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For the Best Inline Skates for Kids buyers’ guide, we go through the best quality skates on the market for kids from brands we trust.

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Navigating the Kid’s Inline Skate Market

Hey there, I’m Jan Welch, and I’ve been deeply involved in the world of inline skating since 1995. For the past 27 years, I’ve had the privilege of introducing numerous kids and adults to the joys of skating. To make your life easier and save you precious time, I’ve meticulously curated a selection of the absolute best inline skates for kids, available on both Amazon and Inline Warehouse. My goal with this list is to help you to make the best decision for your little ones.

Don’t Let Cheap Skates Ruin the Fun

If you’ve been navigating the vast online realm and browsing other “Best of” lists, chances are you’ve encountered a broad selection of cheap inline skates for kids. As you venture into the Amazon jungle, you’ll encounter names like Papaison, Kuxuan, 2PM Sport, and more, offering skates ranging from $20 to $60.

Now, the siren call of those low prices might be hard to resist, but here’s a word of wisdom: steer clear of those budget brand skates. Why, you ask? Well, they have a knack for crafting skates using subpar materials and components. And that, my friends, can turn a fun skating adventure into a painful ordeal for your kids.

Imagine your little ones squirming and complaining because their skates are uncomfortable and wonky. It’s a surefire recipe for them to lose interest in skating faster than you can say, “Ouch!” And we can all agree that wasting your hard-earned money on a forgettable skating experience isn’t the goal here.

Rollerblade Apex Inline Skates for Kids

Rollerblade Apex

Ditching Doubt: Why Premium Skates Are Worth Every Penny

Instead of going for the cheaper low-end options, consider splurging a bit on a top-notch pair from trusted titans like K2, Rollerblade, USD, Razors, Roces, Powerslide, Flying Eagle, Micro, or Kaltik. These brands are like the superheroes of the skating world, ensuring your child’s safety, comfort, and an absolute blast on their skating adventures.

Kids are like little whirlwinds of energy, right? They play hard, meaning their skates must be up for the challenge. Going for quality means those skates can handle the relentless action and won’t let your kid down when it counts.

Now, I get it, you might have had some doubts about spending a bit more, but trust me, in the end, you and your child will be grinning from ear to ear, knowing you didn’t settle for less. It’s an investment in unforgettable fun and cherished memories. So, don’t cut corners; let your child roll on one of the best inline skates for kids!

K2 Raider and K2 Marlee Inline Skates for Kids

K2 Raider and K2 Marlee

Sizing Stress No More: Discover Adjustable Skates for Kids

In this guide, I’m on a mission to unveil the coolest and most practical adjustable inline skates for kids. These skates are like magic shoes that can expand by up to 4-5 sizes! Parents absolutely love this feature because it means their little ones can rock these skates for years, no matter how fast those feet grow.

But here’s the best part: these skates don’t retire when your child outgrows them. Nope, they become the gift that keeps on rolling because you can pass them down to siblings, cousins, or friends. Another perk about adjustable skates is you can say goodbye to the guessing game when ordering online for your child. Whether they’re a skating newbie or a pro looking for an upgrade, the skates on this list are a slam-dunk choice for any level of expertise. No more size stress – just pure skating joy!

Microblade Inline Skates for Kids

Rollerblade Microblade

The Best Inline Skates for Kids

Get ready for my handpicked selection of the finest inline skates for kids, all from the most trusted names in the game. I’ll give you the lowdown on what makes each of these skates shine, spill the beans on their prices, and as you scroll, I’ll take you on a deep dive into the unique features of each pair. So, let’s dive into the world of skates that grow with your child, and never let the fun fade!

SkateWhat We LikePrice
K2 Marlee / K2 RaiderBest on a Budget$84.95 – $89.95
Flying Eagle S5SBest for Bigger Kids$89.87
Rollerblade MicrobladeBest for Recreational$119.00
Rollerblade ApexBest Overall$139.00
K2 SK8 Hero / K2 CharmBest BOA Skate$129.95 – $149.95
Flying Eagle S6Best Tri-Skate$160.00
Kaltik JNR K Skate NinjaBest Budget Aggressive$169.95
Razors Genesys JuniorClassic Aggressive Skate$179.00 – $189.00
USD TransformerBest Overall Aggressive$199.95

K2 Raider / K2 Marlee

K2 Raider and K2 Marlee

K2 Raider and K2 Marlee

At an affordable price, the K2 Raider and K2 Marlee are popular high-quality inline skates for kids that offer adjustable sizing as they grow ($89.95 MSRP). The Marlee and Raider skates are identical in fit, design, and components. The only distinction lies in their color schemes, with K2 promoting Marlee for girls and Raider for boys. Each has various upgraded versions, like the Raider Beam and Marlee Beam with built-in LED lights ($129.95 MSRP), the Raider Pro and Marlee Pro with speed lacing ($109.95 MSRP), and the Raider BOA and Marlee BOA with the BOA lacing system ($139.95 MSRP).

