Cam Wiggins is a 30-year-old inline skater and photographer, originally from Corby, living in Desborough, Northamptonshire in the East Midlands of England. He has been skating on and off since 2002 but now spends more time behind the lens documenting skating.

Portrait by Carl Ambler

How did you get into photography?

I’ve always been fascinated by photography; you know the saying, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’ I firmly believe this. I firstly dabbled with taking photos while at school but didn’t really realize my passion until my mid-20s, and now I usually carry a camera wherever I go. 

What gear do you shoot with? 

I currently shoot with a Canon 5d Mark II using many different lenses; however, I mainly shoot with a 15mm fisheye and 28-135mm. Often you’ll find me right in the way with a couple of off-camera flashes set-ups. I recently acquired a Fujifilm x100s that I plan to use as a travel camera and for candid shots, allowing me not to lug all my gear around. 

Jon Hubbard sweatstance (left) Josh Green 180 (right top) Aaron Mackenzie back royale (right middle)

How long have you been shooting skate photography?

I have been shooting skate and action sports photography for the past 3-4 years. Before that, I mainly filmed skating with a GoPro and a video camera that I had at the time. I would create edits, which you can watch on my YouTube channel.

Have you had any of your photos published, skating or otherwise?

I’ve always wanted to have a photo published in mainstream print media, but it hasn’t happened yet. At the end of last year, I self-published a book of photographs I took between April and November of 2020 while furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I printed ten copies to gauge interest, and it’s mainly friends that I skate with that have one, but I may still publish it in the future. I also released a UK blade mag called The Inline Review, which I think was received well, with the first two issues selling out in a couple of hours. It’s also been a massive honor to have several photos featured as the ‘photo of the day’ by Be-Mag

Cam’s Self-Published Book (left) The Inline Review Zine (right)

Have you worked together with any skating brands? In so in what capacity?

I am currently working on a collaborative project with the brand Words. They will be releasing a three-piece collection of my work. My collection will be released first; then, Words will follow it up with three other photographers’ collections.

I’m stoked to work with a brand that pays homage to the video that I grew up watching and cares for the riders and people involved, including giving props to the photographers, which I think isn’t done very often. 

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What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

Outside of shooting anything related to blading, the most fun I’ve had was shooting some for the BTCC racing team, Laser Tools Racing, while at an event for my day job. They ended up using my photos and featuring them on their website.

Shots of Laser Tools Racing at the British Touring Car Championship

Who are your favorite people to shoot?

There are a few people I enjoy shooting with, from my homies Aaron Mackenzie, Dean Thomson, and Michael Brookes, to people I have met through blading like Matty Vella, Matt Ford, and even Bobi Spassov.

Is there anyone who you’ve wanted to shoot with but never had the opportunity?

I’ve always wanted to travel up to Scotland and shoot with Keir Lindsay as I’ve known him a long time since meeting at Winterclash back in 2008. During that trip, Keir, Scott Quinn, and the Scottish lads took me under their wing for the weekend as I had no accommodation, which was awesome, and I recently found old photos taken during that trip on my old Flickr account. I also want to go back up north and shoot with the MCR crew again, as that’s always fun.

Do you have an all-time favorite photo you’ve shot?

Ohh, that’s a hard one, to be honest. I have two: a true fishbrain on a bench from Dean Thompson in Kettering, and the other is a portrait of Cameron Card while street skating in Eindhoven.

Dean Thompson true fishbrain (top left) Cameron Card (botton left) Mark Lee and John Murray double fishbrain (right)

What’s the most challenging photo you’ve ever taken?

One that sticks in my mind is shooting Mark Lee and John Murray, each doing a fishbrain on either side of the big long ledge at Corby’s Adrenaline Alley Skatepark. I must have made them do it about 40 odd times, but it paid off in the end as it was a photo of the day on Be-Mag. 

What do you enjoy about the current state of skating?

I love that the family vibes have stayed within rollerblading; I like that there are many more people coming back to it after a long break and still killing it. 

Have you shot any non-aggressive skate photography?

Kind of, I traveled up to Manchester for a skate trip and ended up shooting some big wheel stuff at Projekts Skatepark with Matty Vella. It’s definitely on the cards as I would like to shoot with Stephen Johnstone, who does many big wheel blading tricks around Oxford’s streets. 

Matty Vella Big Wheeling at Projects Skatepark in Manchester

Where do you want to take your photography into the future?

I’d love to shoot a feature for Be-Mag with someone and carry on with blading-related projects, but honestly, I want to keep my photography fun and not take it too seriously. I enjoy taking photos as a hobby, and I’ve just had a baby girl, and she will be the main subject in my shots for the foreseeable future. 

Is there any photographer who influenced your approach to shooting photos? 

I have mad love for all of my fellow blade photographers. A few have inspired me, like Brandon Smith, who gave me an introduction to blade photography, Owen Peters because his work with off-camera flashes is fantastic, and Sam Cooper because the composition in his shots is perfect! 

Aaron Mackenzie lacing a fishbrain

Who is your favorite photographer?

My favorite skate photographer is Brandon Smith or Owen Peters; Owen’s Manchestahh Magazine was outstanding. I find Jeff Stockwell’s photography amazing as well, and I really dig Jason Lee’s landscape film photography. I also love Walter Rothwell; his black and white street photography is breathtakingly beautiful.

Do you do any other kinds of photography not mentioned above?

I have experimented with a few different photography genres, including landscape, street, models, and even have experience shooting wedding ceremonies.

Hemsby Beach (left) Rutland Water Resevoir (right)

Has COVID-19 changed how you go out skating and shooting?

I shot a fair bit during the United Kingdom’s first lockdown and even more once the government lifted its COVID-19 restrictions. But since the UK has gone back into lockdown, I haven’t been taking any photos. Since having our daughter, the risk of going out to shoot skating is no longer worth it. I do have things planned for when we finally return to a somewhat normal way of life! 

Header image – Dean Thompson


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