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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Roller Skates for Adults on the market for outdoors, the rink, and in the skate park.

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Buyers Guide: The 29 Absolute Best Roller Skates for Adults to Enjoy in 2024

Exploring the world of roller skates can be quite the rollercoaster ride, with an abundance of options to choose from. It’s easy to get lost in the skate shuffle when trying to find the perfect pair that suits your needs. With my 27 years of experience in the skating world, I’ve got the lowdown on what’s out there.

To spare you the hassle and time, I’ve put together a handpicked selection of the finest roller skates from the industry’s top brands. Think of this guide as a dynamic, constantly evolving resource to keep you in the loop.

The Best Roller Skates for Adults

Here it is, the ultimate compilation of the absolute best roller skates for adults in 2024. Get ready for an exciting roller skating adventure because this list has got you covered, offering a diverse range of options across different price ranges and skating styles. Whether you’re into outdoor cruising, fancy dance moves, thrilling derby action, or park shredding, we’ve got something special for everyone!

Our top pick for the all-around best skate is the Sure-Grip Boardwalk. It strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability, giving you an incredible outdoor skating experience without breaking the bank.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve handpicked winners for each category, too. If you’re into Derby, check out the Riedell Solaris Pro. The Chaya Chameleon High is your go-to choice for those who love to dance on wheels. And if you’re tearing it up at skateparks, don’t miss the Bont Parkstar.

These are just the tip of the skating iceberg. We’ve got a top 10 list waiting for you below. Keep scrolling to dive deeper into these fantastic skates and discover our other top picks. Happy skating!

Moxi Beach Bunny$119.00 – $169.00Jump ↓
Sure-Grip Boardwalk$129.00 – $239.00Jump ↓
Jackson Vista$160.96 – $199.95Jump ↓
Riedell Crew$249.00Jump ↓
Chaya Cameleon High$289.95Jump ↓
Bont Parkstar$299.99 – $309.00Jump ↓
Moxi Lolly$369.00Jump ↓
Chaya Ragnaroll$479.95Jump ↓
Moxi Jack Fuse$509.00 – $599.00Jump ↓
Riedell Solaris Pro$800.00Jump ↓

The Best Roller Skates For Outdoors

What are outdoor roller skates? Outdoor roller skates are purpose-built for tackling the challenges of outdoor terrain, such as uneven sidewalks, park paths, and streets. They come equipped with larger, softer wheels that provide a smoother and more stable ride, making outdoor escapades enjoyable and comfortable. With durable boot designs that offer ankle support and adjustable toe stops for added control, these skates will add confidence to your trusty outdoor roller skates!

Moxi Rainbow Rider

Moxi Rainbow Roller Roller Skates

Meet the Moxi Rainbow Rider, your ticket to roller skating bliss, especially if you’re new to the recreational skating scene. These skates strike the perfect balance between top-notch quality, comfort, and affordability. Imagine slipping into a pair of rainbow-themed boots with vinyl uppers that look fabulous and provide a cozy and supportive fit. Your feet will thank you for the soft padded lining.

Underneath, there’s a sturdy die-cast aluminum plate, ensuring durability for your skating adventures. The 58mm 82A outdoor wheels and ABEC-5 bearings promise a smooth and enjoyable ride, perfect for cruising. Plus, you’ve got an adjustable toe stop for added control. But what sets the Rainbow Rider apart? It’s all in the details and thoughtful design. These skates are an absolute steal for anyone starting their outdoor skating journey or simply wanting to enjoy a relaxed roll. Slip into them, and you’ll feel like you’re gliding along on a rainbow-filled adventure!

ColorsPink Heart, Sunshine Yellow, and Asphalt Black
Price$89.00 – $109.00

Chaya Vintage

Chaya Vintage Roller Skates

Step into Chaya Vintage roller skates, where style meets compassion. These skates are both fashion-forward and eco-conscious, as they proudly sport the vegan-friendly label, ensuring no harm to our furry friends. Beneath their sleek exterior lies a robust construction featuring aluminum frames and trucks. You can count on these skates to handle your moves with ease.