The Marlee and Raider have a cozy and well-ventilated lining that prevents overheating and guarantees comfort without blisters, even after a whole day of skating. With an easy button press, the skates can be adjusted by up to five sizes, adapting to your child’s growth. The composite frame seamlessly incorporates into the base, reducing vibrations and improving kids’ balance with its lower positioning.

For sizes Y11-2, the skates feature 4x72mm wheels, while sizes 1-5 and 4-8 have 4x76mm wheels. These wheels are of good quality, moderately soft, and equipped with ABEC 3 bearings, offering a controlled pace that’s great for learning while ensuring a smooth ride. Whether on the driveway, street, or roller rink, these wheels provide an excellent foundation to develop skating skills.

LED Version

K2 Raider Beam and K2 Marlee Beam

K2 Raider Beam and K2 Marlee Beam

The K2 Raider Beam and K2 Marlee Beam are similar to the regular Marlee and Raider models but have LED lights on the tongue and toes. The lights have three patterns activated by a button: steady, fast flashing, and slow flashing to add extra fun and safety to outdoor playtime for kids.

Speed Lacing Version

K2 Raider Pro and K2 Marlee Pro

K2 Raider Pro and K2 Marlee Pro

The K2 Raider Pro and K2 Marlee Pro have all the fantastic qualities of the regular Marlee and Raider softboot skates, but they come with an enhancement: the K2 Speed Lacing System for an ideal fit. Just tighten the laces for comfort, then roll and tuck them into the pouch on the tongue.

BOA Version

K2 Raider Boa and K2 Marlee Boa

K2 Raider BOA and K2 Marlee BOA

Similar to the Pro versions, the K2 Raider BOA and K2 Marlee BOA are like the regular Marlee skate, but they replace regular laces with the BOA Turn-Dial Speed Lacing system. This means kids can quickly put them on and remove them, and the skates will always fit perfectly without any hassle.

For more information, check out our comprehensive K2 Raider Review or K2 Marlee Review.

K2 Raider and K2 Marlee Specifications
FrameF.B.I. Monocoque, Composite
Wheels70mm 80A (sizes Y11 – 2)
72mm 80A (size 1 – 8)
BearingsABEC 3
BrakeYes, Removable
US SizesY11 – 2 | 1 – 5 | 4 – 8
EU Sizes29 – 34 | 32 – 37 | 35 – 40
Raider Price$84.95 – $139.95 (Inline Warehouse), $84.95 – $139.95 (Amazon)
Marlee Price$84.95 – $139.95 (Inline Warehouse), $84.95 – $139.95 (Amazon)

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Rollerblade Microblade

Rollerblade Microblade for Boys and Girls

The Rollerblade Microblade is a high-quality inline skate for kids from one of the most respected brands in the sport. It offers exceptional comfort akin to sneakers and an easy-to-adjust 4-size system that accommodates growing feet – perfect for both beginners and experienced skaters. Two skate versions are available: the Microblade with standard lacing, buckle, and strap and the Microblade Free with an upgraded fastening system that does away with laces. While both models have girls and boys specific color schemes, they all share a universal fit, making them suitable for any gender. These skates are versatile and suitable for outdoor use on various surfaces and indoor roller rinks, making them an excellent choice for active kids.

Kids will adore these skates and quickly take them for a spin. They provide more than just fun; skating improves core strength and balance. The Microblade boasts a well-crafted shell with a sleek design, ensuring comfort, control, and ankle support. The adjustable sizing mechanism is simple, allowing kids to do it themselves. These skates are built to withstand wear and tear, far surpassing cheaper alternatives in quality and durability.

Rollerblade Microblade Free for Boys and Girls

The 3WD composite frame design allows different wheel setups (4x72mm and 3x80mm), enhancing stability and control, which is particularly helpful for beginners. The skates come with high-quality 72mm 80A wheels and SG3 bearings for a smooth ride. The design promotes stability and control, especially for beginner skaters. A safety brake is attached, and as skills grow, it can be removed. Overall, the Rollerblade Microblade is a fantastic investment, combining fun, health, and quality for your child’s skating journey.

