Best Inline Skates for Women

Our guide to the best inline skates for women details top models for fun and fitness from the brands we trust.

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Finding the Perfect Fit for Fun and Fitness

Inline skating has experienced a remarkable revival, capturing the interest of many for its blend of fun and fitness. Finding the right pair of skates can be overwhelming, with many options from brands like Powerslide, Rollerblade, and K2 tailored to different disciplines and skill levels. To ease this process, we’ve curated a guide that zeroes in on some of the best inline skates for women, regardless of experience level.

Our guide focuses on skates from renowned brands, emphasizing supportive fit, user-friendly design, and durability. Whether your goal is to skate for fitness, fun, or as a precursor to more advanced levels, this guide will aid you in making a well-informed decision. Let’s explore our top picks, helping you find the ideal skates for fun, memorable times on trails, in the streets, or at the rink!

Best Inline Skates for Women

Our Top 10 Picks for 2023

When selecting inline skates, beginners and casual skaters have a couple of outstanding options to consider. The K2 Kinetic 80 is well-known for its exceptional comfort and stability, making it an ideal choice for those new to inline skating. Similarly, the Rollerblade Zetrablade W boasts a comfortable and secure fit, earning praise for its user-friendly design, which makes it a perfect choice for casual skaters or those just starting. If you’re a woman interested in urban skating, the Flying Eagle F5S Eclipse is an excellent choice due to its flexibility and control, which are well-suited for navigating city streets. On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate skater aiming to elevate your skills, the Rollerblade Macroblade 80 W is perfect, offering a harmonious blend of speed and support to help you take your skating to the next level.

If your goal is to prioritize fitness and endurance, you have some outstanding options. The Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90 is an eco-friendly choice that stands out thanks to its fantastic cushioning and comfort, making it perfect for those long skating sessions. The K2 Trio LT 100 offers versatility and maneuverability, making it suitable for various activities, from urban commuting to leisurely path cruising. Lastly, the K2 Alexis 84 BOA, equipped with the BOA® Fit System, delivers a precision fit and is particularly well-suited for endurance training and marathon skating.

Advanced skaters can choose from some top-tier options to suit their needs. The Powerslide Next SL Pink 80, designed for intense urban skating, offers superior control and a stylish appearance. If you’re an experienced skater or racer looking for high velocity and stability, the Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WD W is an ideal choice. On the other hand, the Rollerblade Twister XT W is a durable urban skate that combines a premium fit with advanced maneuverability, making it perfect for skilled skaters navigating the city. To learn more about each of these exceptional skates and find the perfect pair for your skating journey, continue reading for detailed insights and recommendations.

K2 Kinetic 80

K2 Kinetic 80

The K2 Kinetic 80 inline skates emerge as a fantastic option for women who are either beginners or skate casually, particularly those looking to blend fitness with fun. As noted in numerous reviews, one of the standout features is the Traditional Lacing system combined with the Original SoftBoot® design. This combination is frequently applauded for providing a comfortable and familiar shoe-like fit, making these skates a go-to choice for newcomers to the sport. Additionally, the Stability Plus Cuff incorporated into the design enhances support, which users find crucial for effective power transfer during skating.

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Some users have mentioned that while the composite F.B.I. Frame is effective in creating a low center of gravity and reducing road vibrations for a smoother ride; it may not offer the same level of responsiveness as more advanced models. This aspect is something to consider for those who may progress quickly in the sport. Despite this, the K2 Kinetic 80 is often recommended for its affordability, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious beginners. Overall, the blend of comfort, support, and value makes the K2 Kinetic 80 a solid choice for women stepping into the world of inline skating.

ClosureCuff Buckle, 45° Velcro strap, Standard Lacing
LinersIntegrated into the Boot, Not Removable
FrameMonocoque – Composite Plastic
WheelsK2 80mm 80A
BearingsK2 ABEC 5
Sizes6 – 11

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Rollerblade Zetrablade W

Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates for Women

The Rollerblade Zetrablade W is an excellent choice for women seeking a recreational inline skate that blends comfort, stability, and affordability. Users rave about the skate’s snug fit and supportive design, ideal for those new to skating or skating casually. The comfort is further enhanced by its padded lining, which users find makes for a smoother ride. Notably, the Zetrablade’s monocoque frame design is praised for effectively lowering the center of gravity, a feature that users say significantly improves balance and control while skating.

