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The 14 best bike helmets for kids are certified to provide the highest level of protection in the event of high-impact falls or collisions.

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Ride with Confidence: A Closer Look at the Best Bike Helmets for Kids

Which bike helmets offer the optimal brain protection for your child?

While your child enjoys biking on trails, around the neighborhood, or heading to school, unforeseen accidents can happen. These incidents can lead to severe injuries or worse if proper head protection isn’t in place. That’s why having your child wear a certified helmet that adheres to CPSC standards and is equipped with MIPS technology is crucial. This combination is vital for safeguarding your child’s brain.

Choosing the perfect helmet for your child from the wide array of options can be challenging. It’s essential to avoid unfamiliar brands, especially those lacking proper certification. To streamline your decision-making and save you time and frustration, I’ve curated a list of the best bike helmets for kids certified for both cycling and kick scooters. This compilation is designed to simplify your selection process, making your choice more straightforward.

Unexpected tumbles can strike at any moment, but with helmets, kids can keep rolling into new adventures!

What are the Best Bike Helmets for Kids?

Here, we present our top 14 picks for the best bike helmets designed for kids. It’s worth noting that many of these helmets are equipped with MIPS technology, a feature we highly endorse.

1.Joovy Noodle$29.99
2.Giro Dime MIPS$37.50 – $49.99
3.Smith Zip Jr. MIPS$45.00 – $75.00
4.Smith Wilder Jr. MIPS$45.00 – $75.00
5.Giro Tremor MIPS Youth$48.95 – $69.95
6.Bern Nino 2.0 MIPS$49.95 – $66.49
7.Giro Scamp$54.95
8.Nutcase Baby Nutty MIPS$59.99
9.Bern Bandito MIPS$59.99
10.Bell Nomad Jr. 2 MIPS$64.95
11.Giro Hale MIPS$69.95
12.Bell Sidetrack II MIPS$69.95
13.POC POCito Omne MIPS$79.96 – $99.95
14.Smith Convoy MIPS$85.00

Joovy Noodle

Joovy Noodle bike helmets for kids

Joovy, an American brand, offers durable and vibrant family gear. The Joovy Noodle is a sleek multi-sport baby helmet designed for safety and comfort. It’s perfect for active kids with features like a pinch-guard chin strap, adjustable fit dial, sun visor, and bug-proof vents. Available in 7 colors, it adheres to U.S. CPSC safety standards and comes in Small and Medium sizes. Joovy’s Noodle helmet will provide reliable protection and style for your child’s adventures, putting it on our list of the best bike helmets for kids.

SizeSmall (47-52cm), Medium (52-56cm)
Shell MaterialHardshell
CertificationsComplies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 1 and Older (Extended Head Coverage)
Weight226 g
Fit AdjustmentAdjustable Fit-Dial
Ventilation14 Vents
ColorsBlack, Blue, Blueberry, Greenie, Orangie, Pink, and Red

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Giro Dime MIPS

Giro Dime MIPS bike helmets for kids

The Giro Dime Kids’ Helmet draws inspiration from the adult Quarter helmet, featuring a durable ABS shell and impact-absorbing EPS foam for optimal safety. Its adjustable padding guarantees a snug fit, while eight air vents ensure ventilation for a cool head. Designed for skateboarding and biking, the Dime becomes a constant companion for active children, prioritizing their safety and comfort during various activities and making it one of our top choices for the best bike helmets for kids.

SizeX-Small (47-51 cm), Small (51-55 cm)
Shell MaterialHardshell
CertificationsComplies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 1 and Older (Extended Head Protection)
MIPS VersionYes
Weight420 g
Fit AdjustmentFit Kit pad system
ColorsMatte Black, Matte Bright Red, Matte Screaming Teal, and Matte Blue

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Smith Zip Jr. MIPS

Smith Optics Zip Jr MIPS bike helmets for kids

The Smith Zip Jr. Bike Helmet is designed for active kids on the move, whether they’re exploring trails, going to school, or enjoying the park. With MIPS technology for enhanced impact protection, a dial-adjustable fit system, and ample ventilation, this lightweight helmet ensures safety, comfort, and style. Its in-mold construction and 21 ventilation slots guarantee a secure yet cool experience, making it an ideal choice for kids as they ride confidently and stay protected.

SizeYouth (48 – 52cm) [size XS] 240g
Shell MaterialIn-mold polycarbonate
CertificationsCPSC, CE EN 1078, AS/NZS2063
Weight240 g
Fit AdjustmentDial
ColorsAlgae, Black, Fuchsia, High Viz Yellow, and Snorkel

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Smith Wilder Jr. MIPS

Smith Optics Wilder Jr. MIPS

The Smith Wilder Jr. Mountain Bike Helmet is designed to match the skills of young trailblazers. With MIPS-enhanced impact protection, a lightweight design, and 21 fixed vents for ventilation, it’s ideal for adventurous rides. The adjustable dial fit system ensures a secure fit, and the helmet includes a built-in visor and integrated sunglasses storage. This helmet empowers young riders to tackle challenging trails confidently, safely, and comfortably making it one of the best bike helmets for kids. The Wilder Jr. helmet is essentially identical to the Zip Jr., except for the inclusion of a visor.