The Galaxy Evo plate, a true star in its own right, boasts an adjustable Chaya Controller toe stop and a set of 59mm 78A Chaya Spectrum wheels. Whether rolling through the great outdoors or easing into indoor skating, these wheels are your trusty companions.

The skates showcase a tough and chic exterior, thanks to the glass-fiber reinforced plastic and the elegant PU-nubuck faux leather finish. But comfort is where the Chaya Vintage truly shines. Inside, you’ll find a built-in breathable mesh liner, wrapping your feet in cozy luxury. These skates are more than just a fashion statement; they’re your ticket to style, sustainability, and supreme comfort.

ColorsCappuccino, Denim, and Voyager
Price$119.97 – $139.99

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Moxi Beach Bunny

Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Get ready to hit the streets with a pair of Moxi Beach Bunny Skates that won’t break the bank or harm our furry friends. These skates are all about carefree recreational skating. Picture this: drum-dyed vinyl uppers that shine under the sun, making you the center of attention on the pavement. Inside, a custom-printed Dri-Lex moisture-wicking liner keeps your feet cool and comfy, even during long skating sessions.

Underneath it all, a Die-Cast Aluminum base and trucks provide stability and durability. The 58mm 72A Wheels and ABEC 3 bearings ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride, whether cruising through the neighborhood or hitting the local park. So, lace up those Beach Bunny Skates and let the good times roll, all while knowing you’re skating in style and with a conscience.

ColorsWatermelon, Periwinkle Sunset, Blue Sky, Peach Blanket, and Strawberry Lemonade
Price$119.00 – $169.00

BTFL Classic

BFTL Classic Roller Skates

The BTFL Classic Unisex Artistic Roller Skates are your passport to retro-inspired roller magic. Designed in Germany, these skates are a dream come true for adults looking to rediscover the joys of skating, whether on a rink, boardwalk, or the bustling streets. Crafted with a touch of nostalgia and a dash of modern comfort, the BTFL Classic skates boast foam-backed genuine suede that wraps your feet in plush coziness. It’s like skating on clouds!

These skates have an adjustable toe stop and a feather-light nylon plate. Translation: a smoother ride with minimal vibrations. Glide effortlessly as you explore the world on wheels. The 62x38mm 80A hybrid wheels are your trusty companions for artistic moves, jamming sessions, and rhythmic skating adventures.

With five eye-catching color variations and multiple sizes, you can express your style and find the perfect fit. All this roller skating goodness comes at an unbelievable price for an all-leather skate. It’s no wonder these skates have earned their spot on our list of the best roller skates for adults.

ColorsAva Pro, Dian Pro, Faya Pro, Liam Pro, Scarlett Pro, Tony Pro

Jackson Finesse

Jackson Finesse Roller Skates

Get ready to elevate your outdoor skating game with Jackson Finesse Skates, the perfect choice for those who love having a blast while staying eco-conscious. The Finesse Boot is a masterpiece in comfort and sustainability, delivering top-tier enjoyment without compromising your values. It’s built tough with vegan-friendly reinforced vinyl-coated uppers, ensuring durability for all your adventures.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by memory foam padding that cradles your feet in heavenly comfort. Plus, an antibacterial lining keeps things fresh, even during your most intense skating sessions. They come mounted on a nylon Pilot Viper Plate, offering stability and control.

The 62mm 78A Atom Pulse Lite Wheels are your trusty companions for a smooth outdoor ride. And with Bionic ABEC 7 Bearings and an adjustable XS Toe Stop, you’ve got all the control you need. So, whether cruising through the park or dancing down the boardwalk, Jackson Finesse Skates provides fun and unforgettable skating adventures.