However, some reviewers mention minor drawbacks. A few have noted that the skate might feel a bit heavy, especially for beginners not used to inline skates. Others have pointed out that while generally reliable, the closure system can be tricky to adjust to the perfect fit. Despite these points, the overwhelming consensus is that the Rollerblade Zetrablade W inline skates are a smart choice for women, particularly those starting their skating journey. Its combination of comfort, stability, and value for money is frequently highlighted, cementing its status as one of the top choices in women’s inline skates.

ShellSoft – Engineered Mesh
ClosureCuff Buckle, 45° Velcro Strap, Standard Lacing
LinersIntegrated, Not Removable
FrameMonocoque -Composite Plastic
WheelsRollerblade 80mm 80A
BearingsRollerblade ABEC 5
Sizes6 – 10

Flying Eagle F5S Eclipse

Flying Eagle F5S Eclipse Inline Skates for Women

The Flying Eagle F5S Eclipse has garnered attention as a valuable choice for urban inline skaters, especially those at the beginner to intermediate levels. Its standout feature, as highlighted in many reviews, is the unique frame design that allows for easy wheel rocking by simply flipping the axles. This adaptability is a huge plus for those looking to delve into freeride and slalom skating, as it eliminates the need for investing in specialized skates. Additionally, users appreciate the flexibility offered by the solid CNC machined frames, which are both removable and compatible with various mounting sizes (155mm, 165mm, or 195mm). This feature is seen as a significant advantage for skaters who foresee upgrading their skates as they advance.

However, some aspects could be seen as potential drawbacks. A few reviews point out that while the snug removable liners ensure optimal foot grip for executing advanced maneuvers, they might require a break-in period for maximum comfort. Also, some skaters have suggested that while these skates are fantastic for urban and freeride skating, they may not be the best choice for those looking to specialize in speed skating or long-distance rides. Despite these considerations, the overall consensus is that the Flying Eagle F5S Eclipse offers an enjoyable skating experience, combining affordability with versatility, making it one of the top recommendations in the Flying Eagle range.

ShellVented Molded Plastic
ClosureCuff Buckle, 45° Mico Adj. Ratchet Buckle, Standard Lacing
FrameCNC Machined Aluminum – 155mm, 165mm, 195mm
WheelsFlying Eagle 80MM 85A (76MM 85A for sizes 4.5 – 7.5)
BearingsFlying Eagle ABEC 7
BrakeNo brake compatibility due to rockerable frames
Sizes6 – 11.5
Price$175.00 – $179.00

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Rolllerblade Macroblade 80 W

Rollerblade Macroblade 80 ABT Inline Skates for Women

The Rollerblade Macroblade 80 ABT W is specifically designed to address a common challenge for skaters: effective and safe stopping. This is particularly beneficial for beginners, who often express concern about controlling their speed. The skates feature the innovative Active Brake Technology (ABT) system, which has received high praise in many reviews. This system allows skaters to stop by sliding their braking foot forward while keeping all eight wheels on the ground. This approach significantly enhances balance and stability during the stopping process, making it less intimidating for new skaters. Additionally, the ABT system’s height-adjustable brake pad is a hit among users, as it ensures consistent stopping power and technique even as the brake pad wears down, which is often cited as a key advantage.

On the flip side, some users have noted that while the ABT system is great for beginners, more experienced skaters might prefer the traditional braking system for greater speed control and agility. Furthermore, a few reviews mention that although the Macroblade 80 ABT W boot is comfortable, it may require a short break-in period. Nonetheless, the overall sentiment is that these skates strike an excellent balance between comfort and performance. The wheel and bearing setup is often commended for providing just the right amount of speed and control for novice skaters. The Rollerblade Macroblade 80 ABT W is frequently recommended as an outstanding choice for women who are new to inline skating, earning its place as one of the top options in its category.

