2023 NorthShore Marathon

Don’t miss the 2023 NorthShore Inline Marathon, a thrilling race along scenic Lake Superior that you simply have to experience.

2023 NorthShore Inline Marathon: A Must-Attend Event for Skating Fanatics

Get ready for the 2023 NorthShore Inline Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota, an internationally acclaimed inline skating event set to make history this year. With participant numbers expected to reach heights not seen in over a decade, this event is on track to be one of the largest and most exciting in recent memory. Scheduled for September 16th, the marathon promises an unforgettable experience for athletes, spectators, and the local community.

Known for attracting skating enthusiasts worldwide, the NorthShore Inline Marathon has always been a crowd-puller, with its picturesque North Shore region serving as a magnet for participants. As the event celebrates its 27th anniversary, anticipation is building for what promises to be the most spectacular edition. In addition to the thrilling inline skating race, the marathon features running and roller ski races on the same day. The St. Luke’s Half Marathon and Finden Marketing Tunnel 10k bring together hundreds of runners, creating an exciting day for many participants.

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2023 NorthShore Inline Marathon

Record Registrations

Registrations are pouring in at an extraordinary rate, with the NorthShore Inline Marathon poised to break attendance records from the past decade. Skaters, runners, and roller skiers of all skill levels from across the globe are flocking to this event, drawn by its reputation for thrilling courses, flawless organization, and strong camaraderie.

“We are absolutely thrilled by the overwhelming response and enthusiasm from participants worldwide,” said Joe Haggenmiller, spokesperson for the NorthShore Inline Marathon. “The fact that we are set to host our largest event in over a decade speaks volumes about the marathon’s reputation, and we are committed to making this year’s edition the best one yet.”

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NorthShore Inline Marathon

Expo and Workshops

Beyond the impressive numbers, the NorthShore Inline Marathon has curated an exciting lineup of activities and festivities for everyone to enjoy. The event will feature a vibrant expo showcasing the latest in inline skating equipment and technology, workshops, and demonstrations by renowned skating experts, including 2-time Olympian Viktor Thorup and three-time Olympian Sofia Prosvirnova. The marathon’s scenic course, alongside the breathtaking Lake Superior, will provide a stunning backdrop for competitors and spectators.

The NorthShore Inline Marathon takes great pride in its commitment to the local community. The event promotes health and wellness while boosting the regional economy through increased tourism and business opportunities. Its positive impact on the community is widely recognized, fostering a strong pride among residents.

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Inline Skating as big foot

Prepare for the Extraordinary

“With an increased focus on growing our St. Luke’s Half Marathon and Tunnel 10k alongside our skating race, we are seeing record numbers across the board,” stated Joe. “This truly is an event for anyone looking to get active. We have registered racers ranging from 5 years old to 95.”

As the NorthShore Inline Marathon gears up for this milestone edition, organizers encourage participants and spectators to secure their spots and mark their calendars for September 16th. Whether you’re a competitor seeking the thrill of the race or a spectator enjoying world-class athleticism, this year’s event promises something extraordinary for everyone involved.

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NorthShore Marathon Race Map

For more information about the NorthShore Inline Marathon, including registration details, sponsorship opportunities, and event updates, please visit www.northshoreinline.com.


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