ColorsMint Green, Lilac Purple, Pink, and Black

Sure-Grip Stardust

Sure-Grip Stardust Roller Skates

When you step into a pair of Sure-Grip Stardust Skates, your skating journey transforms into a dazzling spectacle. These skates are designed to turn heads and make you shine, whether gliding through the city streets or showing off your moves at the rink.

The stiff vinyl uppers not only offer superb support but also feature a mesmerizing glitter imprint. It’s like skating with stardust under your feet, and you have three enchanting colors to choose from. Opt for the Blue or Pink options, and you’ll revel in the contrasting laces and eyelets, adding an extra pop of style. But if you’re feeling mysterious, the Black Stardust skates channel the starry night sky, maintaining an alluring black-on-black elegance.

Every component of these Stardust Skates matches the color of the vinyl uppers, from the cushions to the wheels and toe stops. It’s all about that coordinated, show-stopping look. The soft urethane of the 62mm wheels handles the great outdoors with ease but are equally at home in a rink setting, making these skates as versatile as they are captivating.

ColorsBlack, Blue, Gold, Pink
Price$ 156.75

Jackson Vista

Jackson Vista Roller Skates

Jackson Vista Nylon Skates are the perfect blend of style and affordability, designed especially for those who love outdoor skating. These skates are more than just a source of fun; they’re a fashionable statement on wheels. Whether you’re a newbie to skating or a seasoned roller, these skates are your trusty sidekicks. They’re all about providing a friendly, comfortable fit that’ll keep you rolling for hours on end.

The Vista Boot is the real deal – a high-top marvel that’s stylish and built for action. Crafted with a PVC outsole and fortified with suede microfiber and reinforced leatherboard, it’s a sturdy companion that offers support, security, and durability. But it’s not just about toughness; it’s also about comfort. Memory foam padding around the ankle ensures your pressure points are well cared for. Plus, a foam-backed tongue is here to put lace bite and forefoot discomfort in their place.

Underneath these skates, you’ll find the lightweight Viper Nylon Plate, ready to take on the great outdoors. And speaking of the outdoors, the 62mm 78A Atom Pulse Wheels are soft enough to grip any surface and smooth enough to conquer debris and imperfections along the way.
As if that wasn’t enough, inside those wheels, you’ve got the Bionic ABEC-7 bearings, ensuring a smooth, effortless ride every time.

ColorsRed, Purple, Blue, Teal, Black, and More

Sure-Grip Boardwalk

Suregrip Boardwalk Roller Skates

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Skates is our top pick for the best outdoor skate. These classic suede high-tops are your ticket to a comfy, supportive ride as you conquer the great outdoors. In 2021, these boots got a chic makeover, boasting fresh pastel color options that’ll have you turning heads wherever you roll. But fear not, they’ve retained that soft and pliable suede construction that makes them an absolute delight to wear.

Now, let’s talk about what’s under your feet. The lightweight nylon plate comes with double-action trucks and a fully adjustable toe stop, giving every skater the power to fine-tune their braking style. And it doesn’t stop there! The color-matched Boardwalk Wheels add a dash of eye-catching style and ensure a silky-smooth ride with all the grip you need. This perfect blend of fashion and function secures their spot as one of the best roller skates for adults.

ColorsBlack, Merlot, Key Lime, Lavender, Sea Breeze, and Tea Berry
Price$129.00 – $239.00

Riedell Crew

Riedell Crew Roller Skates

The Riedell Crew Outdoor Skates perfectly blend old-school charm and modern outdoor excitement. These skates are tailor-made for those who seek their thrills amidst the beauty of the great outdoors, whether on the boardwalk, city streets, winding trails, or in the skatepark.

Riedell started with their classic 120 leather boot, a timeless piece that exudes tradition and comfort. But here’s where the modern twist comes in – they added a dash of contemporary flair, ensuring your style game is as strong as your skating skills. They’ve carefully chosen laces and toe stops that contrast beautifully and match the overall aesthetics, making these skates pop with personality.