ShellSoft – Engineered Mesh
ClosureCuff Buckle, 45° Power Strap, Standard Lacing
LinersIntegrated, Not Removable
FrameMonocoque -Twinblade Aluminum
WheelsRollerblade 80mm 82A
BearingsRollerblade SG5
Sizes5 – 10.5

Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90

Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90

The Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90 is a popular skate known for its high performance and eco-friendly design. The Phuzion RFC 90 offers a sustainable yet efficient skating experience made with recycled materials and bamboo. Key features include durable components with at least 30% recycled materials, 40% recycled aluminum frames, and 4x90mm wheels suitable for intense workouts. Skaters also appreciate its comfort and design, with features like natural cotton laces, bamboo linings, and recycled foam padding, all made from environmentally friendly materials like canvas, hemp, and cotton.

However, some reviews noted that while the materials are sustainable, they might not offer the same level of robustness as traditional materials, particularly for very rigorous skating. Others mentioned they might require a slightly extended break-in period for optimal comfort. Despite these minor points, the overall consensus among users is positive. The Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90 is frequently recommended for those seeking a fast, enjoyable skating experience that aligns with a commitment to minimizing environmental impact, making it a popular choice among eco-conscious fitness skaters.

ShellEco Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic, 30% Recycled Materials, 15% Wheat
ClosureCuff Buckle, 45° Power Strap, Standard Lacing
LinersNonremovable, made of Bamboo, recycled foam padding
FrameTrinity ADC19 Aluminum made of 40% Recycled Aluminum
MountingPhuzion Eco 90mm 83A
WheelsWicked ABEC 7
Sizes5.5 – 12.5
Price$179.99 – $319.57 (Amazon)

K2 Trio LT 100

K2 Trio LT 100

The versatility of the K2 Trio LT 100 inline skates makes them an ideal choice for various activities, from urban commuting to leisurely trail skating with friends. These skates feature three 100mm wheels equipped with ILQ-7 bearings, which are highly praised for their maneuverability. In addition, the comfort the Original SoftBoot® design provides ensures that skaters can enjoy prolonged skating sessions without discomfort. The modern styling and color options of the Trio LT 100 add a sleek and contemporary look that aligns well with various settings and personal styles.

However, it’s worth noting that some reviews suggest a bit of a learning curve with the K2 Trio LT 100’s three-wheel design. It might initially feel a bit different if you’re used to the more common four-wheel skates. But despite this, the skates are still highly praised, especially for their comfort and trendy look. This makes them a favorite among many and a top choice on our list of the best inline skates for women.

ShellSoft Boot
ClosureCuff Buckle, 45° Power Strap, Standard Lacing
LinersIntegrated, Not Removable
FrameMonocoque -Stamped Aluminum
WheelsK2 100mm 83A
BearingsTwinCam ILQ-7
Sizes6 – 11
Price$168.28 – $319.04

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K2 Alexis 84 Boa

K2 Alexis 84 Boa Inline Skates for Women

The K2 Alexis 84 BOA skates are a top pick for anyone aiming to boost their fitness activities. K2 has updated the skate’s design, adding a new engineered mesh to the upper part for enhanced comfort and breathability, giving it a fresh, athletic look. The standout feature is the BOA® Fit System, designed for a fast and precise fit, ensuring your feet are comfortable and well-supported. Combined with the Original K2 SoftBoot®, these skates promise comfort throughout your entire skating session, making them perfect for those who love staying active.

While the BOA® Fit System in the K2 Alexis 84 BOA skates is highly effective, it’s worth noting that it might need some adjustments during longer skating sessions. However, this minor point doesn’t detract from the overall high recommendation the skates receive. They are particularly favored by women who prioritize fitness and comfort, earning them a well-deserved place among the top inline skates in the market.

