We never sleep, we’re not in an inactive state and we don’t like to go indoors. Street skating from this winter before we all went into quarantine because of Covid-19.

“HIBERNATE2” the second edition of the free rollerblading / inline skate movie produced by Cavin Brinkman in collaboration with p a t s p a n g, 400 & Grindhoven. It is the follow up to Hibernate.

Featuring: Adam Szymanski, Arne Elgersma, Cavin Brinkman, Chad Hornish, Christian Delfino, Daniel Laufs, Derek Hall, Jeroen Wullems, Joep Beuken, Marnix Haak, Pascal Tan, Ralf van de Khof, Randy Abels, Remco van de Pol, Sebastiaan van Wijk, Sem Croft, Sven Boekhorst, Timmy van Rixtel, Yuto Goto

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