Cody Sanders Interview

In the Cody Sanders Interview, we discuss his skating career and his newest project JUMBO which documents the sessions of the Candy Crew. Well-known for his style, Cody Sanders lives in Austin, Texas, where he skates with some of the best skaters born and raised in the Lone Star state. Cody grew up in Mineola, a small city of just under 5,000 people deep in the heart of the East Texas timber belt. When he was 18 years old, he moved an hour away to Tyler, Texas, to attend college and began skating with future shredders Andrew Broom, Timona Kasue, and Austin “Foogie” Bartels.

This interview details Cody’s skating career, his sponsors, and his current project JUMBO. Cody talks about his two tours of duty living and skating in Los Angeles, his stint in New Orleans, and what has kept him in Austin for most of his skating career. He talks about his influences and what’s it like skating with all of the talented members of the Candy Crew. Additionally, we discuss how he became sponsored by a plethora of skate companies, even though he can’t skate handrails. These topics are just a small taste of what we discuss in this interview, so sit back and enjoy episode 33 of the Then and Now Blading Podcast with Cody Sanders.

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