SizeYouth (48 – 52cm), Small (51 – 55cm)
Shell MaterialIn-Mold (polycarbonate)
CertificationsComplies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older. CE EN 1078
Weight270 g
Fit AdjustmentDial
ColorsBlack, Iceberg, Mandarin, Pink, Electric Blue, Alder

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Giro Tremor MIPS Youth

Giro Tremor MIPS bike helmets for kids

The Giro Tremor Mips Youth helmet is a top pick for parents and little riders. It boasts the latest head protection tech, an easy-to-adjust fit system, and 18 breathable vents. Alternatively, the smaller Giro Tremor Child helmet provides a lightweight, well-ventilated, and secure design for small children (47-54 cm) but does not feature MIPS. Its high-quality fit system includes a larger, rubber-grip dial-adjust knob and hassle-free soft side straps. Giro prioritizes comfort with top-notch material pads and air channels for less head sweat. The MIPS model offers an updated system with improved airflow and covered anchors to prevent hair snagging.

Size47-54 cm (Child / No MIPS), 50 – 57 cm (Youth / MIPS)
Shell MaterialIn-Mold Polycarbonate
CertificationsComplies with the US CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older
E.U.: CE EN1078
Weight306 g
Fit AdjustmentDial
Ventilation18 Vents
ColorsMatte: Black, Bright Green, Pink, Red, Glacier, and Namuk Purple/Blue

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Bern Nino 2.0 MIPS

Bern Nino 2.0 bike helmets for kids

Say hello to the Nino 2.0 MIPS, thoughtfully created for kids’ year-round comfort. This helmet gives a fresh take on the classic Nino and Nina designs, packed with exciting new features that delight parents and kids. One standout feature is the EZ-Fit system, which allows easy adjustments and guarantees a snug fit with no fuss. The helmets boast 13 strategically positioned vents, ensuring excellent airflow to keep kids cool throughout their adventures.

In addition to the above features, these helmets include a convenient removable flip visor, allowing kids to flip it up for a trendy appearance or pull it down for sun protection. Furthermore, they are designed to be compatible with the Quickmount Asteroid micro-USB rechargeable bike light, effortlessly attaching to the two-hole mount on the back for a safe adventure in the dark. Notably, these helmets aren’t just functional; they also come in a wide range of fresh, attractive patterns and colors that kids will adore. With such variety, each child can find a style that perfectly suits their personality, allowing them to sport their new helmet while enjoying outdoor activities proudly, securing it on our list of best bike helmets for kids.

SizeSmall (52 – 55.5cm), Medium (55.5 – 59cm)
Shell MaterialPVC micro shell with Zipmold+
CertificationsComplies with the US CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older, EN 1084
Weight305.5 g
Fit AdjustmentEZ-Fit, Snap and hook
Ventilation13 Vents
ColorsBack, Grapefruit, Lime, Shark Bite, and Metallic Space Splat
MSRP$49.95 – $66.49

Giro Scamp

Giro Scamp Helmet

The Giro Scamp Helmet offers a stylish and safety-focused solution for young riders. Inspired by the adult Montaro helmet, it combines eye-catching graphics with advanced safety features. Constructed with an In-Mold polycarbonate shell and EPS foam liner, it ensures impact protection and accommodates ponytails. The Roc Loc Jr. fit system adjusts as kids grow, while the pinch-guard buckle at the chin enhances comfort. The Scamp Helmet allows children to embrace bike safety with flair and confidence.

SizeX-Small (48.5-52cm), Small (52 – 55.5cm)
Shell MaterialIn-Mold (polycarbonate)
CertificationsComplies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 1 and Older (Extended Head Protection)
MIPSYes, Giro Scamp MIPS – $69.95 (Backcountry)
Weight251 g
Fit AdjustmentDial, Roc Loc Jr.
ColorsMatte Black, Matte Screaming Teal, Matte Black Check Fade (Backcountry)

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Nutcase Baby Nutty MIPS

Nutcase Baby Nutty bike helmets for kids

The Baby Nutty MIPS helmet is the ultimate choice for babies and young children aged 1 year and above. It incorporates baby-specific EPS protective foam skillfully engineered to disperse force and safeguard their developing brains effectively! With this helmet, your child will experience exceptional comfort and a perfect fit while prioritizing head support and posture for their delicate neck and head. Thanks to the Fidlock magnetic buckle, you won’t have to worry about pinching incidents, sparing your baby from tears and discomfort.

