Yesterday Rollerblade officially announced the release of their long-awaited Blank Skate. The first skate by Blank will be a pro model for legendary NorCal skater Sean Keane. The first edition of these skates is a beta release and will only be limited to 200 pairs The Limited Edition Blank Beta launch in sizes 260/265 8/8.5 US, 270/275 9/9.5 US, 280/285 10/10.5 US will be in stores November 2021. A full-size run will be available in 2022.

This is by far one of the most exciting skate releases in years and one of the most technically advanced products Rollerblade has released for it’s aggressive line. We look forward to trying out these skates sometime in the future and will provide more details about them on our Then And Now Blading YouTube Channel. In the meantime check out the photos and specs below and watch some of the unboxing and first impression videos by your favorite YouTubers.


  • Direct-Mount Soulplate – Cuff and buckle closure system work together to deliver maximum security and support.
  • V2 Liner and CAS Footbed – Articulated, anatomically placed padding and support system of the liner and footbed work together to provide optimal stability, protection and comfort.
  • Hydrogen Street Wheels and Twin Cam Bearings – The durable and trusted 60mm Hydrogen street wheels are paired with Twincam‘s strongest bearings for a reliable and fast rolling experience.

From The Blank Rolling Products YouTube Channel

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What the YouTubers have to say

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