Andrew Broom Razors Shift Pro Skate

The long-awaited Andrew Broom Razors Shift Pro Skate with ground control frames and wheels and Reign V3 liner is now available worldwide.

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Andrew Broom Gets a Pro Shift Skate from Razors

ANDREW BROOM, the GOAT of Texas Rollerblading, has finally received his long-awaited Razors Shift Pro Skate! This is a well-deserved release for a skater who has consistently pumped out some of the best sections and edits throughout the years with Anthony Medina. Andrew is the first Texas skater to receive a pro skate from any company in over 20 years since Arlo Eisenberg and Champion Baumstimler received USD Throne pro skates in the 1990s

Andrew Broom Razors Shift Pro Skate
The Details

The gray boot with a white cuff, soul plate, and purple highlights looks incredible! They come mounted with purple Ground Control Featherlite 4 Frames with 60mm/99A Ground Control Wheels. Inside the Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic boot, you will find a Reign V3 Liner to provide that comfort you want when skating. They feature durable aluminum cuff buckles and lacing for comfortable and secure closure.

A bonus of the shift boot is that you can remove the entire slide plate at the push of a button, allowing you to easily remove the frame while it is still attached to the soul frame. You can then swap it with another frame and soul plate setup, which is ideal for someone wanting to use the boots for big wheel blading. Additional soul frames are sold separately.

Available in US Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 12, 13
Shift Shell Breakdown: S – 6/7, M – 8/9, L – 10/10.5/11, XL – 12/13

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Andrew Broom Pro Skate Edit
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Filmed and Edited by Anthony Medina

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Andrew Broom at the Frankie Morales Invitational. Photo by Clark TK


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