ShellSoft Boot
ClosureCuff Buckle, 45° Strap, BOA Speed Lacing
LinersFixed – Not Removable
FrameRiveted – Stamped Aluminum
MountingK2 84mm 80A
WheelsTwinCam ILQ7
Sizes4 – 11

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Powerslide Next SL Pink 80

Powerslide Next SL Pink 80 Inline Skates for Women

The Powerslide NEXT SL Pink 80 freeskate is an excellent choice for women seeking an exhilarating urban skating experience. This skate is built on the robust and high-performing NEXT boot and features a sleek design, achieved by eliminating the center buckle for a more streamlined look. Comfort is a top priority, with the dual-fit liner providing both effective vibration dampening and a snug fit, ideal for handling any terrain while urban skating. The NEXT SL Pink 80 is also equipped with POWERSLIDE’s TRINITY 3-point mounting system, which is highly praised for increasing stability, control, and power transfer, thanks to its low center of gravity.

Although the sleeker design of the Powerslide NEXT SL Pink 80 is widely liked, some skaters have mentioned missing the adjustability offered by center buckles. Nevertheless, these skates remain a top recommendation for urban skaters. They are especially praised for their comfort, control, and fashionable look. The Powerslide NEXT SL Pink 80 has deservedly secured its position as one of the best inline skates for women, particularly suited for those who love the thrill of intense urban skating.

ShellGlass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
ClosureLocking Cuff Buckle, Standard Lacing
LinersHeat Moldable MyFit Recall Dual-Fit liners
FrameTrinity 3D Cast ADC10 Aluminum
WheelsPowerslide Spinner 80mm 88A
BearingsWicked ABEC 9
Sizes6 – 11

Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WD W

Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WD Inline Skates for Women

The Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WD skates are a top choice for intermediate to advanced female skaters interested in endurance training or marathons or simply enjoy skating fast on the road or trails. A standout feature is the full-height boot cuff, with its superior lateral support essential for stability at high speeds. Moreover, the 3×110 wheel configuration boosts velocity, enabling skaters to reach faster speeds easily.

However, it’s important to note that this skate may not be the best fit for beginners or those just starting their skating journey due to its three-wheel design and configuration. Despite this, the Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WD is consistently praised in reviews and is highly recommended for its performance and design. It’s a top choice for women looking to push their limits in skating, whether for fitness, racing, or just the thrill of fast-paced skating.

ShellVented Soft Knit Upper
ClosureAluminum Cuff Buckle, 45° Strap, Speed-Laces
LinersHigh-Performance PSI – Non-Removable
FrameMonocoque – 3WD Twinblade Aluminum
WheelsHydrogen SE 110mm 85A
BearingsTwincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus
Sizes5 – 10.5

Rollerblade Twister XT W

Rollerblade Twister XT Inline Skates for Women

The Rollerblade Twister XT is a robust urban skate designed to provide comfort and stability for skating in city environments. It has been updated with a lighter shell and a footboard sizer, ensuring a snug, performance-oriented fit that significantly enhances the skating experience. This feature offers better cushioning, improved foot wrapping, enhanced breathability, and effective shock absorption in the heel area. The skate’s V-cut liner is also a highlight, providing an expanded range of motion, and the Comfort Flex Tongue adds to the support and flexibility, making the Twister XT a great blend of fit and function.

Though designed for a performance fit, the Rollerblade Twister XT is surprisingly accommodating for beginner skaters. Many new to the sport find transitioning to these skates smooth and comfortable. This is mainly due to the skate’s well-designed features that cater to comfort and support, making it easier for beginners to adapt. The snug fit, crucial for precise control and maneuverability in urban environments, doesn’t compromise comfort. This balance between a performance-oriented design and user-friendly features makes the Twister XT inline skates for women an excellent choice for beginners who are serious about developing their skating skills and want a skate that will grow with them as they improve.

ShellVented Molded Plastic
ClosureLocking Cuff Buckle, 45° Micro Adj. Buckle, Standard Lacing
LinersHigh Performance – Removable
FrameExtruded Aluminum – 165mm
WheelsHydrogen Spectre 80mm 85A
BearingsTwincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus
Sizes6 – 10.5
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