Dustin Jamieson is a 28-years-old inline skater from Castle Rock, Washington, USA who has been skating for 16 years. Dustin is a multi-discipline skater who has mastered the art of aggressive, wizard and off-road blading.

What is your skating background?

I watched Brink and never looked back.

What skaters have inspired your big wheel blading?

The Mushroom Blading guys are a BIG influence. I might not skate similar to them but they played a huge roll in making me want to try bigger wheels. Also, Sacha Simms is a ripper and major big wheel blading influence

What is the major difference between skating Wizard Frames compared to aggressive frames?

The major difference between Wizard frames compared to aggressive frames would be the feeling. The act of skating just feels better on a larger wheel setup, especially with the natural rocker. Small wheels can feel super fun as well; maybe it is just the change of pace that is refreshing for me

fakie tree roll

Why would any aggressive skaters want to upsize to a mega-tank, if they are mainly into grinding?

I was watching the Mushroom Blading guys skate on Wizard Frames really fast in a skatepark, hittig gaps and jumping hips bigger then you could on aggressvie skates. The ability to go fast and jump huge obstacles, is what drew me to them. Part of it too is just experimenting. Seeing what is out there, seeing other people on different skate setups and thinking “that looks really fun”. Also, thinking of some gaps at parks that are near impossible to do, for me, on a 60mm wheel. Big wheels help make some impossible tricks possible.

How is skating bowls in the Wizard frames?

They are great for speed, but there are some habits that don’t really carry over. Doing frontside and backside grinds are pretty much impossible in natural rocker 90s, so you have to change some habits. X-grinds and makios are the easiest tricks on these frames.

How does the Wizard frames natural rocker affect your stability in the bowl?

It is not to bad skating bowls with the natural rocker, however it is very noticeable when street skating, especially when jumping gaps. The landings, in my Wizard VOD we made a couple years ago, hurt way worse than they should have.

What about the fact that you are so high off the ground when you land?

Definitely. And just some product placement here, but I think the Intuition Liner helps a lot with that. Coming up higher on the cuff than a traditional aggressive liner would. I have to tighten them pretty tight, but the support is great in them. I have had problems before though. Kizer made a plastic 80mm flat frame, and I skated those with a traditional aggressive liner. Everytime I would land I would have this weird ankle-tilt that was actually quite frightening. I don’t seem to have that problem on the Wizard frames with a higher liner.

backside unity on the bowl

So your frames almost make sense for someone of your body type?

Yeah, I was joking the other day that Wizards are the first frame I can see my wheels when I look down at my feet. It’s actually been pretty great. Those frames fit really well, and I am really curious to try out one of the larger sizes. Seeing the 110’s in person, on Leon, is like damn, those look real fun.

Do you miss the flat profile of aggressive wheels? When you’re in the park? Skating Street?

Absolutely not. The only reason I would miss a flat profile is for street skating, when I would want to go a little bit slower. Depending on what I am doing. Right now I am skating a 72mm freeskate wheel on an anti-rocker setup. It has a speed profile and is a blast for park skating. Just being able to go fast, and turn, and all that. It’s great. Some people skate flat profile really well, and I’ve liked flat profile wheels in the past, but I think that comes into play of just wanting to go in a straight line at something…. it’s tough to say.

How long have you been off-road blading?

I have been off-road blading just over two years now. My friend Pooler, came across a pair of size 11 Rollerblade Coyotes one day while thrift store shopping. We have had shared custody ever since he told me, “I want to see you do dumb stuff with these!” And dumb stuff I have done! I do, however, probably owe him a weekend or ten on the Coyotes.

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You have done some serious tricks that the Coyotes were not designed for. How have they held up to your style of skating?

Surprisingly well! The bouncy feeling of having mini-bike tires beneath your feet is something else. The skates feel oddly slow at the skatepark, but perform nicely on packed dirt. The ski-sized cuff is a bit weird, but landings would not be as forgiving without it.

Have you modified your Coyotes at all?

I replaced the stock liners with Atomic ski boot liners and removed the brake.

Have you tried skating the Powerslide or Roces off-road skates?

I have not, but I have had my eye on a pair of Powerslide SUVs or the Roces Big Cats. Something with a longer frame base would be interesting to try out!

Liu Kang air on the BMX track

What is the furthest distance you’ve skated with off-road skates?

I mostly have used them at BMX jumps and on downhill setups. In my opinion, they are not the best skates for striding!

What is the scariest thing you have skated with these skates?

By far the Castle Rock Mountain Bike Park. Launching the 360 off that jump was one of the best feelings I have had on skates. Part of me wants to fully pad up, mountain bike style and go full kook one day!

How is grinding on the Coyotes?

Weird! I basically just do makios, and occasional X grinds, but they get the job done!

Do you skate big wheel skates (110/125)?

The largest wheels I have skated regularly is 90mm. But I’ve got my eye on some tri-skates in the future. Technically the coyotes are 125mm.

What terrain do you prefer skating?

At this point in my life, I prefer a nice bowl more then anything else. For off-road, a medium size BMX track will do the trick.

What terrain & conditions do you recommend NOT skating?

The Coyotes have held up well in wet conditions on pavement, but not so much in wet dirt. They really shine on dry, hard packed dirt.

How does it feel skating BMX tracks and pump tracks?

Getting a good line going is an amazing feeling. It almost makes you forget you are on dirt. Falling quickly reminds you though. People will ask you stupid questions but if you have been inline skating for any amount of time, that is nothing new.

Do you recommend people to get into off-road skating? What should they know before they start?

It’s a new experience, and opens up all sorts of terrain and trick ideas. The only thing I would seriously recommend is wearing long sleeves and safety gear.

What do you call this kind of skating?

Aggressive Inline Skating 2: Tokyo Dirt. Honestly, just off-road skating, or “Wanna hit some dirt on the ‘yotes?”

Did you skate any of the K2 setups they were letting people demo on the North West Shred Tour this year?

Yes, I tried out K2’s new triskate, the Trio. I just did some swivels in the parking lot, but they felt better than I expected a triskate skate to feel.

How do you divide your time between aggressive blading, wizard skating and off-road blading?

Right now, any time I get on skates, it’s on small wheels at a skatepark. Sometimes street if I can make it happen. After the birth of my second child we ended up moving out of the city. I need to set up some dirt jumps, but haven’t had the time. I enjoy big wheels at park, but it has to be the right park. Most of parks near me are really better suited for grinding. Once my time frees up a bit, I’d love to go jump some shit on big wheels.

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Get the complete Dustin Jamieson Wizard Frame VOD on selfy.

Interview by Jan Eric Welch with additional questions from Naomi Grigg.
Photography by Drew Humphrey

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