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What are the Best Inline Skates? We detail the 36 Absolute Best Inline Skates and Rollerblades for most disciplines of inline skating.

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Buyers Guide: Ultimate Guide to the Absolute Best Inline Skates and Rollerblades

Inline skating has been regaining popularity, attracting both newcomers and those who enjoyed it in the 1990s and 2000s. The sheer number of brands and choices available online today can make finding the right inline skates overwhelming. Recognizing how much skating has evolved, I’ve compiled a list of the best inline skates from highly respected brands, saving you time and frustration in your search.

I’ve worked in the inline skating industry since 1995, gaining a deep understanding of the best skates and those to avoid. This guide is continuously updated with the latest skate releases, making it a straightforward and dependable resource for finding the right skates. Whether you’re a beginner searching for your first pair or an experienced skater looking to upgrade, this guide will help you choose the best inline skates and rollerblades that match your style and needs.

What are the Best Inline Skates?

Below is our detailed list of the best inline skates and rollerblades for different skating disciplines. However, if you’re short on time, check out our top 10 picks here. 

Rollerblade Zetrablade$139.00Jump ↓
Rollerblade Macroblade 90$259.00Jump ↓
Powerslide Next 80$279.99Jump ↓
Rollerblade Blank$299.00 – $309.00Jump ↓
Rollerblade Twister XT$339.00Jump ↓
FR FR1 Intuition$399.00 – $479.00Jump ↓
Rollerblade Crossfire$439.00Jump ↓
Powerslide Kaze 90$449.00Jump ↓
K2 Mod 110$449.00Jump ↓
Powerslide Arise RD$579.00Jump ↓

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The Best Beginner Inline Skates

Starting your inline skating journey is exciting, and choosing the right skates is key to a rewarding experience. For beginners, selecting skates that offer stability, comfort, and easy maneuverability is important, allowing you to develop your skills confidently and safely. This section of our buyer’s guide highlights the best inline skates for beginners, ensuring new skaters have the support they need to embark on their skating adventures confidently.

K2 Kinetic 80

K2 Kinetic 80

The K2 Kinetic 80 is an affordable inline skate with excellent quality for those starting or skating casually, all at a fantastic price. Designed with comfort in mind, K2’s Softboot design includes an integrated liner and Stability Plus Cuff, ensuring efficient power transfer and control. With its composite frame, this skate allows for a lower center of gravity, reducing road vibrations and providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Moreover, the soft and grippy 80mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings ensure a controlled and smooth skating experience. If you opt for the K2 Kinetic 80 Pro, you’ll enjoy all the same features as the Kinetic 80, along with an upgraded speed lacing system for added convenience.

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Roces Icon

Roces Icon Inline Skates

The Roces Icon Inline Skates are ideal for beginners who value immediate comfort. These skates feature anatomical padding that eliminates the need for a break-in period. They also have a cool breath ventilation system to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The memory buckle allows for easy on/off, while the composite frames reduce vibrations. The durable 82A wheels are suitable for outdoor use, and the attached brake adds convenience. The skates have a standard width fit, and you can order your US shoe size for a performance fit or half a size larger for a relaxed fit. Overall, the Roces Icon Skates provide beginners with a comfortable and enjoyable skating experience.

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Rollerblade Zetrablade

Rollerblade Zetrablade

The Rollerblade Zetrablade inline skates are an affordable and beginner-friendly option for recreational skating. They provide excellent support with a high cuff design and offer a secure closure system for a customizable fit. The monocoque frame enhances stability and control by lowering the center of gravity. The skates feature 80mm 82A wheels and SG5 bearings for smooth rolling. Overall, the Rollerblade Zetrablade skates are a great choice for entry-level skaters looking for comfort, stability, and an enjoyable skating experience at a reasonable price.

The Best Fitness Inline Skates

Fitness inline skating is a great way to stay active, combining cardiovascular exercise with the fun of gliding outdoors. Fitness skates prioritize comfort, stability, and smooth-rolling to help you maintain a steady pace during workouts. In this section of our buyer’s guide, we’ll showcase the top inline skates for fitness, perfect for those looking to enhance their physical health through this enjoyable and effective form of exercise.

