey Katari 3 and Kistuma 3

When you want to carry water on your back and almost nothing else, the Katari 3 pack for men and the Kitsuma 3 for women have you covered. Carry a few essentials, be it a multitool or some light snacks, with minimal storage while the included next-gen Hydraulics™ 2.5-liter reservoir provides ample hydration for your afternoon or all-day skates.

Doss Bluetooth speaker

I love bringing my DOSS SoundBox Wireless Speaker with me when roller skating on the basketball court near my house. The sound and range of the speakers are incredible, and I prefer listening to them over earbuds or headphones because those make me less aware of my surroundings. Since buying these speakers, I have used them almost daily when roller skating. The Doss Soundbox Wireless Speaker is a gift that will surely be used!

Hydro Flask

When roller skating, you always need to stay hydrated, especially when you live in warmer climates. My hydration bottle of choice is the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle with Flex Cap, which keeps your water nice and cold in the summer and retains heat for your coffee in the winter. The Hydro Flask is available in 17 colors and comes in a 20oz, 32oz, 40oz, or 64oz version.

Phone and Camera accessories

Victiv Tripod

Filming and roller skating go hand in hand. Now it’s easier than ever to capture yourself and your friends roller skating with your iPhone or video camera. There are a few essential pieces of equipment that make filming fun and easy and will make an excellent gift for the roller skater in your life.

Anyone filming themselves needs a tripod, which is something I do all the time. The two tripods I use the most are my Victiv 74″ Tripod, which is adjustable in size, foldable, lightweight, and comes with a case and a couple of accessories.

Zeadio Mini Tripod

I also use a Zeadio Mini Tripod to get shots closer to the ground or if I want to set a tripod on something a bit higher. The Zandio Mini Tripod is lightweight and easy to store in your backpack.

Pictron Phone Tripod Mount

For mounting my camera to either tripod, I use a Pictron Phone Tripod Mount that fits most smartphones. It offers 360 rotation, so you can shoot horizontally for YouTube or vertically for Instagram Reels. It has two hot shoe mounts to attach a light, microphone, or other accessories.

Madd Gear grind rail

I purchased the Madd Gear 99″ Long Skate Rail during the lockdown, which changed my life. Madd Gear made a high-quality rail at an excellent price that adjusts to three different heights and comes apart easily for transport. I have taken this rail to many other locations to roller skate and brought it with me on long road trips. It’s one of the best skating-related purchases I’ve ever made and will offer hours of fun practice for the aggressive skater in your life. This rail is perfect for beginners just learning and advanced skaters at the same time. Madd Gear also makes a shorter 55″ version, but it tips too easily, and I don’t recommend it. A perfect accompanying gift for the rail is an Imperial & Co Skate Wax bar, which will be needed to make it slide properly.

TSG Crash PaNts

TSG Crash Pads

TSG All Terrain Crash Pants offer padded protection around the hips, thighs, and tailbones of skaters and other action sports athletes. The comfortable spandex body has an elastic waist that keeps the pants slim and form-fitting without disrupting mobility or range of motion. EVA foam panels are located at the hips, thighs, and tailbone areas to ensure complete coverage from falls and collisions. Crash Pants boost confidence for new skaters of any discipline and can make the impacts from blocking in derby a lot less painful!


Roller skating can be dangerous; you never know when you or someone you are with will injure themselves and need first aid. From a minor scrape to a more severe injury, a First-Aid Kit should be in every roller skater’s home, skate bag, or vehicle. It can help reduce the risk of infection or the severity of an injury. First-Aid Kits typically include a variety of supplies that will help treat cuts, scrapes, and injuries, including sprains and burns.

handheld gimbal

So some of you might be wondering what the heck a Gimbal is. Well, for starters, many roller skaters are filming themselves and their friends and creating content. A Gimbal is a handheld device that a single cameraperson can operate. Gimbals offer stabilization and smooth movement to make your phone videos look professional and seamless. They are built with a camera mount and motion detectors within them to sense any unwanted movement. The Gimbal I like is the Zhiyun Smooth 5-Axis Smartphone Gimbal. The 3-axis design allows movements in all angles to be amazingly smooth, even in extreme angles. With max 2-hour charging, you can enjoy up to 4.5 hours of continuous filming.