See Our Full Rollerblade Microblade Review

Rollerblade Microblade Specifications
BootEngineered Mesh
FrameMonocoque, Composite
Wheels72mm 80A
BrakeYes, Removable
US SizesY11 – 1 | 2 – 5 | 5 – 8
EU Sizes28 – 32 | 33 – 36 | 37 – 40
Price$119.00 (Inline Warehouse), $119.00 (Amazon)

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Rollerblade Apex

Rollerblade Apex

Rollerblade Apex for Boys and Girls

The Rollerblade Apex stands out as our top pick for the best overall inline skate for kids because it excels in quality, performance, and versatility. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also ranks among the best-selling adjustable skates for kids. With the ability to adjust between four sizes, these skates can easily accommodate your child as they grow.

The Apex is the junior edition of the wildly popular Rollerblade Twister. Like the Twister, the Apex is a high-performance skate meant for Urban and Freeskating, making it perfect for kids ranging from beginners to experts. You’ll find two color options: black, typically aimed at boys, and white, usually marketed to girls. But here’s the cool part – both skates are identical in terms of performance and fit. This means your child can freely choose the color that resonates most with them.

The Rollerblade Apex is built for superior protection and support. It features a molded and vented plastic shell, along with a high-quality Premium Jr. liner and ample shock absorption. Beneath the boot, there’s a sturdy CNC extruded aluminum frame that varies in length depending on the skate size. Each frame size comes with differently-sized wheels inside. For sizes Y12-1, you get 68mm 80A wheels, while sizes 2-5 come with 72mm 80A wheels, and sizes 5.5-7.5 include 76mm 80A wheels. All of these wheels are equipped with Rollerblade SG7 Bearings to ensure a smooth ride.

Rollerblade Apex Specifications
FrameExtruded Aluminum
207mm (US Y12 – 1)
219mm (US 2 – 5)
231mm (US 5.5 – 7.5)
Wheels68mm 80A (US Y12 – 1)
72mm 80A (US 2 – 5)
76mm 80A (US 5.5 – 7.5)
BrakeIn the Box
US SizesY12 – 1 | 2 – 5 | 5.5 – 7.5
EU Sizes29 – 34 | 32 – 37 | 35 – 40
Price$139.00 (Inline Warehouse), $139.00 (Amazon)

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Flying Eagle S5S

Flying Eagle S5S Inline Skates for Kids

The Flying Eagle S5S Adjustable Kids Skates, spanning sizes 2 to 9.5, stand out as exceptional adjustable skates thanks to their top-notch features. These skates are anything but ordinary regarding adjustable options, catering to both beginners and experienced urban freeskaters. What sets them apart is the ingenious design of the rear axles, which have threading on both ends. This allows for easy brake removal by simply unscrewing the four outer screws without taking out or replacing the axles.

The CNC-machined aluminum frames, which you can remove and adjust, come with larger wheels on the outer positions right from the start. When you shift the bigger wheels to the center positions, you’ll have a super nimble, rockered freestyle skate. You can move the frames sideways to get a customized feel or fix any ankle-rolling issues. Simply push the button to effortlessly slide the toe area and adjust the size. The liners are incredibly comfortable and have neoprene toes that expand as your feet grow.

Flying Eagle S5S Speed Specifications
FrameCNC Machined Aluminum
150mm (US 2 – 5.5)
165mm (US 6 – 9.5)
72x70x70x72 85A (US 2 – 5.5)
76x74x74x76 85A (US 6 – 9.5)
BearingsABEC 7
BrakeIn the Box
US Sizes2 – 5.5 | 6 – 9.5
EU Sizes33 – 37 | 38 – 42
Price$89.97 (Inline Warehouse)

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K2 SK8 Hero BOA / K2 Charm BOA

K2 SK8 Hero BOA / K2 Charm BOA Kids Inline Skates

The K2 Sk8 Hero and K2 Charm are top-of-the-line adjustable skates designed for kids, derived from the popular adult models the K2 Alexis for women and the K2 F.I.T. for men. The Sk8 Hero and Charm have identical fit, components, and design; their only difference is their visual appearance. The Charm targets girls, while the Sk8 Hero is intended for boys.

These skates come with the K2 Original SoftBoot, made from mesh material for a comfortable fit. The aluminum frame ensures excellent power transfer, making skating enjoyable and encouraging kids to explore for years to come. Thanks to their responsive frames and larger 76mm wheels equipped with ABEC 5 bearings, these skates deliver enhanced performance and greater speed.

This setup ensures smooth skating even over rough surfaces like cracks and bumps. Each skate model can be adjusted by up to 5 sizes, accommodating your child’s growing feet. Plus, the BOA turn-dial speed lacing system simplifies putting on and taking off the skates with a simple twist, making it easy for both kids and parents.