K2 Trio LT 100

K2 Trio LT 100 are the ultimate inline skates versatility for intermediate to expert skaters

The K2 Trio LT 100 inline skates are a fantastic entry-level option for daily commuting and trail skating. They feature K2’s SoftBoot design with comfortable padding for long-lasting comfort. The skates provide excellent ankle support through their cuff design, and the closures and quick-lace system make them easy to put on and take off. With a lightweight aluminum frame, 100mm 83a wheels, and ILQ-7 bearings, these skates offer a smooth and stable ride. Additionally, K2 has introduced a new version of the K2 Trio with the BOA speed lacing system for added convenience. Overall, the K2 Trio LT 100 inline skates provide beginners with a comfortable and enjoyable skating experience at a great price.

K2 F.I.T. 84 Pro and BOA

The K2 F.I.T. 84 Pro men’s skate is an excellent option for both beginners and experienced skaters seeking a versatile and high-performing skate. With K2’s comfortable soft boot design, you can skate comfortably for extended periods. The lightweight aluminum frames, with 84mm 80a wheels and Twincam ILQ 7 bearings, ensure a smooth and stable ride, allowing you to skate easily. If you’re looking for extra convenience, the upgraded K2 F.I.T. 84 BOA® features an easy-to-use BOA speed lacing system, making it even more user-friendly.

K2 Alexis 84 Pro and BOA

K2 Alexis 84 are the perfect women's inline skates for fitness and recreational skating

The K2 Alexis 84 Pro is designed specifically for women and shares the exceptional features of the K2 F.I.T. 84 Pro. Whether you’re into fitness or recreational skating, this SoftBoot® skate offers a secure fit and remarkable comfort. The lightweight aluminum frame and 84mm 80a wheels with ILQ 5 bearings ensure efficient energy transfer, allowing you to glide smoothly with every stride. The K2 Alexis 84 BOA® is a slightly upgraded version with an easy-to-use BOA speed lacing system for added convenience. Enjoy the perfect performance, comfort, and convenience combination with the K2 Alexis 84 Pro and its BOA®-equipped counterpart.

Rollerblade Macroblade 90

The Rollerblade Macroblade 90 are the ideal inline skates to upgrade from their older skates and wants to skate faster

The Rollerblade Macroblade 90 is a fitness inline skate designed for support and stability, ensuring excellent control during your skating sessions. The breathable mesh liner provides a comfortable and snug fit, resembling the feeling of wearing socks. The aluminum frame enhances power transfer, allowing you to make efficient strides. With 90mm 85a Rollerblade wheels and Rollerblade SG9 bearings, you can enjoy a good balance of speed and control without sacrificing safety by going too fast. Experience the perfect blend of stability, comfort, and maneuverability with the Rollerblade Macroblade 90. If 90mm is too big for you, then the Rollerblade Macroblade 80 would make the perfect alternative.

Rollerblade MacroBlade 110

The Rollerblade Macroblade 110 inline skates are ideal for intermediate to expert skaters who want to go fast

The Rollerblade Macroblade 110 is ideal for fitness skating, marathons, or long-distance skates on your favorite trail. These skates prioritize comfort with their ventilated knit uppers and offer exceptional support with a full-height boot cuff. The secure 45° closure system with speed lacing ensures a snug fit and optimal control. These skates feature top-notch components, including excellent quality 110mm 85a Hydrogen SE wheels and Twincam ILQ-9 bearings integrated within the frames. It’s no wonder they are considered among the best Rollerblade inline skates available.

Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90

Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90

The eco-friendly Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90 unisex inline skates offer solid support and excellent energy transfer. Suitable for beginners to advanced skaters, they prioritize environmental consciousness while delivering fast and intense workouts. With eco-glass-fiber reinforced plastic, recycled materials, and sustainable components, these skates are designed with the environment in mind. The Phuzion RFC 90 features lightweight Powerslide Elite Trinity Mount frames, 90mm 83A Powerslide Phuzion Eco wheels, and Wicked ABEC 7 bearings. Trinity mounting enhances balance, control, stability, and power transfer. Perfect for long-distance skating, urban skating, and aerobic workouts, these skates are among our top picks for the best inline skates and rollerblades.

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Powerslide Swell Nite 125 3D Adapt

Powerslide Swell Nite 125 3D Adapt Inline Skates

The Powerslide Swell Nite 125 3D Adapt is an exceptional high-end performance fitness inline skate perfect for recreational skating, commuting, marathons, and long-distance skating. The fiber-injected plastic shells provide excellent energy transfer and control. While its integrated 3D Adapt lining molds perfectly to your foot, providing comfort and reducing vibrations. 