But let’s talk about performance. The 120 boot boasts a moisture-wicking lining called Dri-Lex, keeping your feet dry and comfy during your skating adventures. Plus, it’s designed with reinforced quarters, offering the support you need for jumps, spins, and those groovy dance moves.

Underneath, the lightweight PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate provides stability without weighing you down. The 62mm 85A Sonar Zen wheels ensure a smooth and controlled ride, while ABEC-5 bearings keep you gliding effortlessly. And don’t forget the adjustable round toe stop for that extra braking control.

ColorsCrimson, Ocean, and Tumeric

Chuffed Wanderer

Chuffed Wanderer Roller Skates

The Chuffed Wanderer Skates are a testament to excellent craftsmanship, tailor-made for those free spirits who crave the thrill of skating through streets and parks with flair. These skates mean business, with aluminum alloy plates, eyelets, and trucks that make them as sturdy as they are reliable and built to withstand the rigors of your skating adventures.

Now, onto the aesthetics. The uppers are a work of art crafted from suede leather. But if you’re on a vegan journey, fear not – the black skates come with microfibre uppers, ensuring a stylish and animal-friendly experience. Inside the boots, you’ll discover built-in liners adorned with a cool-lined print and generous foam padding that comfortably cradles your feet. They even come equipped with cushioned insoles, offering extra protection against harsh landings – a true friend to your ankles.

And what’s under these beauties? Stock wheels in sleek black, measuring 58mm and boasting an 82A hardness. Paired with ABEC7 bearings, they ensure your wheels spin freely, taking you on the smoothest journey possible. The Chuffed Wanderer Skates embodies comfort, strength, and style – your ideal companion for skating adventures

ColorsOlive Green, Peach Pink, Burgundy, and Black

Moxi Lolly

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates

The Moxi Lolly Skates are ideal for recreational joyrides and adventurous street skating. The Lolly Boot is crafted from soft suede with a foam-backed interior, offering a cozy and snug fit that gets even better as the leather molds to your feet over time. Let’s talk about what’s beneath these beauties.

The lightweight plastic Powerdyne Thrust Plate does more than just support your feet; it absorbs vibrations, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride. It’s perfectly matched with soft 65mm 78A Moxi Classic Wheels, delivering a delightful blend of grip and roll whether you’re on the street or at the park. Inside the wheels, you will find ABEC-5 bearings, ensuring that every roll is effortless and enjoyable.

ColorsClementine Orange, Floss Teal, Pineapple Yellow, Green Apple, Lilac, Poppy Red, Taffy Purple, and Black

The Best Roller Skates For Derby

What are derby roller skates? Derby roller skates are the go-to gear for the high-octane sport of roller derby. These skates are designed for speed, agility, and durability on the flat or banked track. With low-cut boots for ankle flexibility, adjustable toe stops for control, and grippy wheels for swift moves, Derby skates are the ultimate gear for those who want to embrace the adrenaline rush and fierce competition of roller derby.

Crazy Zoom

Crazy Zoom Roller Skates

Crazy Zoom Skates are entry-level speed skates with a wide, accommodating fit that is well-padded to promote a comfortable, beginner-friendly experience. The Galaxy Plate is a 20° composite nylon plate infused with fiber strands to improve rigidity and durability. Best of all, it has an allen key set screw to secure the fantastic Boost Toe Stop without worrying about a pesky nut and washer. Signature 62mm 93A Zoom Wheels offer excellent grip for digging into fast turns and deep crossovers, placing them on our list of best roller skates for adults.


Riedell R3

Riedell R3 Roller Skates

Riedell R3 Derby Skates are the perfect setup to get started in Derby. A favorite with skaters year after year for its outstanding comfort, class-leading build quality, and undeniable value, the R3 Derby has been upgraded with standard black tough scuff leather toe caps to prevent abrasion on the boots and 59mm 88A Sonar Aura Wheels. The Riedell R3 Derby Skate will also come with lightweight nylon Powerdyne Thrust plate and ABEC 5 bearings. The R3 Derby offers quality and value that simply can’t be matched, placing them on our list of best roller skates for adults.


