Rollerblade Twister XT
Rollerblade Twister XT

The Rollerblade Twister XT is the latest release of the Twister line from Rollerblade. I instantly fell in love with the look and futuristic design of Twister boots with the release of the Twister Edge a few years ago. I was ecstatic when I finally got a pair on my feet, only to realize they were too tight and insanely painful. That day I had to accept that the Twister Edge was not the skate for me. 

a New Twister is Born

That would change in 2022 when Rollerblade reinvented its Twister mold with a lighter shell, 2mm extra space, footbed sizers, and an upgraded liner for more comfort. The fit of the Twister XT is a significant upgrade from the previous models, and people who had fit issues and hotspots with the earlier models, like me, should love the fit and comfort of these skates.

They boast plenty of features to ensure comfort and stability on city streets and long-distance skates on paved trails. They are also excellent skates for commuting to work with. Unlike previous Twister models, which caused pressure points and hurt my feet, the Twister XT is one of the best-fitting skates I own. The new design of the Twister XT ensures comfort and stability, and the new liner is unbelievably comfortable.

Plenty of New Features

The all-new fit features a modified, lighter shell and a footboard sizer, which gives a performance fit. The liner and insole improve stance and skateability with upgraded cushioning, improved wrapping, more breathability, and shock-absorbing padding in the heel. The V-cut liner allows for a wide range of motion.

The skates are available in men’s and women’s models. They have high-quality 80mm 85a Hydrogen Spectre wheels with Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings. The Twister XT is an excellent combination of premium fit, superior support, and advanced maneuverability.

MY Twister XT Unboxing and Review Video

In this video, I unbox, discuss, give my first impressions of, skate, and review the 2022 Rollerblade Twister XT inline skates.

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