The Trinity 3-point mounting with Elite Magnesium 3D Casted frame frames gives you outstanding balance and control by bringing the wheels closer to the boot and giving you a lower center of gravity, improving stability and power transfer. Furthermore, Undercover Raw 125 85a wheels with Wicked ABEC 9 bearings keeps you rolling fast and smooth. The Powerslide Swell is among our top picks on the absolute best inline skates and rollerblades list.

The Best Urban Inline Skates

Urban inline skating is all about maneuverability and versatility, allowing skaters to navigate the city easily. Ideal for everything from street skating to freestyle slalom, which involves weaving through cones with intricate footwork, urban skates are built to handle a variety of surfaces and obstacles. This section of the buyer’s guide will introduce the best urban inline skates, focusing on models that offer the perfect blend of durability, agility, and style for the dynamic urban skater.

Flying Eagle F6S Falcon

Flying Eagle F6S Falcon

The Flying Eagle F6S Falcon are fantastic versatile urban inline skates at an excellent price. The Falcon is a plastic shell and cuff available in green or red shells with comfortable and removable liners. Attached to the boot are Flying Eagle EGO Extruded Aluminum Frames with 80mm 85A wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. The Ego frames are rockerable, allowing you to go from a slalom setup to an urban setup in seconds. Solid aluminum base plates allow for multiple frame mounting positions.

FR FRX 310

FR FRX 310

The FR FRX 310 Inline Skates are a great choice for those looking for a budget-friendly alternative to the FR1 skates. These skates feature a sturdy and responsive rigid hardboot, making them ideal for urban and freestyle skating. While the cuff is similar to the more expensive FR1 version, it uses standard screws instead of a canting system. Additionally, the skates are equipped with replaceable slider pads to protect the boot during wheel slides.

Inside the boot, you’ll find a comfortable liner that is anatomically shaped to provide a secure and supportive fit. The closure system includes standard lacing, a plastic cuff buckle, and a 45-degree Velcro strap, allowing you to customize the fit to your preference. The FRX 310 also comes with X3 frames, which offer stability and durability, paired with FR Street Kings 110mm 88A Wheels and TwinCam MW7 Freeride bearings for a smooth and enjoyable ride. With their affordable price point and reliable performance, the FR FRX 310 Inline Skates are an excellent choice for skaters who want a quality skating experience without breaking the bank.

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Rollerblade Twister XT

The Rollerblade Twister XT inline skates boast plenty of features to ensure comfort and stability

The Rollerblade Twister XT boasts plenty of features to ensure comfort and stability when cruising through the city, commuting, or venturing out on long-distance skates. The Twister XT has been updated from previous models to create one of their best-fitting and most comfortable skates. Furthermore, they feature a lighter shell and a footboard sizer to provide a performance fit.

The liner cushioning improves stance and skateability while padding in the heel absorbs shock. Inside the frames are 80mm 85a Hydrogen Spectre wheels with Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings. The Rollerblade Twister XT is among our top picks on the best inline skates and rollerblades list.

FR1 80

FR FR1 80

The FR1 80 is a legendary urban freeskate regarded as one of the top models in the world. The skate features a rigid plastic shell with a removable padded liner that shapes around your foot’s anatomy providing the perfect fit and offering excellent comfort. FR has put a shock absorber under the liner to reduce the impacts of rough streets and landings. 

Furthermore, the cuff’s advanced canting system allows for sixteen cuff positions for maximum customization. Traditional lacing, a rachet buckle on the cuff, and a 45-degree buckle make up the skate’s closure system. The FR1 has a 243mm 4D extruded aluminum frame with Street Invader II 80mm 84A wheels and Twincam MW9 bearings. Finally, metal blocks with seven holes in the bottom of the shell allow for multiple frame adjustment positions.

FR FR1 Intuition

FR FR1 Intuition

The FR1 80 Deluxe Intuition is an upgraded version of the popular FR1 skate, offering high-end features for an exceptional skating experience. It boasts a lightweight and removable Intuition liner that can be custom-molded to your foot’s anatomy, ensuring a superior and personalized fit. The built-in shock absorber beneath the liner provides added cushioning for smoother landings and enhanced comfort on rough surfaces. With its advanced cuff canting system offering sixteen adjustable positions, the FR1 80 Deluxe Intuition allows you to find the perfect balance between support and flexibility.