Bont Prostar Prodigy

Bont Prostar Prodigy Roller Skates

Bont Prostar Skates make an outstanding choice as a first pair of skates due to the relatively affordable price tag, their significant performance advantage over typical entry-level skates and the advanced features that improve quality of life. The Prostar Boots are heat moldable and introduce users to the famous Bont fit that’s snug, comfortable, and responsive. Prodigy Plates are fiberglass reinforced plastic, which saves weight and dollars, but feature lock screws for toe stops that solves the #1 problem of entry-level skates (losing toe stops). Upgrading to the Tracer Plate offers a heavier aluminum plate with better power transfer. Both sets have 60mm 92A Ballistic Wheels, ABEC 5 Bearings, and an adjustable round-toe stop.


Jackson VIP

Jackson VIP Roller Skates

Jackson VIP Skates is a great package for beginners to roller derby or those looking to upgrade their first pair of skates without breaking the bank. The Vantage boot offers more performance than lower-end vinyl boots with its microfiber construction and comfortable fabric lining. The Pilot Viper plate uses reinforced nylon for rigidity, durability, and stability. Atom 60mm 91A Wheels spin on Bionic ABEC-7 bearings and are fantastic for slick and outdoor surfaces, placing them on our list of best roller skates for adults.


Sure Grip Rebel Avanti

Sure Grip Rebel Avanti Roller Skates

The Sure Grip Rebel Avanti Aluminum Skate package by Sure-Grip is a highly affordable offering that includes a leather boot & aluminum alloy plate. The proven and popular Rebel boot is paired with Sure-Grip’s next generation of plates – the Avanti Aluminum. The Avanti is both lightweight and very strong, with a traditional 10° steel kingpin and sleek polished finish. Set with a Carrera speed stop and 92A Fugitive wheels.


Roller Derby Elite Legacy

Roller Derby Elite Legacy Roller Skates

The Roller Derby Elite Legacy Skates are an excellent setup for skaters seeking elite performance capabilities in comfortable leather boots. This package is available with two different RD Elite plates, and both are machined from a lightweight but robust magnesium alloy; the 10-degree Pro Octane and the actual 45-degree Axis 45. The Octane plate offers dependable stability and power, while the Axis 45 plate is an ultra-responsive plate that some advanced skaters may prefer. If you’re unsure which one is right for you, we recommend going with the Octane. 

Elsewhere, all components are the same between models. The Legacy boot on top has full-grain leather construction in its upper panels and a stitched leather outsole with a small external heel lift. Labeda provides 59mm 91A Royalty wheels that spin on a set of their excellent Swiss bearings, and down at the front, RD Elite has included their world-class Bounce toe stop. Start building your Legacy in these great, high-performance skates!


Riedell Solaris Pro

Riedell Solaris Pro

The comfortable, lightweight, and stylish Riedell Solaris is the most technologically advanced quad roller skating boot Riedell has ever produced. They used cutting-edge technology and design to redefine the standards of performance and comfort for quad skating boots. The Solaris utilizes a stiff composite outsole and new ContourFit C/AA last to improve strength, durability, fit, feel, and response.

The ergonomic last follows the natural contours of your foot, placing the toes in a more natural position to enhance comfort, improve balance, and increase performance. The boot mounts to a Reactor Pro Plate that pairs perfectly with the composite outsole to provide a level of performance suited for even the upper echelons of derby competition. Halo Wheels spin on Kwik Zenith Bearings with a Jupiter Toe Stop out front.


