Wake Up 80mm 87A Wheels

Dream Urethane, the new kid on the block in the inline skating industry, celebrated its launch last week amidst much excitement, introducing a lineup that includes four aggressive inline skate wheels and an 80mm 87A wheel. The company stands out not only for its innovative products but also for its diverse team of skaters from around the globe, each bringing their unique style and approach to the sport.

Dream Urethane Brings a New Aesthetic to the Aggressive and Big Wheel Scenes

The creation of Dream Urethane is the brainchild of Jan Welch, with the brand’s aesthetic and feel masterfully crafted by Jeremy Beightol, and the logo brought to life by Chris Peel. This trio has succeeded in launching a product line that has already caught the attention of the skating community.

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Explore the captivating world of Dream Urethane through “Awaken,” their introduction video masterfully created by Michel Kraft . This visual feast showcases the exceptional skills of skaters Andrew Broom, Matty Schrock, Brian Freeman, Michael Kraft, Chie Ichi Inoue, Nay Mapalo, Julia Komenda, Taylor Popham, and Viktoria Lova Söderholm, inviting viewers on an unparalleled skating voyage.

Wake Up 80mm 87A Wheels

Dream’s debut is not just a showcase of their dedication to aggressive skating but also marks their entry into the “Big Wheel” market with the Wake Up 80mm, 87A wheel designed for urban, slalom, recreational, and wizard skating, available in sets of eight or ten.

Wake Up 80mm 87A Dream Urethane Wheels

Wake Up 80/87

Their first “Big Wheel” offering is an 80mm, 87A wheel designed for urban, recreational, and wizard skating, sold in sets of eight or ten.

Buy at dreamurethane.com

Andrew Broom 60mm 90A Dream Urethane Wheels

Andrew Broom 60/90

Andrew Broom’s 60mm 90a wheels feature a versatile rounded profile, ideal for all skating conditions and terrains.

Buy at dreamurethane.com

Brian Freeman 60mm 92A Dream Urethane Wheels

Brian Freeman 60/92

Brian Freeman’s 60mm 92A wheel shares the same rounded profile, but uses a harder durometer for grittier street spots.

Buy at dreamurethane.com

Michael Kraft 58mm 90A Dream Urethane Wheels

Michael Kraft 58/90

Michael Kraft’s debut 58mm 90A signature wheel features the Face Wheels profile — his all-time favorite.

Buy at dreamurethane.com

Matty Schrock 60mm 92A Dream Urethane Wheels

Matty Schrock 58/92

Matty Schrock’s 58mm 92A signature wheel shares the Face Wheels profile, but uses a harder durometer for grittier street spots.

Buy at dreamurethane.com

Skaters interested in what Dream Urethane has to offer can visit dreamurethane.com to view the full range of wheels and soft goods, including the much-talked-about Wake Up Wheels. As Dream Urethane looks to the future, they are excited about expanding their range and variety of wheels, inviting skaters to join them on this journey.

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