Chris Corbett is a 28-year-old inline skater and photographer, originally from Liverpool in the UK; he has been living in Vancouver, Canada, since 2016. He has been skating since 2003 and has been documenting the sport through his lens for the last twelve years. Chris works as the Digital Content Specialist at SilverStar Mountain Resort in Vernon, British Columbia.

How did you get into photography?

Since beginning skating, I documented my friends more than I was doing tricks. When I was sixteen, I received a camera to use at college and would bring it to the local skate park to document my friends. I did not know a lot about photography at that time but would try to recreate the photos, even as a stall, that I saw in Unity and Be-Mag’s latest print issues. The following year I had a college photography project where my tutor pushed me to do more with my camera. Ever since that initial push, I developed a passion for taking photos.

What gear do you shoot with?

Currently, I shoot with a Canon 6D MKII and love using the Nifty Fifty lens. My fish eye is a Sigma 8mm, and I use a 24-70mm lens mainly for my commercial work.

Hope, British Columbia

Have you had any of your photos published?

I have had several photos published online by Be-Mag, starting with the Laced Series at Rampworx Skatepark in 2015. A big thank you goes to Matt Dearden for connecting me with Freddy White and Jojo at Be-Mag to cover Winterclash for them in 2016. Since then, I’ve worked with Jon Labez to help document last year’s Winterclash and the 2019 Blading Cup.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

Man, my favorite skating project would have to be experiencing Winterclash for the first time, and being there with Be-Mag just made the experience that much better. Spending the weekend in Eindhoven for Winterclash is an insane experience!

Miguel Ramos doing an invert at the Hanglosers bowl contest at Winterclash.

Who are your favorite people to collaborate with?

One of my all-time favorite skaters to work with is Sammy Optiks, a Leeds OG currently living in Manchester. He has so much style!

Do you have an all-time favorite photo you’ve shot?

My favorite photo I’ve shot is Sammy Optiks skating in Leeds, the last time I shot with him before moving to Canada in 2016.

Sammy Optiks lacing an ao topporn in Leeds

Is there anyone who you’ve wanted to shoot with but never had the opportunity?

Richard Taylor. To this day, I remember him destroying the bowl at Rampworx and effortlessly skating the corner wallride at Slamm Jamm. You knew when the headband came out, it was going down!

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What is the most challenging shot to capture?

The most challenging shot to capture for me is a street shot with a snowboarder. Lighting and using flash with that is something I had to learn fast and hard.

Travis Labelle grinding a drop rail

How does skating today compare to how it was when you first began?

Today, I try my best not to injure myself, and that starts with stretching before a session; otherwise, I’m hobbling around for a few days. The industry is more connected through social media now. You can find out all the latest news, videos, and articles without having to wait for the newest print issues. This year, Winterclash has proven that the entire world can be united instantly through the internet with their virtual event this year.

Vancouver has a pretty big freeskating scene. Have you been big wheel blading since living there?

Yes, I have gotten into more big wheel freeskating since moving here, the lads at Shop Task are always ready for a roll, and I’ve been working on a project to be released next summer with Kaylo Baines to document off-road skating on the Powerslide SUV skates.

Kaylo Baines mute air (left) Sammy Optics fishbrain (right top) Rob Pruett back unity (bottom right)

Where do you want to take your photography into the future?

My goal is to become established in the snowboarding world as a photographer. Since 2016 I’ve been shooting photos and creating content for SilverStar Mountain Resort. I’ve also worked together with 4West Co, a snowboarding brand based in Calgary. Once COVID-19 is under control, I plan to travel the world to cover events and shoot with more riders and brands.

Is there any photographer who influenced your approach to shooting photos?

Dean Blotto Gray has influenced me since I started snowboarding and is my all-around favorite photography. In skating, I always enjoyed reading an article featuring photos by Adam Kola.

Jakob Hartman pulling an indian air (left) Noah Morrison skiing (right)

Has COVID-19 changed how you go out and take photos?

COVID-19 has definitely changed how we do things. Recently I’ve had to return to the UK for family stuff. Lining up photoshoots here is complicated with the severity of the current lockdown restrictions. It was much easier to shoot in Vancouver as it is a lot less restricted.

Header image – Chaca back royale


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