While going through some HI-8 tapes for the Vault Series, I came across this interview I did with Bryan Bell for Scum Magazine issue 23, released in November of 1998. At that moment, I realized I had a lot of Scum Magazine rollerblading-related content to share, so I decided to start a new show, the Scum Magazine Archives. The footage from this episode was filmed outside of Intellect Rollers Realm skatepark in Austin, Texas when Chris Edwards brought Bryan to town on the Birth Tour. It was my second time hanging out with him, and I would end up staying with him a month later in San Diego during a road trip I made to California with Lonnie Gallegos.

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Do you have any old issue of Scum Magazine?

I am missing most of them and would love to get them all again. If you have one send me an email at janwelch@thenandnowblading.com and we can figure out how to duplicate it!

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