Antik AR2

Antik AR2 Roller Skates

The  Antik AR2 Derby Skate is a traditional skate package with some of the best products assembled from Antik’s and Riedell’s impressive catalog. New in 2019, the AR2 Boot has done the impossible and supplanted the legendary AR1 boot as the flagship offering. Pulling over the same composite outsole technology and moisture-resistant microfiber lining found in the Solaris Boot, the AR2 is undeniably sleek with its signature high top and angular panels (that look great customized). Underneath is a powerful but lightweight Reactor Pro Plate with responsive Magic Cushions, adjustable trucks, and micro-adjustable kingpins. Halo Wheels speak for themselves now; if you don’t know their awesomeness by now, ask anyone to testify!


Riedell Solaris Platinum

Riedell Solaris Platinum

The Riedell Solaris Platinum is a complete setup from Derby Warehouse with an Arius Platinum Plate, providing you with the best Riedell and PowerDyne offers. The package includes Halo Wheels that offer grip when you need grip and slide when you need ro slide, Zenith Bearings, and a Jupiter Toe Stop.


Riedell Blue Streak Platinum

Ridell Blue Streak Platinum Roller Skates

The Riedell Blue Streak Platinum Skate features the Riedell’s Blue Streak boot mounted to an updated Arius plate. This combo has been a common sight at the Derby Warehouse custom-built station, prompting them to add it to their stock offerings! The combination of the comfort of Kango-Tan uppers, incredibly soft leather liners, and the extreme performance of the progressive lateral movement in the Arius make this skate like heaven on your feet. Blue Streak Platinum Skates now ship with Radar Halo wheels instead of Presto wheels, as pictured. 


The Best Rollers Skates For Dance

Riedell Boost

Riedell Boost Roller Skates

The Riedell Boost Skates are rink-ready and made for dancing with the beginner dance skater in mind. With vinyl uppers that are supportive and soft lining, they require a very brief or no break-in time. Underneath, they have the Powerdyne Thrust plate, which is user-friendly as the nylon reduces the vibrations of the surface, making them great for anyone who’s just started skating. They hold a jam plug that won’t get in the way of your moves and 57mm 96A Sonar Riva wheels.

ColorsBlack, White

Roller Derby Elite Primo

Roller Derby Elite Primo Roller Skates

The Roller Derby Elite Primo Skates is a smooth and sleek setup with features destined to make you the star of the local rink, dance floor, and neighborhood. The lace cover gives the Primo a clean aesthetic but keeps your laces tied and tucked out of the way. Lace hooks and a wraparound ankle strap ensure excellent security around your heel and the boot. The inside of the Primo feels great, thanks to the comfortable padded liner with additional padding around the ankles and at the forefront of the boot. There’s even a lovely footbed!

Underneath the boot, the leather sole is stitched and attached to lightweight, fiberglass-reinforced composite plates. The plates come with jam plugs installed and will accept any standard 5/8″ toe stop or jam plug. The RD Elite Primo Skate rolls on Kemistry Aspiro 62mm 97A Wheels and Bevo bearings.

ColorsBlack, White/Black

Chaya Chameleon High

Chaya Chameleon High Roller Skates

The Chaya Chameleon High Skates are high-cut jam skates that are strong and supportive while staying comfortable and lightweight. They are made with a glass-fiber reinforced composite with genuine PU leather with plenty of padding within the boot. The Flap’n’Strap system is removable and interchangeable so that you can customize it with different colors, and they come with three extras in red, blue, and gold so that you can start customizing right out of the box. 

The Chaya Zena plates are made of 6061 aircraft aluminum, making them very precise and robust with excellent energy transfer. The plate is mounted on the Dual Center Mounting System, which uses a bolt underneath each truck and allows you to customize the position of your mounting and offer you an easy way to change out the plates quickly. They also have Chaya Diamond Jam Plugs that are fixed onto the plate with a clamp mechanism. The wheels below are Chaya’s Drift wheels, which are 59mm with a 95A hardness and spin freely on ABEC 9 Wicked bearings. 


