Inline and quad roller skaters from around the world will again be gathering August 14-16th for the annual Skate Instructors Association Camp. However, this year due to the global pandemic, classes, and events will be presented online.

Classes will be taught on Zoom by Certified Skate IA quad and inline skating instructors in slalom, speed, dance, and more. Camp will kick off for Instructor Day on Friday the 14th with a keynote presentation by Rollerblade Vice President and Director of Global Sales and Marketing Stephen Charrier and Sebastien Laffargue of FR and SEBA. These brands have seen a massive explosion of skate sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. Saturdays keynote presentations will be given by Eddy Matzger, a multiple-time inline speed skating champion and internationally renowned skating coach, while two-time Olympic speed skater and 28-time world inline speed champion Joey Mantia while be the keynote speaker on Sunday.

Skate IA Executive Director Trish Alexander says while the pandemic forced a quick change of plans for this year’s camp, she is excited about the new possibilities virtual camp brings.

“While COVID-19 has created a disruption to life we are thrilled that our online camp will allow us to enjoy a wider variety of skaters and speakers, which allows us to further meet our mission of expanding what is possible on skates for all skaters”

Instructors for the weekend include Eddy Matzger, Erika Cordeiro, Arnav “Sonic” Shah, Malik Lloyd, Lena Vi, Neli Stoyanova, Mark Greenwald, and more, while multi-discipline skater Caleb Smith will be taking a break with everyone to discuss his nearly 400-mile Ultra skate from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Check out the full schedule of classes and events here.

Skate IA Camp is open to all quad and inline skaters around the world. Registration can be completed online. The cost is $55 USD ($40 for current Skate IA Instructors) for the entire weekend of classes, a fun virtual roller disco, and a Skate IA Camp t-shirt. Currently, there are 32 different classes scheduled, at this low price, you are only paying $1.70 per class, so there are no excuses not to be part of this wonderful event.

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