Welcome to the third episode of The Vault on the Then And Now YouTube channel. Each episode of The Vault features raw footage from one tape in Jan Welch’s collection. He has nearly 400 VHS-C, Hi-8, and MiniDV tapes that Jan is archiving and sharing with the world.

The Vault Episode 3

The third episode of the Vault features Chris Haffey, Jon Elliott, Jeff Stockwell, Derek Henderson, Nick Wood, Joey Ihara, Connor O’Brien, Brian Shima, Ryan Northway, and Jared Peterson. The footage on this tape is from 2004 and was filmed in Bakersfield and Fresno, California during a combined Remedyz and 4×4 Tour. Notable clips on this tape are Chris Haffey destroying the famous Poo ledge in Fresno as seen in Leading the Blind (The first 4×4 Team Video), as well as a young Derek Henderson doing an insane switch up on another crazy Fresno ledge spot.

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