The Best Slide Blocks for Roller Skates

Slide blocks for roller skates enable you to grind on coping, rails, and ledges both at the skatepark and while street skating.

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Grind with Ease: The Ultimate Slide Blocks for Roller Skates

For skaters hitting the parks or cruising the streets, slide blocks offer a convenient way to achieve smoother stalls and grinds on coping and curbs. Grind blocks sit between your wheels on the plate and come in diverse styles, colors, and shapes. Installing most slide blocks is a breeze. Ensure that you refer to size and compatibility charts to guarantee you’re selecting the appropriate block for your setup.

The Best Slide Blocks for Roller Skates

Chaya Karma Grind Blocks$59.95Jump ↓
Sure-Grip Grind Blocks$60.00Jump ↓
CIB Grind Blocks$79.00Jump ↓
Brunny Hardcore Slide Blocks$99.00Jump ↓

Chaya Karma Grind Blocks

Chaya Karma Slide Blocks

Experience innovation with the revolutionary Chaya Grind Blocks – the first asymmetrical grind blocks to hit the market. Crafted from a durable nylon/fiberglass composite, these blocks feature a raised backside plate that introduces a new realm of possibilities by allowing two points of contact on a single skate. And that’s not all – for even more versatility, you can easily reverse them! If you’re a beginner, position the raised plate inside your skates for introductory tricks and enhanced stability. Flip one or both blocks to the outside for the more advanced skaters, unlocking a world of exciting one-footed and cross-legged grinds and stalls that will add a new dimension to your skating experience.

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Sure-Grip Grind Blocks

Sure-Grip Slide Blocks

Sure Grip Grind Blocks are specially designed to fit the Avenger and Avanti plates for those skaters looking to enter the skate park scene! These are made from a material called UHMW which creates durable blocks that are designed to help you achieve a similar feel to the traditional aggressive skate soul plate without having to hang up your quads. These will allow you to grind smoothly without putting extra wear on your baseplates! Compatible with Sure-Grip Avenger and Avanti Plates.

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CIB Grind Blocks

CIB Slide Blocks are made from high-density plastic that slides with ease on coping and rails and also has a U-shaped depression to help balance those stalls and grinds. Easy to install without taking off your plates, these slide blocks are adaptable to many of the most popular plates in use today. Each package includes two pairs of adaptor bars, a silver set for 10˚ plates, and a black set for 20˚ plates, however, these adaptor bars can be bent slightly to accommodate kingpin angles slightly above or below those two standards.

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Brunny Hardcore P.O. Blocks / 3056 Slide Blocks

The Brunny Hardcore P.O Blocks, aka 3056 slide blocks, are cute and rip! These blocks are made by talented park skaters that know exactly what they’re doing. Made for any level of skater, you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy these buttery blocks. They have perfectly designed grooves that increase stability with wider surface areas that move with you. We’ve witnessed skaters grind fully across rails and coping with ease and so much control. The center groove is pretty deep, which will be helpful for 50/50 grinds or any stalls/slides that include your trucks. The hangers are made to fit 10-degree plates but with some muscle work, they can be bent to suit a 20-degree plate as well. To the touch, they feel so smooth, very firm, and quite light!

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