Mounted on a sturdy 243mm V3 extruded aluminum frame, this skate guarantees stability and durability during your rides. It rolls on Street Invade II 80mm 84A wheels and Twincam MW9 Titalium bearings, providing a smooth and efficient ride. The boot is equipped with metal blocks and adjustable holes on the bottom, allowing for customizable positioning. With its exceptional design and performance, the FR1 80 Deluxe Intuition stands out as one of our top picks for the best inline skates and rollerblades, offering both comfort and advanced features for an unforgettable skating experience.

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Powerslide Kaze 90

Powerslide Kaze 90 - Best Powerslide Inline Skates

The Powerslide Kaze 90 inline skates feature a sleek, cuffless design that stands out in terms of aesthetics. These skates are visually appealing, lightweight, sturdy, and incredibly comfortable, making them perfect for long-distance, urban, and wizard skating. The heat-moldable shell and integrated MyFit padding ensure a precise fit that conforms to the shape of your foot. With two velcro straps around the cuff, ankle support, and control are improved, while standard lacing and a 45-degree strap keep your feet securely in place.

The skate is equipped with a lightweight Combat Rocker Frame made of aircraft aluminum, which connects to the boot’s Trinity 3-point mounting system. This setup offers a low center of gravity, exceptional stability, and efficient power transfer. For added versatility in slalom and wizard skating, the position of each wheel can be adjusted using hexagon-shaped rocker spacers. The Kaze has 90mm 88A Undercover Raw wheels and Wicked ABEC 9 bearings. Unsurprisingly, the Kaze is included in our top picks for the absolute best inline skates and rollerblades.

Powerslide Hardcore Evo Sam Crofts Pro 80

Powerslide Hardcore Evo Sam Crofts Pro 80  - Best Powerslide Inline Skates

The Powerslide Hardcore Evo Sam Crofts Pro 80 is a top-of-the-line inline skate designed for intense urban and freeride skating. It features a hand-lasted hybrid carbon boot with built-in MyFit padding that can be heat molded for a customized fit. To enhance its sneaker-like appearance, Powerslide has removed the slalom-specific toe straps and caps. For added safety during night skating, the skate incorporates 3M reflective material on the side panels, carry handles, and hockey-style laces. The softer cuff provides increased comfort for long-distance skating and exceptional support for jumps and slides.

The lightweight Powerslide Combat Rocker Frames are made of aircraft aluminum and utilize the 3-point Trinity system, ensuring a low center of gravity, enhanced stability, and optimal power transfer. The hexagon-shaped rocker spacers allow for various wheel configurations, and the skate comes with 80mm 88A Undercover Raw wheels and Wicked ABEC 9 bearings. Additionally, the frame can accommodate up to 84mm wheels when rockered down. The Powerslide Hardcore Evo Sam Crofts Pro 80 sets the standard for urban freeride inline skates, offering superior performance and versatility.

The Best Long Distance and Marathon Inline Skates

Long-distance and marathon inline skating demand skates that are comfortable, durable, and designed for endurance. These disciplines require skates that provide excellent support and reduced friction to maximize efficiency over extended periods. In this buyer’s guide section, we’ll review the top inline skates engineered explicitly for long-distance and marathon skating, ensuring you can achieve your best performance with comfort and stability.

Atom Pro Fitness

Atom Pro Fitness

The Atom Pro Fitness Skates are top-of-the-line low-cut inline skates for fitness enthusiasts, long-distance skaters, and marathon participants. With carbon fiber boots and a hinged cuff, these skates offer a perfect balance of stiffness, responsiveness, and support while allowing for a good range of motion. The ratchet buckle cuff closure ensures a secure and snug fit. The Atom Pro Fitness skates come with Striker Mark II Frames, Bionic ABEC7 Bearings, and Atom Matrix 100mm 86A Wheels. The versatile Striker Mark II frames can be configured as a 4×90 or 3×110 setup, providing flexibility to meet individual preferences and skating styles.

K2 Mod 110

K2 Mod 110

The K2 Mod 110 is a top-notch inline skate designed for long-distance endurance skating, perfect for marathons and trail adventures. Its Softboot design with integrated foam lining and ventilated microfiber upper ensures all-day comfort. The dual-density cuff provides excellent support. The skate features K2 6061 Aluminum frames, K2 Elite Speed 110mm 85A Wheels, and TwinCam ILQ9 bearings, guaranteeing high performance and smooth rides.