The Best Roller Skates for Skate Parks

Chaya Kismet Barbiepatin Gold

Chaya Kismet Barbiepatin Gold Roller Skates

The Chaya Kismet Barbie Patin Gold Skates, inspired by renowned roller skater Barbie Luciana, combine park performance with affordability. Featuring Barbie’s signature Gold color, these skates offer a luxurious design and cater to both advanced skaters and those new to the skate bowl. With a comfortable mid-cut boot providing excellent support, they incorporate the unique Karma grind block for enhanced stability during grinding and a glass-fiber reinforced plastic for a smooth slide.

The Chaya Shari plate, equipped with the Power Toe System and Offset Toe Stop, enhances power, speed, control, and acceleration. The 20-degree axles ensure agility, turns, and power transfer without compromising stability, while the Barbie Lu Pro wheels and Abec 7 bearings deliver a premium glide experience.


Bont Parkstar

Bont Parkstar Roller Skates

Bont ParkStar Skates are a fresh take on the ParkStar that offers versatility in the parks and streets, wherever your skating takes you. The ParkStar Boot is the same innovative design with a snug fit and excellent response, now with pastel suede uppers. The fully heat moldable base allows each skater to customize the fit at home without worrying about a bothersome break-in.

A strong aluminum Tracer Plate sits underneath, with 57mm Glide Wheels that are nice and soft for outdoor use. ABEC 5 Bearings and an adjustable toe stop (with a locking screw!) round out the components of this stylish and fun skate package, placing them on our list of best roller skates for adults.

ColorsBlack, Purple, Siren Red, Blue/Black

Chaya Karma Pro

Chaya Karma Pro Roller Skates

The Chaya Karma Pro Skates are advanced park skates designed for durability and performance. These skates feature a lightweight and sturdy construction with a combination of glass-fiber reinforced composite, genuine leather, and nano-leather materials. They come with Chaya’s innovative Shari Plate, which utilizes a dual-point mounting system for easy adjustment and flexibility.

The XTNDR trucks are solid forged aluminum with replaceable chrome steel axles, allowing customization of the wheelbase width. The Shari Plate has pre-installed asymmetrical grind blocks, and the skates include adjustable Chaya Controller toe stops. With 100A Firebolt Wheels and Wicked ABEC-9 Bearings, these skates deliver a smooth and responsive ride.


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Chaya Ragnaroll

Chaya Ragnaroll Roller Skates

The Chaya Ragnaroll Pro Skates are Ragnaroll’s first ever pro-skate! They are an all-white skate and have a vintage basketball shoe look. They are composed of genuine, and PU leather with glass-fiber reinforced p[plastic that will keep them durable yet flexible. The height of the cuff is higher than most Chaya Skates; it’s most comparable to the Chaya Jump 2.0 skates.  

They come on the new Chaya Zena Plate, made of super strong 6061 aircraft aluminum. Chaya’s XTNDR trucks are solid, forged aluminum, and have replaceable axles. They are sold in various lengths so that you can customize the width of your wheelbase and make it your preferred width for any truck grinding. They also have pre-installed asymmetrical grind blocks that are unique to Chaya. The Chaya Controller toe stops are adjustable with a set screw, while Ragnaroll’s pro 60mm, 100A Wheels spin on Wicked ABEC-9 Bearings.


Moxi Jack Fuse

Moxi Jack Fuse Roller Skates

The Moxi Jack Fuse Skates offer a versatile setup suitable for various skating styles. These skates are known for their durability and comfort, with reinforced suede uppers that mold to your feet after a break-in period. The heel-locking cushions and genuine shearling lining provide ankle and forefoot support. The double-layer suede leather construction is ideal for park and street skating, offering resilience and style.

The skate features lace stabilizers, metal hooks, a triple-reinforced eye stay, and waxed laces for enhanced reliability. The lightweight reinforced nylon plate adds stability while allowing for easy maneuverability. The 57mm 92A Moxi Fundae wheels with ABEC-5 bearings suit various skating environments, offering speed and agility. Additionally, you can customize the skate with a grind block and personalized color choices to suit your preferences.

ColorsBlack, Jade
Price$509.00 – $599.00


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