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What are the Best K2 Inline Skates of 2023? Check out our list to find the best skate from K2 to suit your style of skating!

Buyers Guide: The Best K2 Inline Skates

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Many inline skate options are available online, but researching and finding the ones that meet your needs can be overwhelming. To save you time and frustration, I have curated a list of the best inline skates available from K2. These are high-quality skates from one of the major brands within the industry.

I have been working in the inline skating industry for 27 years and currently run and host the Then and Now YouTube Channel. Having skated many of the skates on the market, I’m familiar with what’s out there and want to share my knowledge of the best skates and gear available for adults and kids.

The Best K2 Inline Skates

We have compiled a list of the Best K2 Inline Skates below, but if you’re in a time crunch and want to see a summarized list, here they are!

Marlee$84.95Jump ↓
Kinetic 80$99.95Jump ↓
F.I.T. 84$199.95Jump ↓
Alexis 84$199.95Jump ↓
Trio LT 100$209.95Jump ↓
Mod 110$449.95Jump ↓

K2 Marlee

The K2 Marlee is an excellent and inexpensive first pair of inline skates for kids

The K2 Marlee is an excellent and inexpensive first pair of skates for kids. These size-adjustable inline skates have all the features required to ensure a fun skating experience, are reliable, comfortable, and look great. K2’s SoftBoot® design, traditional lacing, and stable cuff provide a secure fit with plenty of support. The K2 Marlee BOA® is a slightly upgraded version of the Marlee that features a convenient speed lacing system.

The five-size adjustability expands and contracts with the simple push of a button. It is perfect for fast-growing kids and allows them to be easily shared among different skaters to accommodate fast-growing youngsters. The vibration-absorbing composite frame is interlocked with the base, keeping children more balanced by being lower to the ground. Size 11-2 skates come with 4x72mm wheels, while sizes 1-5 and 4-8 come with 4x76mm wheels. All the wheels have Abec 3 bearings inside of them.

The color scheme of the K2 Marlee was designed for girls If you are looking for the boy’s version of these skates check out the K2 Raider.

SizesY11 – 2 | 1 -5 | 4 – 8
Price$84.95 (Inline Warehouse), $63.95 – $85.95 (Amazon)

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K2 Kinetic 80

K2 Kinetic 80 Inline Skates are perfect for beginners and casual skaters

The K2 Kinetic 80 is the perfect inline skate for beginner or casual skaters looking for a quality skate at an exceptional price. Available for both men and women, they are an affordable and excellent option for those on a tight budget. The K2 Kinetic 80 Pro is a slightly upgraded version of the Kinetic 80 that features a convenient speed lacing system. 

The Kinetic 80 is easy to skate and provides a smooth and controlled ride. K2’s SoftBoot® design is renowned for its comfort keeping your feet happy and rolling for longer.  K2 added the Stability Plus Cuff, allowing excellent power transfer from your body to the skate. The Kinetic 80 comes with soft and grippy 80mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings. The composite frame allows for a low center of gravity while dampening road vibration for a smooth rolling ride. 

Kinetic skates are true to size, with most skaters able to order the same as their shoe size to enjoy comfort out of the box without needing to break them in. If you are looking for a quality entry-level skate, the K2 Kinetic 80 or K2 Kinetic 80 Pro are excellent choices at a reasonable price.

Sizes5 -13
Price$99.95 (Inline Warehouse), $99.95 (Amazon)

K2 F.I.T. 84 Pro

K2 F.I.T. 84 Inline Skates are an excellent choice for beginners or seasoned skaters looking to upgrade

The K2 F.I.T. 84 Pro men’s skate is an excellent choice for beginners or seasoned skaters looking to upgrade to a versatile skate with exceptional performance. The larger 84mm 80a wheels with Twincam ILQ 7 bearings provide a smooth and stable ride on various road and trail conditions and are perfect for exploring your city. The K2 F.I.T. 84 BOA® is a slightly upgraded version with an easy-to-use speed lacing system.

The SoftBoot® design provides comfort keeping your feet delighted and skating for longer. The aluminum frame is lightweight and provides efficient energy transfer between every stride, making for long, pain-free days of skating. If you are looking for a fast, comfortable skate that will allow for fun and long, pain-free days of skating, then the K2 F.I.T. 84 is an excellent choice for you.

