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From Professional Skater to Event Organizer, Angie Wong is Pushing the Sport in China

The Pengzhou International Marathon near Chengdu, China took place April 21st, 2018. The event not only had a good turnout of Chinese skaters but also attracted 37 international skaters from 15 different countries. I first found out about the event through the online marketing of Angelina Wong. Angie, as her friends call her, represented Hong Kong Roller Sports in both artistic skating and speed skating from 1996-2006, and has been the team manager of MX Takino’s international speed skating team since 2016. She also works for Signpost – Shanghai, the company that put this marathon together and organizes many skating events around China.

Angelina Wong at the Pengzhou International Marathon
Angelina Wong
Her Responsibilities During the Pengzhou International Marathon

Angie was in charge of inviting skaters, taking care of them once they arrived, making sure they had rides to and from the airport and acted as an interpreter. Her duties also included putting together and running the opening and closing awards ceremonies. With all these responsibilities she was still able to skate the marathon, coming in 6th place. The night after the marathon she hosted a food cultural exchange so the skaters could experience different foods from different countries and meet new people from all around the world. The next day the skaters were given a tour to visit panda bears.

Angie rolling up to the finish line of the Pengzhou International Marathon
Angie rolling up to the finish line.
Attracting Foreign Skaters and Other Events in China

Being part of the Pro Roller Tour, the marathon attracted people like legendary French skater, Olympian and vloger Pascal Briand and fellow Frenchman and Rollerblade team rider Ben Brillante. The following weekend most of the skaters flew to Beidaihe for the Beidaihe International Marathon. Forty-eight international skaters flew to this race to compete for a place on the podium.

Non racing adventures during Beidaihe included a trip to the Great Wall in Beijing and to the Chinese Culture Village. Signpost has several more skating related events happening this year. The first one being the World Roller Dance Competition in Beijing this August. Then there will be marathons taking place in September and November.

Videos From the Pengzhou International Marathon

  • For information on the Pengzhou International Marathon and other events follow Signpost on facebook.
  • Follow Pascal Briand’s Vlog on YouTube.
Photo Gallery from the Pengzhou International Marathon
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