Moreover, the helmet is equipped with MIPS technology, which includes a low-friction layer between your baby’s brain and the helmet. This ingenious design reduces rotational motion and force during an impact, lowering brain injury risk. Its lightweight polycarbonate outer shell ensures that the helmet won’t burden your baby’s neck, allowing optimal head support and posture at all times. Rest assured that the Baby Nutty MIPS helmet is tailored to provide top-notch protection and comfort for your little one’s safety and well-being.

SizeXX-Small (48-52cm) (Baby)
Shell MaterialMold-In Polycarbonate
CertificationsComplies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 1 and Older
Weight‎336 Grams
Fit AdjustmentDial
Ventilation11 vents

Bern Bandito MIPS

Bern Bandito

The Bern Bandito MIPS Helmet is designed for pre-teen boys who have outgrown kids’ helmets but aren’t ready for adult sizes. It offers a snug fit and is certified for skiing and biking, providing year-round protection. With its molded brim, the helmet fits seamlessly with goggles and shields eyes during summer rides. Built using EPS Thinshell technology, it’s lightweight yet robust and certified for various activities. The winter liner keeps them warm during colder months and can be switched for summer biking. The Bandito MIPS Helmet is a versatile and adaptable choice for growing kids.

Activityskiing, snowboarding, cycling, gravel, commuting
SizeMedium/Large (53 – 56cm)
Shell MaterialThinShell (ABS)
CertificationsCPSC, EN1077B, EN1078
Weight1lb 1.4oz
Fit AdjustmentYes, Crank Fit (dial)
VisorYes integrated brim

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Bell Nomad Jr. 2 MIPS

Bell Nomad Jr MIPS bike helmets for kids

The Nomad Jr. MIPS Helmet is tailor-made for young adventurers who love trail riding. It offers lightweight in-mold construction for durability and comfort, along with an Ergo Fit adjustment system. With ample lower coverage and MIPS technology, it provides enhanced protection and confidence on the trails. The Nomad Jr. Helmet ensures young riders enjoy their trail adventures with comfort and safety in mind.

Size52 – 57 cm
Shell MaterialIn-Mold (Polycarbonate)
CertificationsComplies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older
Fit AdjustmentDial Ergo Fit
VisorYes removable
ColorsMatte: Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Gray, Hi-Viz, Pink, and Red

Giro Hale MIPS

Giro Hale Mips

Staying cool is a breeze with the Giro Hale MIPS Helmet. Its top-notch comfort is backed by the easy-to-adjust Roc Loc Sport retention system, ensuring a snug fit for growing kids. The helmet also boasts a removable visor and employs the same In-Mold construction seen in our best adult models, ensuring a sturdy yet lightweight build. Moreover, the Hale MIPS seamlessly incorporates the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, enhancing energy redirection and impact protection. To top it off, it’s available in various vibrant, kid-friendly colors, allowing your child to choose their favorite.

SizeYouth (50-57cm)
Shell MaterialIn-Mold Polycarbonate
CertificationsComplies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older
Weight247 g
Fit AdjustmentRoc Loc Sport (adjustment dial)
Ventilation22 vents
VisorYes, Adjustable
ColorsMatte: Glacier, Black, Red, Lime, and Bright Pink

Bell Sidetrack II MIPS

BELL Sidetrack II MIPS

The Bell Sidetrack II MIPS helmet is designed for young trail riders in all-mountain scenarios. Its Fusion In-Mold shell ensures durability, while extended coverage offers enhanced protection and stability. Integrating MIPS technology in the Ergo Fit system adds safety and ventilation. User-friendly features like a one-handed fit dial, and No-Twist Tri-Glides make adjustments simple. With a removable visor and moisture management, the Sidetrack II guarantees clear vision during various mountain conditions.

SizeChild (47 – 54cm), Youth (50 – 57cm)
Shell MaterialIn-Mold Polycarbonate
CertificationsComplies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older
Weight276 g
Fit AdjustmentDial, Ergo Fit
VisorYes (removable)
ColorsMatte Black, Hi-Viz/Red, Light Blue/Pink, Orange, Yellow, and White Star


POC POCito Omne MIPS helmets for kids

When teaching your child to ride a bike, their safety is your top priority. The POCito Omne MIPS helmet prioritizes safety, designed in bright fluorescent colors for enhanced visibility. This ensures your child is easily noticeable from a distance. The helmet features a 360° adjustment system, making it simple for your child to secure it for a comfortable fit. With its outer PC shell, EPS inner liner, and MIPS brain protection system, you can be confident in your child’s safety while they enhance their biking skills.

