Gabe Holm

Gabe Holm is a 33-year-old inline skater and owner of Thuro skate shop from Amherst, Massachusetts. Gabe has been a staple in the Northeast aggressive skating community for over a decade and in the past few years has made...

Etienne Herreros

Etienne Herreros is a 26-year-old downhill skater from Lyon, France. He is ranked #3 in the world for downhill time trials. This past July he won first place in both the time trial and inline cross events at the IIDA World...

Noel Jarillo

What is your current skate setup?
For freeskating I use the Flying Eagle F110 boots, Supersonic frames and 3x110 Speed Wheels with CSP titanium Bearings. For downhilling I use a Custom FE Drift...


Sascha Simms Interview

Sascha Simms is a 31-years-old aggressive skater from Keene, New Hampshire currently living in Northern California. Sascha has been skating hard and killing street spots for years now. But he really caught my eye, when I happened upon his NOGRINDS edit that he posted on facebook. Sascha scored himself a pair of vintage K2 recreational skates at the thrift store...

Mick Casals Interview

Mick Casals is a 29-yead-old aggressive inline skater living in Austin, Texas. When it comes to skating, Mick is really good at it. I’ve spent the past fives years skating and traveling with Mick and he continuously blows my mind with his creativity and style. He recently purchased some K2 r100 frames to put on his Razor Cults and has been doing some really fast, creative and...

Ricardo Lino

Ricardo Lino

Interview by Jan Welch

How old are you and where did you grow up?

I am 36 years, 6 months and 7 days old. I grew up in Sines, a lil ole’ fishing town in Portugal. Sines now has one of the biggest cargo ports in all of Europe.

What made you want to get your first pair of inline skates?...


Mount Wars

The first inline skate to set the standards and conventions for hardware was the Rollerblade...

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