Hohem iSteady X2

A good budget alternative is the Hohem iSteady X2.

skate carrier strap

The Super SW Skate Carrier with Handle is the perfect accessory for carrying or hanging your skates. The carrier measures 12 inches in length and is solid and durable. The Super SW Skate Carrier is another perfect stuffing stocker for the skater in your life.

Smartwool Gloves

As soon as the temperatures start to dip, I take my Smartwool Liner Gloves out of storage and add them to my skating bag for the rest of the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. This time of year, I use my gloves on most skates and love their comfort and warmth. Made from a Merino Wool blend, they are touchscreen compatible, so you can still use your phone! Available in multiple colors and sizes, these Smartwool Gloves are an excellent gift and will be used daily, not just for roller skating, making them a perfect addition to our list of best gift ideas for roller skaters.

Big Wheel Blading Sweaters

Big Wheel Blading Sweaters

Our classic Big Wheel Blading DTG sweatshirt is a sturdy and warm sweatshirt bound to keep you warm in the colder months. A pre-shrunk, classic fit sweater made with air-jet spun yarn for a soft feel and reduced pilling.

Available in five variations: white print on black, yellow print on black, red print on white, black print on white, and orange print on navy blue.

boot dryer

Many rollerbladers experience sweaty feet after a long day of skating. They will start stinking if you don’t take your liners out daily and air them out. A great way to prevent this is using the DryGuy 2207 Force Boot DryerAfter every session, you stick the boot dryer into your skates, turn it on and let the forced air do its job. These are safe to use and will not shrink, warp or harm delicate garments or custom-fit liners. The dryer will work for other shoes or boots that may get wet and also work excellently on ski boots and ice skates, making this a perfect addition to our list of best gift ideas for inline skaters.

microfiber Hanky

Having sweat drip down your face and into your eyes while skating in the heat is an awful experience. The DRYKI Sweat Absorbing Handkerchiefs are the perfect accessory for any rollerblader to wipe away sweat while skating. They have a clip, so you can easily attach them to your belt loop or the outside of a backpack. The DRYKI Hankys soak up 7x its weight in moisture and dries 10x faster than a standard towel. All while being odor-free and machine washable, making it another excellent stocking stuffer for the inline skater in your life. It comes in a 3-pack, so you have plenty on deck when you need them.

Anker Portable charger

I carry many items that need charging throughout the day while skating. In the age of social media and YouTube, people have iPhones, GoPros, Insta 360 Cameras, and wireless microphones for creating content. They don’t want the batteries drained, ruining their session. The Anker Portable 325 Charger is essential to keep your batteries fully charged for work, play, and general safety. It has a massive 20,000mAh cell capacity providing 4-5 charges for smartphones on two USB ports.

lightweight shoes

lightweight shoes

Sometimes you have to remove your roller skates to enter a business or go onto public transportation. Most shoes are inconvenient to bring in your skate bag because they are bulky and heavy. For this reason, I purchased myself a pair of these thin, compact, and very lightweight Aqua Yoga Socks. The Aqua Yoga Socks are available in multiple colors, patterns, and sizes and easily fit inside a bag, fanny pack, or a Christmas stocking, making them a perfect addition to our list of best gifts for roller skaters.

Big Wheel Blading Beanies

Big Wheel Blading Beanies

Big Wheel Blading embroidered beanies are stylish and keep your head and ears nice and warm. This high-quality beanie is available in three variations: black with white embroidery, black with gold embroidery, and white with black embroidery.

Powerslide UBC Backpack

The Powerslide UBC Commuter Backpack will surely make you stand out from the crowd, be it for its sleek black and grey matte finish, highly durable nylon construction, or the patented UBC clips that allow for quick attachment of approved UBC accessory bags. The backpack has two primary compartments: a clipped divider for separating your belongings and a zippered and padded pocket for valuables. Hidden beneath the rollover top is another zippered pocket ideal for glasses, money, keys, and other items you may want to keep hidden.

Skate Cones

If you want to hone your skills, work on your balance, and practice slalom or dance moves, then having a set of 3 Inch Plastic Skate Cones is a must. This set comes with cones and will provide hours of fun at a minimal cost.

Inline Skating Guides and Gift Ideas

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