Rollerblade E2 Pro 125

Rollerblade E2 Pro 125

The Rollerblade E2 Pro 125 is a high-performance carbon fiber inline skate designed for marathon skating and long-distance journeys. Its built-in anatomical padding ensures comfort and support, while adjustable micro buckles and a speed lacing system provide a secure fit. The medium-height cuff offers a wide range of motion, and it can be removed for a traditional-style speed skate option. With a 320mm length 165 mount 3WD Rollerblade frame, 125mm 85A Hydrogen Wheels, and TwinCam IlQ9 Bearings, this skate delivers exceptional stability, maneuverability, and speed. The Rollerblade E2 Pro 125 is a top choice for serious skaters seeking outstanding performance, placing it among the top choices for inline skates and rollerblades.

Powerslide Arise RD

Powerslide Arise RD

The Powerslide Arise RD is a comfortable and versatile inline skate that combines the support and comfort of a fitness skate with the performance of a high-end speed skate. The boot features a mid-cut carbon construction with removable glass-fiber reinforced plastic cuffs, providing excellent support and flexibility. The built-in microfiber and mesh liner enhance the skate’s responsiveness and overall comfort. Whether competing in marathons or enjoying a city skate, the Powerslide Arise RD delivers outstanding performance. The skate is equipped with Powerslide Elite 270mm Magnesium Trinity Mount Frames, offering stability and control. The Powerslide Arise RD is recognized as one of the best inline skates and rollerblades, delivering exceptional quality and performance.

Rollerblade Revv BOA 125

Rollerblade Revv BOA 125

The Rollerblade REVV BOA 125 is an excellent inline skate suitable for fitness, cross-training, long-distance skating, and marathons. Its lightweight Carbon fiber shell comes with an integrated lining that molds perfectly to the shape of your foot, ensuring optimal comfort and support. The standout feature of this skate is the Boa lacing system, which allows you to effortlessly tighten or loosen your skates with a simple twist of a button. The skate is equipped with durable extruded aluminum Rollerblade Rival Frames that provide stability and control. The frames are fitted with 125mm 85A Hydrogen Wheels and Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings, delivering a smooth and fast ride. The Rollerblade REVV BOA 125 is considered one of the best inline skates and rollerblades, offering exceptional performance and comfort.

The Best Freestyle Slalom Skates

Freestyle slalom is an exciting inline skating discipline where skaters weave through a line of closely spaced cones, showcasing their agility and creativity. This fascinating sport blends the thrill of speed with the artistry of dance, providing a unique and fun skating experience. In this section of the buyer’s guide, we’ll highlight the top slalom skates that offer the best control, responsiveness, and comfort to elevate your slalom skating.

Flying Eagle Drift 2 Carbon

Flying Eagle Drift 2 Carbon

The Flying Eagle Drift 2 is a pair of freestyle slalom inline skates meticulously crafted from carbon fiber, resulting in a lightweight, durable, and highly responsive design. These skates are perfect for both beginner and intermediate slalom skaters. The sleek black boot features eye-catching red metallic highlights, while the CNC-machined 6000 Aircraft Aluminum frame offers a slight banner-rocker design, which can be adjusted to a flat setup if desired. The closure system consists of standard lacing, a 45-degree strap, a cuff ratchet buckle, and a velcro toe strap, ensuring a secure and customizable fit. You’ll discover Flying Eagle wheels paired with ABEC 7 bearings inside the frames. The Flying Eagle Drift 2 delivers an exceptional skating experience for freestyle slalom enthusiasts.

Rollerblade Crossfire

Rollerblade Crossfire

The Rollerblade Crossfire is a freestyle slalom skate designed to deliver top-notch performance. Its carbon fiber boot features an integrated liner that molds to the shape of your foot, ensuring exceptional comfort. The dynamic heel stabilizer prevents fatigue during long skating sessions and enhances responsiveness by securely locking your heel in place. The skate has a cuff buckle, micro-adjustable 45° strap, velcro toe straps, and standard lacing for a secure and customizable fit. The 165-mount Rockering frame allows you to adjust the position of the wheels easily. The Rollerblade Crossfire stands among our top picks for the best inline skates and rollerblades available, offering an outstanding skating experience.

