The Absolute Best Socks for Inline Skating provide ultimate comfort and fit while wicking moisture for hours of blister-free skating.

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Buyers Guide: The Absolute Best Socks for Inline Skating and Rollerblading

What socks should I wear while inline skating?

When searching the internet or going to stores, many sock options are available, but figuring out which socks are the best for rollerblading can be challenging. To save you time and frustration, I have curated a list of the best socks for inline skating, hopefully making your decision easier. The right socks are essential to provide comfort and give your skates the perfect fit to fully enjoy the skating experience.

Many beginner skaters quit prematurely due to discomfort, pain, and blisters. These are all symptoms of the skater wearing the wrong socks. Beginners are not alone. Seasoned rollerbladers can also suffer from these issues, especially when getting new skates. Fortunately, with the proper performance socks, most of these issues become a worry of the past.

What are the Best Skate Socks?

Darn Tough Socks$16.75 – $24.95Jump ↓
Smartwool Socks$13.20 – $24.00Jump ↓
Icebreaker Socks$21.00 – $27.00Jump ↓
Stance LinkInfiknit™ Socks$8.90 – $19.99Jump ↓
Outway Socks$22.00 – $28.00Jump ↓
Rollerblade High-Performance Socks$15.50 – $22.94Jump ↓
Powerslide MyFit Performance Socks$23.95Jump ↓

Best Sock Materials for Inline Skating?

Thin vs. Thick Socks for Rollerblading?

Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Socks for Inline Skating

Darn Tough socks are our pick for the best performance socks for inline skating and are the only socks I still wear. These performance socks prevent slipping, bunching, and hot spots while rollerblading. Made in Vermont, USA, Darn Tough offers an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee so you can use and abuse these socks daily without care. Although their socks last a LONG time, I have worn out several pairs over the years hiking, skiing, and skating and have had them ALL replaced quickly with no questions asked.

Most Darn Tough socks are Merino Wool and offer ultimate comfort and durability, and are strong enough to take any punishment rollerbladers can give them. When deciding which pair to get for skating, I recommend ultra-lightweight running socks, lightweight lifestyle socks, and lightweight to midweight hiking socks, depending on your preference for padding and thickness. A Vegan-friendly synthetic Coolmax option is available as a Merino Wool alternative. Darn Tough Coolmax Hiking Socks help feet beat the heat and stay dry during hot summer skates. Both fabrics excel at wicking moisture to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters. Merino Wool is unique as it keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in the summer heat.

Price$16.75 – $24.95

Smartwool Socks

Smartwool Socks for Inline Skating

Smartwool Socks are made in the USA using responsibly sourced Merino wool. They are excellent performance socks for rollerblading that provide outstanding comfort and fit. Smartwool has updated its socks to include more sustainable materials with recycled Nylon, improved durability, updated mesh zones, and an even more perfect fit. Light cushioning on the bottom of your foot helps keep you comfortable when the road or trail isn’t. These long-lasting Merino Wool socks wick moisture and won’t slip or stretch so you can wear them all day long. Smartwool guarantees its products and will replace them within two years of purchasing.

Price$13.20 – $24.00

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Icebreaker Socks

Icrebreaker Socks

Icebreaker makes lightweight, durable, and odor-resistant socks providing maximum comfort and premium fit while rollerblading. These socks are perfect for everyday use on or off skates, combining comfort with durable construction. Merino is super lightweight, soft, non-itchy, non-clammy, warm in the cold and cool in the heat, and can resist odor. Icebreaker’s warranty will replace their socks within one year of purchase if damaged by faulty fabric, stitching, or manufacturing.

Price$21.00 – $27.00

Stance LinkInfiknit™ Socks

Stance Socks for Inline Skating

Rollerbladers LOVE the Stance LinkInfiknit™ Socks for their quality and dependability. These lightweight socks offer a breathable barrier between your foot and shoe. Stance Socks target high-friction areas making them quite durable for inline skating while offering a lifetime guarantee with no catch. Stance will send you a new pair if you rip, tear, or develop a hole in your socks.

Price$8.90 – $19.99

Outway Socks

Outway Socks

Outway Socks produce premium synthetic performance socks for athletic and daily wear made of polyester and spandex. These crew cuff socks offer stay-up compression, reinforced heel and toe, breathable venting, mid-foot arch support, seamless toe, engineered Y-stitch heel, and moisture-wicking yarns. Outway offers a 100-day warranty on manufacturing defects for all purchases.

Price$22.00 – $28.00 (Get 15% off your first order)

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Rollerblade High-Performance Socks

Rollerblade Performance Socks for Inline Skating

Rollerblade High-Performance Socks were the first socks I used for long-distance skating. I skated them for quite a while and was impressed by their comfort and cushioning while rollerblading. The socks are Made in Italy using Nanoglide fabric that reduces friction, minimizes pressure points, wicks away moisture, and eliminates blisters. Although they perform very well in inline skating, they do not have a warranty.

Price$15.50 – $22.94

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Powerslide MyFit Performance Socks

MyFit Performance Socks for Inline Skating

Powerslide’s MyFit Skate Socks are a synthetic blend optimized for inline fitness and urban skating. Abrasion pads woven into high-stress areas offer protection against pressure points, improve comfort, and enhance the feel so the skater and skate perform better. Powerslide offers no stated warranty for the MyFit socks.



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