Rediscovering The Fun of Skating Through Big Wheel Blades

It had been about a year since I had rollerbladed. My enthusiasm had, for lack of a better word, faded. One evening I came across a group of bladers at Lafyette Park in Los Angeles. What was truly intriguing about the confrontation wasn’t so much the activity, but more so the “things” they were rolling on… giant wheels! I was encouraged to try a pair after my expressed skepticism. Immediately I was proven wrong on all preconceived notions. I was having fun skating again with the speed of larger diameter wheels coupled with the support of an aggressive skate. After testing many different styles of Flying Eagles, I found my dream skate, the Flying Eagle F110.

Wallride on a rock at the Bronson Ditch in Los Angeles on the Flying Eagle F110 skates.
Wallride on a rock at the Bronson Ditch in Los Angeles. Photo by Jeff Linett
The Boot and The Liner

It has a slightly higher cuff and dual density shell which gives a comfortable flex without losing ankle support. With a history of ankle injuries like me this is a vital quality. The liner is probably the best I’ve put my foot into over the past 13 years. With a lacing system that ties through the boot itself, you can rock them tight as you like. The liner sits on top of  an actually decent shock absorber in the heel of the boot.

This is crucial if, like myself, you plan on doing jumps and drops. It excellently reduces impact from the metal frames and allows a long comfortable ride. In addition, the boots have 2 separate ratchet buckles. One crosses over the top of your foot to keep it snug with the insole. The second buckle is more traditional and keeps your ankle from moving to far side to side. The combination of these things make the skates feel less like skates and more an actual extension of your body.

Sam Houston testing out the Flying Eagle F110 skates at the Hollywood Bronson Ditch.
The Super Sonic 3×100 Frames

The 110mm frames, which I personally prefer, are the most solid frames I have ever rolled on. This is probably due to the metal mounting system that contributes to the solid foundation of the skate. With the back and middle wheels positioned sightly closer to each other, allowing for a smoother coast and safer maneuvering on poor terrain… or just stair bashing! No other frame compares in my book.

The Stock Flying Eagle Wheels

The FE black 110mm wheels that come with the skate have great rebound and durability. After a few off-road and rain skating sessions, the rust resistant bearings were still fast . The wheels were rigorously tested on many kinds of surfaces in the swelteringly hot summer sun and showing very little wear. The lifespan of the wheels is proving to be the longest of any wheels I’ve had.

Side view of the Flying Eagle F110 skates. Photo by Jeff Linett
Side view of the Flying Eagle F110 skates. Photo by Jeff Linett
My Thoughts

Feeling secure in your skates, and trusting your equipment directly contributes to the satisfaction of the activity.  Whether I am skating long distance or jumping into crazy embankments in the mountains, once I strapped on the F110’s, I was confident to try anything.

Sam Testing the Flying Eagle F110 Skates at the Bronson Ditch in Los Angeles, California

Check out the Detailed Photo Gallery of the Flying Eagle F110 Skates


  • For more information on Flying Eagle Skates visit their website.
  • You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube.
  • All photos by Jeff Linett. Visit his Instagram page to check out his awesome work.
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