Under Armour is retiring Endomondo on December 31st, 2020, making it no longer operational, and they will delete all Endomondo data on March 31st, 2021. No other tracking app offers the flexibility to create challenges as Endomondo does. As 2020 draws to a close, we have also decided to retire the Big Wheel Blading Distance Challenges that we have been hosting since 2016.

Skating the distance.

The Big Wheel Blading Challenge began as a small gathering of friends who aggressive skate and fell in love with distance blading. With this challenge’s popularity, we started the Inline Skating Distance Challenge for all skaters from all disciplines. With each year, the Inline Skating Distance Challenge has seen its record broken with mind-bending distances:

  • 2019 Champ – Faust Núñez (Barcelona, Spain) 10,580.55 miles (17027.74 km)
  • 2018 Champ – Frank Lorenz (Cologne, Germany) – 8,306.76 miles (13368.43 km)
  • 2017 Champ – Adam Kucharek (Warsaw, Poland) – 6,279.42 miles (10,105.74 km)

With fifteen more days remaining of the Inline Distance Challange, Poland’s Szymon Włodarski-Stępień has already shattered last years record logging 13,500.79 miles (21,727.41 kms).

What app should I track my workouts on now?

Users of Endomondo will now need to switch to another app to begin tracking their skating. If you want to save your workout history, you can port them to Under Armour’s MapMyRun. View the Endomondo FAQ for more information. Strava is another tracking app that is wildly popular and has already been used by many skaters worldwide. A third option is Sports Tracker.

Thanks to everyone who joined our challenges over the years!
We wish you a happy holiday and hope 2021 brings you many miles (kilometers) of joy!

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  1. Argh, the first time I hear about this cool challenge is when it is announced it will be retired. Wish I really discovered this site before. Oh well.

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