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What are the best roller skating socks? We explore the best socks to roller skate in outside and in the rink from casual to performance.

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What are the Best Roller Skating Socks?

Often overlooked, the right socks are essential to help provide comfort and the proper fit for your roller skates. Many sock options are available online and in stores, but determining which socks are the best for roller skating can be challenging. Discomfort, pain, and blisters can cause beginner roller skates to quit prematurely. However, when wearing the right socks, these symptoms are a worry of the past. I have compiled a list of the best socks for roller skating to make your decision easier.

Darn Tough Socks$16.75 – $24.95Jump ↓
Smartwool Socks$13.20 – $24.00Jump ↓
Outway Socks$22.00 – $28.00Jump ↓
Stance LinkInfiknit™ Socks$8.90 – $19.99Jump ↓
Bamboo Sports$13.95 – $15.95Jump ↓
Sock it to Me$10.00 – $12.00Jump ↓
TCK Retro Socks$10.95 – $13.99Jump ↓
Skater Socks$12.99 – $19.99Jump ↓
Pareberry Tube Socks$10.99Jump ↓

What is the Best material for Roller Skating Socks?

Should I wear Thin or Thick Socks To Roller Skate In?

Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough socks for roller skating

Our choice of the best socks for roller skating is Merino Wool socks from Darn Tough. Made in Vermont, these performance socks won’t bunch up, slip, or create hot spots when skating in the heat or long distances. Darn Tough offers a no questions asked Lifetime Guarantee, making these socks the best choice and value on our list. I’ve tested the lifetime guarantee twice, and they quickly replaced my socks with no hassle. 

They also make synthetic Coolmax socks, which are vegan-friendly and an excellent alternative to Merino Wool. Both Merino Wool and Coolmax wick moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and blister free. Coolmax keeps you cool and comfortable in the summer, while Merino Wool keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in the summer heat. 

Smartwool Socks

Smartwool socks for roller skating

Smartwool’s Merino Wool Socks provide outstanding comfort and fit when roller skating. All Smartwool Socks are Made in the USA using durable, sustainable materials with recycled Nylon, featuring breathable mesh zones and light cushioning. These socks wick moisture away from your feet to keep your feet dry and blister free. They won’t slip or stretch, allowing you to skate in them all day comfortably. Smartwool will replace their socks within two years of purchasing for manufacturing defects, rips, holes, or tears.

Outway Socks

Outway Socks socks for roller skating

If wool is not your thing, Outway Socks make excellent premium synthetic performance socks for athletic and daily wear. These polyester and spandex crew cuff socks feature stay-up compression, breathable venting, reinforced heel and toe, mid-foot arch support, seamless toe, engineered Y-stitch heel, and moisture-wicking yarns. They are excellent roller skating socks and will make your feet very happy, especially during warm summer months. Outway offers a 100-day warranty on manufacturing defects for all purchases. 

Stance LinkInfiknit™ Socks

Known for their quality and dependability, Stance Socks are excellent performance socks for roller skating that are comfortable and breathable. Their nylon blend FEEL360™/FreshTek™ socks wick away moisture from your feet to keep them dry while eliminating odor. Stance Socks have a lifetime guarantee, and they will send you a new pair if your socks develop a rip, tear, or hole.

Bamboo Sports

Bamboo Sports Socks for roller skating

Although Merino Wool socks are my favorite for skating, others swear that the ultimate skate socks use Bamboo. Bamboo socks are known for being very soft and super comfortable to keep your feet extra happy! Some of the best Bamboo socks available are from Bamboo Sports, which are 80% Rayon from Bamboo, 15% Polyester, and 5% Spandex and feature a cushioned sole.

Bamboo socks wick away moisture from your feet to keep them dry and prevent blisters. Furthermore, they naturally regulate the temperature of your feet, even in extreme conditions, while allowing your feet to breathe. Another beautiful thing about bamboo socks is they keep your feet and shoes odor free! Bamboo socks are so comfortable for skating and everyday life that you’ll never want to wear cotton socks again!

Sock it to Me

For the casual roller skater looking for a cuter, more eye-catching fashion choice, Sock It To Me makes fantastic socks that will make you smile and brighten up the world around you. Sock it To Me offers multiple size ranges, including STRETCH-IT Socks, designed to stretch up to 21″ in circumference to accommodate even the largest calf sizes!

Sock it To Me produce many funky patterns and quirky, fun, and cool designs using a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend. Since cotton isn’t moisture-wicking, these socks aren’t for long-distance skates but work great for casual skating outdoors or at the rink. Their combed cotton threads are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, meaning they use no harmful chemicals in manufacturing.

TCK Retro Socks

TCK Retro Socks

One of the most popular roller skating sock styles is retro tube socks, inspired by the roller skating culture of the 70s and 80s. The Retro 3 Stripe Tube Socks from TCK are high-quality USA Made socks using a blend of cotton, acrylic, nylon, and elastic. Available in 24 color variations, this over-the-calf (OTC) tube sock is comfortable and features ribbed legging that helps hold the sock in place.

Skater Socks


Another brand making classic striped Tube Socks is Skater Socks. All their socks are Made in the USA using a blend of cotton, nylon, acrylic, and spandex. They are unisex and available in various heights from mid-calf to mid-thigh in 55 color variations. These socks are perfect for the rink or casual outdoor skating. These are non-performance socks, so they will not wick away moisture and are not ideal for long-distance skates in warmer climates.

Pareberry Tube Socks

Pareberry Tube Socks

Retro-inspired Pareberry blends high-quality cotton, nylon, and elastane to create a soft, comfortable, breathable tube sock. They sit right below the knee and are available in 16 different color options to keep you looking fabulous on your skates.


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