Sizes6 – 14
Price$199.95 (Inline Warehouse), $199.90 – $295.80 (Amazon)

K2 Alexis 84 Pro

K2 Alexis 84 are the perfect women's inline skates for fitness and recreational skating

The K2 Alexis 84 Pro is the perfect women’s skate for fitness and recreational skating. It is a high-quality SoftBoot® skate that provides a secure fit and all-day comfort, whether out on the trails or skating through the city. The K2 Alexis 84 BOA® is a slightly upgraded version of the Alexis with an easy-to-use speed lacing system.

The Alexis features a redesigned upper with a new engineered mesh for maximum comfort, breathability, and a modern, athletic look. Four 84mm 80a wheels with ILQ 5 bearings offer stability, speed, and an ultra-smooth ride. The lightweight aluminum frame delivers efficient energy transfer between every stride.

Sizes6 – 13.5
Price$199.95 (Inline Warehouse), $184.95 – $295.80 (Amazon)

K2 Trio LT 100

K2 Trio LT 100 are the ultimate inline skates versatility for intermediate to expert skaters

The K2 Trio LT 100 is the ultimate skate versatility for intermediate to expert skaters and is available for both men and women. These skates do everything from daily commuting on city streets to cruising with friends on your favorite path. If you want to upgrade your current setup or try skating on three wheels, these are a perfect option at an excellent price.

The lightweight aluminum frame and 100mm 83a wheels with ILQ-7 bearings provide a maneuverable base and plenty of energy in your strides. K2’s SoftBoot® keeps you skating in comfort no matter how long you’re out on the pavement. The cuff provides excellent ankle support, and the closures and quick-lace system make taking them on and off effortless. The Trio runs true to size, making your feet feel secure and happy.

Sizes6 – 15
Price$209.95 (Inline Warehouse), $168.28 – $201.23 (Amazon)

K2 Mod 110

K2 Mod 110

The K2 Mod 110  is a premium endurance inline skate for long-distance skating and marathons. If you are looking for a fast skate that will bring you to the front of the pack or beat your best times, this is the skate for you. Integrating the SoftBoot with Custom Fit Foam, ventilated microfiber upper, and a dual-density cuff creates a skate that provides a high-performance fit with all-day comfort. The K2 Mod 110 comes with K2 6061 Aluminum frames, K2 Elite Speed 110mm 85A Wheels, and TwinCam ILQ9 bearings.

US Sizes6 – 13
Price$449.95 (Inline Warehouse), $449.95 (Amazon)

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Recommended Accessories

Triple Eight Dual Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

The dual-certified Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet meets US CPSC Bike and ASTM F-1492 safety standards to protect your head and brain from the impacts of collisions and falls. The classic helmet design incorporates an ABS outer shell with a stink-free, moisture-wicking sweatsaver liner inside. Adjustable chin strap ensures a comfortable fit. The sweatsaver liner is easily removable for cleaning. Available in five sizes and multiple colors.

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Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set

If you don’t like getting hurt like me, and want some excellent pads on a budget, consider the Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set with Kneesavers, Elbowsavcers, and Wristsavers. Velcro closure allows easy entry, and the absorbent slow memory foam and hard caps protect the knees and elbows. A hard plastic brace protects wrists from impact.

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Rollerblade High Performance Socks

Rollerblade Performance Socks for Inline Skating

Rollerblade High-Performance Socks were the first socks I used for long-distance skating. I skated them for quite a while and was impressed by their comfort and cushioning while rollerblading. The socks are Made in Italy using Nanoglide fabric that reduces friction, minimizes pressure points, wicks away moisture, and eliminates blisters. Although they perform very well in inline skating, they do not have a warranty.

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Athalon Everything Boot Bag

Athalon Everything Boot Bag - Best Gift Ideas For Inline Skaters

The Athalon Everything Boot Bag is the perfect backpack to keep your skates, safety gear, tools, and accessories organized. This bag is ideal for traveling and has many excellent features. I love this bag so much for my inline skates that I bought a second one for my ski boots.

Rollerblade Skate Bag

The Rollerblade Skate Bag is ideal for transporting or storing skates and gear. A YKK zippered center panel allows easy access to the main storage area. The rear panel has two vented sections, and another smaller internal pocket is there for essentials. Includes a shoulder strap, reinforced tote handle, and peg feet for stability.

Sonic Pro Inline Skate Tool

At some point, every skater will have to do skate maintenance. The best tool for the job is the Sonic Pro Inline Skate Tool, which offers excellent leverage to change wheels, extract bearings, tighten screws, and more. The ergonomic handle of the Pro Tool is comfortable for shop technicians to use all day but compact enough to take on a roll. This latest variant features Hex and Torx bits to fit most brands of skates, as well as a bearing extractor, bearing pusher, and floating spacer aligner.

Inline Skating Guides and Gift Ideas


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