FR Spin Freestyle

FR Spin Freestyle

The FR Spin skates are designed for advanced skaters in freestyle slalom and urban settings, offering lightweight, responsive rides thanks to their carbon shells and rockerable frames. These skates allow for customization in maneuverability with rockerable axles at the 1st and 4th wheel positions, ensuring a tailored skating experience. Their snug-fitting integrated liners ensure efficient power transfer and precise control, enhancing overall performance. Available in two setups: 4x76mm 231mm for sizes EU35-40 and 4x80mm 243mm for sizes EU41-45, the skates feature adjustable mounting positions for optimal alignment. They’re equipped with Downtown Wheels (85A) and FR TwinCam MW9 Titalium Freeride Bearings for a smooth, high-quality ride.

Powerslide Tau Carbon 90

Powerslide Tau Carbon 90 - Best Powerslide Inline Skates

The Powerslide Tau 90 is a lightweight inline skate designed for freestyle slalom and urban skating. It features a compression-molded carbon construction, providing durability and making it one of the most technologically advanced skates for freestyle slalom. The integrated MyFit liner is heat-moldable, ensuring a customized fit for maximum comfort. The cuff of the Tau is made of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, offering stiffness, and excellent lateral support. For secure closure, the skate has standard lacing and ratchet buckles. The Nexus Rocker Trinity Frames allow you to lift your heel and toe higher, facilitating balance on one wheel. The frames also have a lower center of gravity, enhancing precision and energy transfer in every stride and turn. It’s a top choice on our list of the best inline skates and rollerblades, providing an unmatched skating experience.

Powerslide Hardcore Evo Pro 90

The Powerslide Hardcore Evo Pro 90 is a favorite among skilled slalom and urban skaters. These lightweight skates feature heat-moldable Japanese carbon composite shells with built-in liners, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit. The boots are highly responsive and supportive, offering excellent performance. The closure system includes traditional lacing, 45-degree and cuff ratchet buckles, and a velcro toe strap, providing secure foot placement. The low v-cut cuffs allow for a wide range of motion, and the built-in 5mm heel raise enables extra forward lean. With Trinity 3-point mounting, the HC Evo boasts a low center of gravity, granting exceptional control and stability. The Powerslide Hardcore Evo stands as one of our top picks for the best inline skates and rollerblades available.

FR Igor

The FR Igor is a competition-level slalom skate designed by former freestyle world champion Igor Cheremetieff. This skate is packed with features that allow for endless trick possibilities. The lightweight carbon fiber shell and cuff provide exceptional stiffness, support, and responsiveness, making even the most complex tricks feel effortless. The built-in liner is designed to fit your foot’s anatomy, offering added support and control. The IGOR accommodates the 165mm mount rockered FR Deluxe V3 Frames with seven frame mounting positions, paired with 80mm 84a Street Invader Wheels and FR TwinCam ILQ9 Slalom Pro bearings. FR Igor is one of our top picks for the best inline skates and rollerblades available.

The Best Aggressive Inline Skates

Aggressive inline skating is an intense and exciting sport where skaters perform tricks, jumps, and grinds on obstacles like rails and ramps. This high-energy activity pushes the limits of skill and daring, making it a thrilling choice for those who love an adrenaline rush. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll explore the best aggressive skates that provide the durability, support, and flexibility needed to tackle the most challenging skate parks and street spots.

Razors Cult

Razors Cults Best Aggressive Inline Skates

The Razors Cult is an affordable aggressive inline skate that caters to skaters of all skill levels. This iconic boot has stood the test of time and is renowned for being the only skate with a replaceable backslide plate. The Cult comes equipped with Ground Control Featherlite 3 Frames (FLT3), Ground Control Lite 57mm 92A Wheels, and ABEC5 bearings. The Razors Cult holds its place among our top picks for the best inline skates and rollerblades available.

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Rollerblade Blank

Rollerblade Blank Best Aggressive Inline Skates

The Rollerblade Blank is a top-notch aggressive inline skate featuring a modern, streamlined soul plate and an incredibly comfortable liner with strategic padding and a stretch neoprene toebox. Its UFS frame directly mounts to the shell, allowing it to be skated without a soul plate when using big wheel UFS setups. The recessed areas in the soul plate accommodate larger wheel frames, like Oysius, without requiring any modifications. Additionally, the cuff is equipped with a standard buckle and built-in buckle protectors beneath it to safeguard against missed tricks or falls. The Rollerblade Blank stands among our top picks for the best inline skates and rollerblades available.

