Roll ATL Grand Opening Photos by Brandon Wiggins

One of the most frustrating things for many skaters is finding an actual brick and mortar retail store to try on and buy skates at. In the past decade cities throughout the United States have seen their retail stores shutter. This has had a negative impact on so many skating communities across the country. With the loss of these shops many cities lost their core skating hub.

These shops had helped hold their skating communities together. If you wanted to go skate with other people, all you had to do was walk into a shop and meet skaters there who are also trying to go roll. This is no longer the case in Atlanta which just celebrated the opening of a brand new skate shop this past weekend.

Roll ATL Grand Opening Photos by Brandon Wiggins
The Roll ATL family. Photo by Brandon Wiggens
A new shop opens it’s door in Atlanta

On May 18th the Roll ATL grand opening happened and they are now serving the local inline, quad, skateboard and scooter community with open arms. Atlanta locals will be able to again try on skates to see if they fit! Brand new skaters will be able to find talented SkateIA licensed instructors to get lessons from. And all those lonely skaters that didn’t know a scene existed in their city will have found a new family to roll with.

The store is the brainchild of founder and owner Teshia Robinson. Along with the help of some of the local skate scene she has dedicated her life to getting this project up and running. We wish Teshia the best and hope that the shop will help kick start an already healthy Atlanta skate scene into a global skating hub.

Video of the Grand Opening
Brandon Wiggens documented the Roll ATL Grand Opening with some amazing photos.
Find out more about Teshia and Roll Atl

To learn about Teshia, her skating and how she used crowdfunding to help start Roll ATL, you should check out her interview.



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