This has been a pretty exciting year so far when it comes to skating brands. We’ve had Them come out with some fantastic collaborations and some cool-looking skates. Disroyal distribution returned to distribute Gawds and Iqon, a completely new brand with so many exciting products. Then there is Blank by Rollerblade, which just dropped their Sean Keane Beta Pro Model, a beautifully designed skate they’ve been working on for years. However, the brand that I’m most excited about is Mesmer, fronted by Billy O’Neil and features a dream team of some of my favorite personalities in the sport.

Mesmer Team Teaser

Distribution and Team

Mesmer will be distributed exclusively by Billy in the United States and under the Disroyal Distribution umbrella for the rest of the world. The team consists of Billy O’Neil, John Bolino, Marc Moreno, Dominic Bruce, and Levi Van Rijn. Although I don’t Levi, the rest of these skaters, I know and love personally. John and Marc were both on Nimh and Vicious, and I’ve been a big fan of their skating for a long time. Mesmer reminds me of a hybrid between Vicious and Nimh, with fantastic art and brilliant marketing as seen on their Instagram.

The Skate

The Mesmer skate reminds me of what we did with Rat Tail. As many of you remember, before there was NIMH, the Rat Tail Throne was licensed from USD. Now with Mesmer, they have brought back the Throne boot, with a Nimh inspired soleplate, fitted with a reworked Kizer frame and, I’m assuming, wheels poured by Undercover. This setup is an absolute beast, and I believe it will blow all previous versions of the Throne-style boot out of the water.

Mesmer Skate Teaser

A Close Up

The Art

Marc Moreno is the artist behind the Mesmer logo and t-shirt graphics. Each team rider gave Marc an idea for a shirt and brought their ideas to life. This is probably the first full-line from a brand since Rat Tail that I would want every piece for my collection.

I am beyond happy for Billy and everyone on the Mesmer team for this opportunity. I look forward to seeing what these guys come up with and will be following their every move. I’m honestly a bit jealous that I’m no longer involved with brands like this, but maybe I’ll work on something again!

Release Dates

As far as release dates for the skates go, don’t expect them anytime soon. My understanding is that with COVID, there are still manufacturing and shipping delays. In the meantime, you should set some money aside in your piggy bank for the skates. Then, follow the Mesmer Instagram page to be notified of when the skates drop.


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  1. This is really amazing the amount of stuff that is coming out truly makes me feel nostalgic! I’m now 35 and do not roll that often anymore except for exercise but I still love to follow the scene and the pros i grew up watching!

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