Them Bacethem 909 Skates

The Them Bacethem 909 Skates feature new sizes, a retro graphic, and a captivating color scheme. A must-have for 909 enthusiasts!

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Captivating Colors and Retro Vibes: Meet the Them Bacethem 909 Skates

Exciting news from Them! The long-awaited Them Bacethem 909 Skates, the pro model designed for the incredibly talented Kelso brothers, Sean and Colin, are set to be released soon. These skates boast a retro 90s graphic on their Intuition liners, along with new shell sizes and the classic mold, ensuring they are a must-have for any 909 fans. Genuine Intuition Foam is heat-moldable but molds to your foot naturally without it.

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Them Bacethem 909 Skates

Them BACETHEM 909 Skates with 90s-inspired Intuition Liner

They also provide superb comfort in the anti-microbial lining with plenty of ventilation holes and lacing that goes all the way up. It’s clear just by looking at them that they were very thoughtful about each detail of the skate with custom cuff bolts and buckles. With a captivating bubblegum color scheme and specially designed Intuition liners, these skates are the result of a collaborative effort by the Kelso Brothers, Jon Julio, and Mike McMullen.

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The Them Bacethem 909

The V3 soulplates provide a solid and stable base for you to ride on. They have a wide grinding area with thick walls on the inside, making them strong and long-lasting. The soleplates also feature an updated royal groove that helps you grind smoothly. These versatile skates can be used with flat or rockered wheel configurations. Additionally, they have a low H-block that aids in maintaining balance and prevents the wheels from getting stuck.

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Them Bacethem 909 Skates

The Attention to Detail is Exceptional

The frames come mounted with 58mm Them Bacethem Wheels and ABEC 5 bearings. The Them BACETHEM 909 introduces a broader range of sizes, including XS/S (7-7.5) with a 259mm interior shell length and SM/M (9-9.5) with a 289mm interior shell length. Secure your pair now through the pre-order link provided, as these captivating skates are expected to sell out fast!

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Photos by: Brandon Smith


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