Rollerblading Towards Mental Health

From Barack Obama wearing the same suits in order to reduce decision fatigue to Jeff Bezos ensuring eight hours sleep each night, being strategic about your wellbeing and productivity is a must for leaders and entrepreneurs. Read on as we uncover the habits of Harley Therapy founder and psychotherapist Dr Sheri Jacobson.


After I hit 40, I realised I needed to look after my internal organs. So I started the gym – strength conditioning for my bones and cardio for my heart. The link between mental health and exercise is well documented. Not everyone should wait until they are 40 however!


I was inspired to start rollerblading after my young daughter and I noticed a rollerblading group in Hyde Park. We now skate with them every Sunday and it ticks so many wellbeing boxes for me. As well as being a great workout, I love the social connection and time in nature. We know from 2016 report ‘A review of nature-based interventions for mental health care’ commissioned by Natural England that taking part in nature-based activities helps in the reduction of depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms.


Weekly psychotherapy is the pinnacle of my wellbeing routine. Having someone who is present, impartial and knowledgeable about me helps me to be productive and resilient. In the same way I visit a personal trainer for my physical health, for me visiting a trained therapist is vital to my mental health and achieving my goals in work and life.


I grew up in a health-conscious family and I eat a plant based diet. I avoid refined foods and the so called ‘three white devils’ – sugar, milk and flour.


I try to be mindful in everything I do. That means I am as present in a business meeting as I am reading before bed. Mindfulness is a great way to gain presence.

Time hacks

I live a strategic life, keeping domestic decisions to a minimum through simplifying choices around things like food and clothing. I’m also an advocate of remote working, leveraging tools like Zoom and Slack daily to keep in touch with my team. We have a team Zoom conference at 10am each day which is a great way to check in with everyone and disseminate and receive information.

Sheri Jacobson is the rollerblading psychotherapist.
Sheri Jacobson is the rollerblading psychotherapist.


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