K2 SK8 Hero BOA / K2 Charm BOA Specifications
FrameMonocoque Stamped Aluminum
Wheels76mm 80A
BearingsABEC 5
BrakeYes, Removable
US Sizes1 – 5, 4 – 8
EU Sizes32 – 37, 35 – 40
SK8 Hero Price$129.95 (Inline Warehouse), $159.95 (Amazon)
Charm Price$149.95 (Inline Warehouse), $149.95 – $159.95 (Amazon)

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Flying Eagle S6 Speed

Flying Eagle S6 Speed Inline Skates for Kids

The Flying Eagle S6 Speed Adjustable Junior Inline Skates are an excellent choice for kids who want a semi-race and free skate option! These skates offer fantastic support and comfort while providing the kind of control that skaters will truly appreciate. These skates are adjustable, accommodating a range of five sizes, and they come with a fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark cuff. For sizes 28-32, they include 3x90mm wheels; for sizes 33-47 and 38-42, you get 3x100mm wheels. These wheels are equipped with Abec 7 bearings to provide extra speed.

Among the options on our list, the Flying Eagles S6 Speed is unique as the only three-wheel skate. Three wheels are excellent for speed and handling rough roads and sidewalks, but they can be a bit more challenging to learn, especially for beginners. Considering this, we suggest these skates for kids who are already confident and comfortable on skates.

Flying Eagle S6 Speed Specifications
FrameCNC Aluminum
Wheels90mm 88A (Y10.5 – 1)
100mm 88A (2 – 5)
BearingsABEC 5
US SizesY10.5 – 1 | 2 – 5
EU Sizes28 – 32 | 33 – 37
Price$160 (Amazon)

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Kaltik JNR K Skate Ninja

The Kaltik Ninja JNR K skates are premium junior aggressive skates with a striking appearance. Their outstanding price-to-performance ratio makes them the top choice for boys and girls enthusiastic about beginning aggressive inline skating and mastering tricks, jumps, and grinds at the skatepark. Your young skater will be delighted with these skates’ comfortable liners and top-notch components.

They’re also a fantastic choice for adults with petite feet! The high-cut cuff on these skates provides maximum ankle support to stabilize and reduce muscle fatigue. Your child’s feet will remain comfortable and well-ventilated thanks to the combination of breathable mesh and foam in the skate design.

The one-piece soleplates are wide and glide smoothly, ideal for new skaters learning to grind. Additionally, the Kaltik Flat V1 UFS Frames feature a large groove in the middle that makes sliding on coping or concrete even easier. The UFS (Universal Frame System) is a versatile mounting system that provides numerous possibilities for adjusting your setup by pairing different frames and boots.

You’ll find Kaltik 60mm 90A Spinner Wheels equipped with ABEC9 Bearings inside these skates. These wheels have a wide profile, which means quick acceleration and stable landings when your child tries out tricks. The liners are two-piece, featuring a spandex center for flexibility. Additionally, a dual-lock buckle system—one on the upper part and another mid-click and lock buckle below—ensures a secure fit and provides extra control.

Kaltik JNR K Skate Ninja Specifications
FrameKaltik V1 Flat UFS
Wheels60mm 90A
BearingsABEC 9
US Sizes1 -4 | 4 – 7
EU Sizes33 – 36 | 36 – 39
Price$169.95 (Inline Warehouse)

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Razors Genesys Junior

Razors Genesys Junior Kids Skates

The Razors Genesys Junior is among the top choices for adjustable aggressive skates, inspired by the popular Razors Genesys. These skates allow kids to step into the thrilling realm of aggressive inline skating. Kids especially appreciate that these skates resemble the ones worn by older skaters and their favorite professionals.

These skates can be adjusted between 4 sizes without sacrificing their durability or performance, allowing them to handle whatever young riders throw at them. Simply remove the front wheel and front UFS frame mounting bolt using the included hex key. Then, pull the toe and heel outwards and adjust the size using the size indicator on the soulplate. Once the size is set, re-tighten the UFS bolts, and your child will be ready to hit the pavement. What sets these skates apart is that the toe and heel adjustments maintain your child’s balance and center of gravity.

The Genesys Junior features a wide, replaceable soulplate designed with a royal groove to make grinding easier. This groove aligns perfectly with the Ground Control Junior UFS frame’s groove. The liner is similar to those found in adult models, and there’s a shock absorber in the heel to protect your child from the impact of landings.

Flat or Anti-Rocker

The Genesys Junior comes in two versions: one with 4x56mm wheels arranged in a flat setup and another with 4x56mm wheels on the outside and smaller anti-rocker wheels on the inside. If your child is new to aggressive skating, we recommend the flat setup, which offers more speed and maneuverability, making it easier for beginners to roll on.