Roces Fifth Element

Roces Fifth Element Best Aggressive Inline Skates

The Roces Fifth Element is a timeless aggressive skate favored by beginners and those returning to aggressive skating. Its wide two-piece soul plate provides excellent sliding capabilities, making it a popular choice. With a spacious design, these skates are ideal for individuals with broad feet, offering a comfortable fit. The low cuff enhances maneuverability while skating. The dual-injection boots are both flexible and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. The Memory Foam Liner provides immediate comfort straight out of the box. Equipped with UFS Frames and 60mm 92A wheels with ABEC 5 bearings, the Roces Fifth Element is one of our top picks for the best inline skates and rollerblades.

USD Aeon

USD Aeon Best Aggressive Inline Skates

The USD Aeon is a lightweight and versatile aggressive inline skate suitable for both beginners and experts. Its unique unibody design combines the shell, soulplate, and frame into a single mold, providing a large wheel split and a wide groove for easy grinds without wheel bite. This design also offers a lower center of gravity, improving skate control. The cuffs of the skates can be adjusted to two different height positions, allowing for customizable flex. Available in various wheel sizes with high-quality bearings, the USD Aeon ranks among our top picks for the best inline skates and rollerblades.

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Them 909

Them 909 Best Aggressive Inline Skates

The Them 909 aggressive inline skate, created by renowned pro skater Jon Julio, features a UFS street skating frame with 58mm 90a Wheels and ABEC 5 bearings. Depending on the model, you’ll find either Them V4 or Intuition Liners, offering excellent heel lock and the ability to position your foot more forward. These skates are equipped with aluminum buckles and lightweight V3 soleplates with a wide heel area and thick, durable walls. The Them 909 stands as one of our top picks on the best inline skates and rollerblades list.

Why Trust Big Wheel Blading?

I’ve been in the inline skating industry since 1995, experiencing nearly every skate model firsthand. Over the years, I’ve contributed to multiple skating magazines and managed several skating brands, handling everything from wheels and bearings to complete skates. My work often involved collaborating closely with manufacturers and overseeing quality control. With this deep understanding of how skates have evolved and their distinct features, advantages, and disadvantages, I’m well-equipped to offer expert recommendations in this buyer’s guide on the best inline skates for women from the most reliable brands.

Inline Skating Safety Gear and Accessories

Inline skating is a blast, but staying safe is essential, as falls and injuries can happen. We recommend always wearing a helmet and wrist guards to protect yourself. Below is a curated list of the best safety pads and essential accessories for inline skaters to help ensure a safer ride.

Ennui Elite Helmet

Ennui Elite Helmet for inline skating, skateboarding, and BMX

The Ennui Elite Helmet is a sleek and lightweight helmet with high-impact EPS Foam lining with honeycomb technology that reduces wall thickness for a revolutionary fit while offering maximum protection against big crashes and slams.

Ennui Street Wristguards

Ennui Street Wrist Guard

To provide support and protection, the Ennui Street Wrist Guard has a large slider plate on the palm and an ultra-stiff splint on the back for excellent support. The lining combines neoprene and CoolMax for increased comfort, while three velcro straps keep it in place.

Ennui Shock Sleeve Knee Gaskets

Ennui Shock Sleeve Knee Gasket

The Ennui Shock Sleeve Knee Gasket fits snugly around the knee, uses MyFit SPC foam coated in thermoplastic rubber to cushion impacts, and protects your skin from road rash. Knee gaskets are slim, fit under your pants, and do not restrict movement. Moreover, they are so comfortable that you barely realize you have them on.

Sonic Pro Inline Skate Tool

The Sonic Pro Inline Skate tool has 9 tools in 1 to keep you rolling

The Sonic Pro Inline Skate Tool is essential for skate maintenance. The tool’s outstanding design and comfortable ergonomic handle offer exceptional leverage to change wheels, remove bearings, and tighten screws.

Bont Bearings Press

Bont Bearing Press

The Bont Bearing Press is a fantastic tool for skate maintenance. It allows you effortlessly insert or remove bearings. It is perfect for problem wheels with tight or metal hubs that are difficult to insert bearings into.


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