The Achak Sajkil Downhill Competition will be taking place on March 26 & 27, 2021, on Ajusco, a 3,930 m (12,894 ft) volcano located just south of Mexico City, Mexico. The competition will be open to both inline skaters and longboarders and will be only the second downhill competition held in Mexico since the COVID-19 pandemic began last year.

Alina and Verónica (left top) – Wacko (left bottom) – Ninja Roller (right)

Axochco Inline Association

The event organizers, the Axochco Inline Association, has teamed up with the President of the Ajusco Zone Department of Tourism. He has permitted them to hold the event on the highway and is providing security, bales of hay for the turns, walkie-talkies, lifts for the riders, and assistance for contacting sponsors. They plan to continue working with him to promote the Ajusco Zone and make downhill skating and tourism in Ajusco more popular.

Axochco Inline Association’s goal is to organize all types of skating events. To not only focus on downhill races but also cover other disciplines of inline skating. They are currently talking about organizing another downhill event in another region of Mexico and hosting their own slide event.

The Course

The race will take place on the Picacho Ajusco highway, a popular destination for downhill skaters. The course will be broken down by difficulty into four segments: 1, 2, 3, and B. Segment 1 is the easiest and will take place on a mostly straight section of the highway, allowing only moderate speeds. The second segment is faster and has some sharp turns. The third segment is much steeper, with two small sharp turns. Skaters can reach up to 90 km/h (56 mph) on this segment. The 3rd segment of the event is located at 3,273 meters (10,738 feet) above sea level. Finally, the B segment will have similar speeds as segment 3 but with sharp turns like segment 2.

Riders and Registration

So far riders from three states, in addition to Mexico City, have already registered, and some of the biggest names in Mexico for inline downhill and longboard should be in attendance. This year they are not expecting many skaters from other countries because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19. To register for the event click here.


Currently, in Mexico, COVID-19 restrictions only apply to events indoors. The government allows outdoor sports as long as social distancing, the wearing of masks, and proper sanitation are being observed. The event will be very strict about enforcing these regulations, and all riders must agree to follow these rules.


Axochco Inline Association is in the process of getting sponsors for the event. Pattinaggio Roller Shop and two longboard shops Drunk School and Die Trying Company, will be sponsoring the event. They also are receiving support from By Vekai design studio and the law firm Agrupación Atenea.


There will be a host hotel and camping options available. Make sure to follow the Facebook page for all announcements on lodging.

Fun Fact

The name Axochco Inline was born from the same name as Ajusco. Ajusco is a bad translation by the Spanish of Axochco during the Spanish Conquest. Axochco means “a place where the flowers bloom in the water” in Nahuatl, their town’s indigenous language. The name of the event (Achak Sajkil) means “fearless” in Mayan, an indigenous language of the south of Mexico. The pronunciation of the “x” and the “ch” is like “sh,” it will be A(sh)o(sh)co.

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The Flyer

Skater in header photo is Alina Pérez Castro

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