An anti-rocker setup is better suited for more experienced skaters. You can consider getting aftermarket anti-rocker wheels for your child to try once they become proficient at skating. The anti-rocker version provides the necessary space for grinding at the skatepark, making it much easier for your child to learn tricks.

Razors Genesys Junior Specifications
FrameGround Control Junior UFS
Wheels4x56mm 90A
2x56mm 90A, Antirocker
BearingsABEC 3
US Sizes3 – 6
EU Sizes36 – 39
Price$179.00 – $189.00 (Inline Warehouse)

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USD Transformer

USD Transformer Inline Skates for Kids

The USD Transformer Adjustable Aggressive Street Skates grinds, jumps, and slides… Aggressive inline skating is challenging, intense, and always fun – no wonder kids love it! The USD Transformer is perfect for kids to get into aggressive skating. The USD Transformer has a durable boot with a supportive cuff and comfortable built-in liners to cushion when landing jumps or gaps. Kids grow quickly, so the USD Transformer is size-adjustable and can grow as your child does.

Having a regular skate to master the basics and build confidence will provide the foundation to master all the moves and tricks of aggressive inline skating. Kizer Junior UFS Frames with an anti-rocker set-up using durable 57mm USD wheels on the outside and 100A grind wheels on the inside to give plenty of space for grinds like royales and frontsides while still being fast and stable.

USD Transformer Specifications
FrameKizer UFS
Wheels57mm 88A on Outside
100A Anti-Rocker on Inside
BearingsWicked ABEC 5
US Sizes1.5 – 3.5 | 4.5 – 7
EU Sizes33 – 36 | 37 – 40
Price$199.95 (Inline Warehouse)


Explore our FAQ section to find out how to determine the correct size and ensure a proper fit for your child’s skates. You’ll also learn about the health benefits of skating for your child. Rest assured, your kids will be getting plenty of exercise while out having fun on their skates!

How to Find Correct-Size Kid’s Skates?

Most skaters usually select their shoe size when buying skates. However, it is a good idea to measure your feet to get an accurate measure. Stand on a hard surface and place the heels against a wall for a more accurate measurement. Measure both feet and refer to the longer heel-to-toe measurement.

Check for Proper Fit

Your child’s toes should not be pressed against the front of the skate or feel cramped. They can slightly brush against the front of the skate because the heels will settle back while in the skating position to make more room for the toes.

Inline skates offer a similar fit to shoes, and you should expect some break-in time for the skates to adjust to the shape of your foot. During the break-in period, your child may experience pressure points, but these will go away after skating a few times.

Health Benefits of Skating

Skating is a healthy activity for people of all ages that can improve balance, agility, strength, and endurance, all while having fun doing it. It is a perfect low-impact exercise for individuals and families who want to stay healthy and active. Medical research shows that skating ranks third among physical fitness activities. Its benefits include stamina, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance, weight control, muscle definition, digestion, and sleep.

Recommended Accessories

Inline skating is a lot of fun, but kids can sometimes take a tumble, especially when they’re just starting out. That’s why we strongly recommend getting a helmet and safety pads for your child. Below, I’ve included a few suggestions, but if you’d like to explore more options and get a more detailed list, you can check out our guides on the best skate helmets and safety pads for kids!

Triple Eight Lil 8 Helmet

The Triple Eight Lil 8 Helmet is an excellent helmet for beginners at a great price. This helmet is dual-certified for safety and uses a high-impact EPS Foam Liner for maximum protection against big falls and multiple collisions.

Smith Scabs Safety Gear Set

Smith Scabs are the ultimate pads for protection, providing a flexible, safe pad that works time and time again. The Youth 3-Pack includes a set of knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards sized for young skaters. Velcro closure allows easy entry, and the absorbent slow memory foam and hard caps protect the knees and elbows. A hard plastic brace protects wrists from impact.

Spofine Safety Gear Set W/ Helmet

The Spofine Protective Gear Bundle includes a set of knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. Available in four different colors, Spofine offers sizes for kids, teenagers, and adults. Hook and loop closure allows easy entry, and the slow absorbent foam and hard caps protect the knees and elbows. A rigid plastic brace protects wrists from impact, while the helmet protects the body’s most precious commodity.

Peyorom Skate Bag

The Peyorom Skate Bag is a great low-cost bag for transporting and storing skates and gear. It is made of a robust and durable Oxford fabric that is waterproof and tear-resistant. In addition, the material is easy to clean. The skate bags have three pockets for storing skates and gear.


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