SizeX-Small (48-52cm), Small (51-54cm)
Shell Materialpc shell, eps liner
CertificationsComplies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older
Weight334 grams
Fit Adjustment360-degree adjustment system
ColorsFluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow/Green

Smith Convoy MIPS

Smith Optics Convoy MIPS

The Smith Convoy MIPS Helmet offers everyday protection without compromising price or technology. Its in-mold polycarbonate shell for impact absorption and MIPS technology for reduced rotational forces ensure safety for your child’s head and brain. Serving as the adult version of the Wilder Jr., it provides larger sizes for older kids and adults. This helmet perfectly balances affordability and advanced safety features, allowing you to prioritize protection without compromise.

SizeX-Small (48-52cm), Small (51-55cm), Medium (55-59cm), Large (59-62cm), X-Large (61-65cm)
Shell MaterialIn-Mold Polycarbonate
Weight311 g (Medium)
Fit AdjustmentYes, VaporFit
Ventilation20 vents
VisorYes, Adjustable
ColorsAmethyst, Black, Fool’s Gold, Moss, and White

What are the Different Certifications for Skate Helmets?

Skate helmets come with three distinct types of certifications, each specifying impact testing criteria based on their intended purpose. When choosing a helmet, it’s crucial to opt for a certification that aligns with your intended usage. This ensures that the helmet’s protection matches your specific needs.

Helmet Certifications

ASTM F1492Skateboarding, aggressive inline skating, roller skating
CPSC 16 CFR 1203Cycling, kick scooters, recreational inline skating, roller skating
EN 1078**Cycling, skateboarding, and roller skating

What is MIPS?

The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology is a feature found in select helmets, providing extra head protection in the event of impacts. This innovative system incorporates a layer with low friction within the helmet, allowing rotational movement and thus reducing the rotational forces transmitted to the brain. Opting for a MIPS-equipped helmet for your child is a prudent decision, as it adds an additional safety layer that can lessen the risk and severity of certain brain injuries resulting from angled impacts. While it doesn’t guarantee absolute protection, MIPS significantly enhances safety during activities that are prone to falls or angled impacts. Choosing a MIPS helmet for your child offers a sense of security, but it’s essential to ensure proper fit and adherence to safety standards.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Bike Helmets for Kids.

When picking a helmet for kids, it’s essential to take various significant aspects into account. Here are some straightforward guidelines to follow:

  1. Fit: Measure your child’s head circumference to find a helmet that fits securely, without being too tight or loose.
  2. Safety Standards: Ensure the helmet meets established safety standards, such as CPSC or ASTM certification.
  3. Construction: Prioritize helmets with a robust outer shell and comfortable inner padding for both protection and comfort.
  4. Ventilation: Opt for a helmet with ample ventilation to keep your child cool during activities.
  5. Adjustable Straps: Select a helmet equipped with adjustable straps and buckles for a snug and comfy fit.
  6. Additional Features: Some helmets offer extra features that enhance safety and convenience, like MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) Technology. MIPS reduces rotational forces during impacts, adding extra brain protection. Other features to consider include built-in visors or brims for sun and debris protection.
  7. Style and Visibility: Choose a helmet your child likes and consider features like reflective elements or bright colors to enhance visibility.
  8. Growth: Keep in mind that kids’ heads grow quickly, so opt for a helmet with adjustable elements to accommodate growth.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can choose a helmet that guarantees your child’s safety, comfort, and enjoyment throughout their activities.

Ensuring an Appropriate Fit for Your Child’s Helmet is Essential.

Choosing the right helmet size is of utmost importance, as it directly impacts the level of protection during a fall or impact. An undersized helmet may leave parts of the head exposed, while an oversized one might shift and fail to provide adequate coverage. A properly fitting helmet ensures a secure and stable position, effectively safeguarding critical areas of the head. Additionally, a well-fitted helmet contributes to your child’s comfort, encouraging regular use during activities and ultimately enhancing their overall safety and enjoyment.

Why should kids opt for lightweight helmets?

A lightweight helmet is best for kids because it reduces neck strain, enhances mobility, lowers injury risk, and offers greater comfort during skateboarding, inline or roller skating, scootering, skiing, or biking activities.

Are Helmets with Dial-Adjust Systems Better for Kids?

When it comes to selecting a helmet for kids, those with a dial-adjust system are a better choice than ones with only foam padding. This system allows precise adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit as the child’s head grows. It can be fine-tuned for a secure and comfortable fit by tightening or loosening the helmet’s circumference. This is especially important for active children as it stabilizes the helmet and reduces the chance of shifting during movement. Helmets with just padding can still fit well if the child’s head size doesn’t change much. However, since kids’ heads grow rapidly, relying only on padding may mean replacing the helmet more often to ensure ongoing safety.


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