Powerslide Swell Bolt 110 Review

The Powerslide Swell Bolt 110 is a striking high-performance fitness skate with innovative features to bring your workouts to the next level.

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Review: Powerslide Swell Bolt 110

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Powerslide Swell Bolt 110 Review

Powerslide Swell Bolt 110

The Powerslide Swell Bolt 110 is a high-end fitness skate perfect for more demanding skaters looking for excellent performance and quality. The 3D Adapt lining is light and comfortable and molds perfectly to your foot, providing unparalleled control and comfort while lessening vibrations and improving performance. They are ideal for intermediate to advanced skaters who want to go fast, get in shape, and improve their endurance. The skates are versatile and perfect for fitness, commuting, marathons, and long-distance skating.

3D ADAPT Technology

The Swell Bolt uses MYFIT’s 3D Adapt padding technology with integrated air vents and channels for breathability and additional cushioning at the ankle, tongue, and insole. If you’ve skated Swell models in the past, this new technology will take your skating experience to a new level. The padding is a single part cast out of soft polyurethane that is elastic and retains its springiness over time.

Powerslide Swell Bolt 110

The lining wraps around your foot and adjusts to your anatomy perfectly every time you put them on. The material does a great job absorbing vibrations and impact and provides exceptional heel lock leaving your feet comfortable and relaxed. The 3D Adapt cuff provides a better range of ankle motion allowing for a lower skating stance.

The Boot

Powerslide’s power-knit material looks similar to running shoes, giving the swell skates a cool look and athletic aesthetic. The 360° lace wrapping hugs your foot, providing comfort and support. The glass fiber-injected plastic shells and cuffs are remarkably strong and rigid, resulting in great energy transfer in your strides and ultimate control of the skates.

The uppers use an abrasion-resistant material with reflective highlights to help keep you safe when skating at night. Height-adjustable spacers in the cuff can move up or down to adjust forward flex. Upgrades to the closure include ratchet buckles and additional material around the lace holes.

Powerslide Swell Bolt 110
Trinity Mounting

Trinity mounting gives you exceptional balance and control by bringing the wheels closer to the boot and giving you a lower center of gravity, improving stability and power transfer. You can adjust the mounting blocks laterally and front to back to your preference. Trinity frames mount at three points with two offset mounts under the ball of the foot, creating a channel for the wheels to lower the skate, adding stability and power at push-off.

Frames, Wheels, and Bearings

The Elite Aluminum 3D Casted frame keeps you rolling fast and smooth with Undercover Raw 110 85a wheels with Wicked ABEC 9 bearings. The frame length varies by skate size. EU38-41 uses a 243mm frame length, while the EU42-47 uses a frame length of 270mm. The included brake does not require a separate bolt but mounts easily with provided screws.

Powerslide Swell Bolt 110

Powerslide is known for making narrow, performance-oriented skates, and the Swells are no exception. Powerslide has modified the Swell Bolt boot and padding to accommodate wider feet. Everyone’s feet are a different size and shape, so it is not uncommon for your feet to hurt on your first ride. After a short break-in period, your foot will settle into the padding. For an even better fit, you can heat-mold the boot. The Swell Bolt fits true to size,

Final Thoughts

The Powerslide Swell Bolt is an incredibly fun skate that is likely faster and lighter than your current setup. It may take some time to get used to balancing and turning on larger-diameter three-wheel skates if you are a beginner. You can adjust the frame position if you have issues to help center your weight distribution.

The Powerslide Swell is the best 3-wheel fitness skate on the market. No other fitness skates can compare to the Swell’s dependability, quality, and innovative features. I highly recommend the Swell Bolt to anyone looking to upgrade their current setup or who wants to add another skate to their collection.

  • High-quality
  • Super cozy right out of the box
  • Heat-moldable
  • Trinity Mounting
  • Undercover Wheels grip the road good
  • Fast, smooth, and quiet
  • Not good for wide feet
  • There is no carry strap on the back of the skate
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • The red liner can stain your socks
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Fit and Sizing
Find Your Correct Size

Most skaters usually select their shoe size when buying skates. However, measuring your feet is a good idea to get an accurate measure. Stand on a hard surface and place the heels against a wall for more precise measurement. Measure both feet and refer to the longer heel-to-toe measurement.

Check for Proper Fit

Your toes should not be pressed against the front of the skate or feel cramped. They can slightly brush against the front of the skate because the heels will settle back in the skating position to make more room for the toes.

Inline skates offer a similar fit to shoes, and you should expect some break-in time for the skates to adjust to the shape of your foot. During the break-in period, your child may experience pressure points, but these will go away after skating a few times.

What are the Health Benefits of Inline Skating?

Inline skating is a healthy activity for people of all ages that can improve balance, agility, strength, and endurance, all while having fun doing it. It is a perfect low-impact exercise for individuals and families who want to stay healthy and active. Medical research shows that skating ranks third among physical fitness activities. Its benefits include stamina, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance, weight control, muscle definition, digestion, and sleep.

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