Peter Glenn Ski & Sports has released their fourth blog post in their skate to ski series. This article is by Jonny Moseley, who was a 1998 Olympic Gold Medalist and rated by Ski Magazine as one of the top ten most influential skiers of all time.

Jonny Moseley here.  Today I’m taking over The Dryland Training Guide. Inline skating was always a staple in my cross training regimen but this is the  first time my boys have tried it. Like you, we’ve been cooped up at home for a while and we are always looking for something fun to get into. Enter the Blades. 

Lots of the drills and techniques we practice  on the ski hill translate easily to skates. For example, driving the bottom hand through to finish the turn is something important for all skiers to remember. It’s easy to work on this skill with repetition on skates. On the mountain, I  yell at my kids as they ski past or tell them on the chair but on skates I can yell at them from close up.:) Below you’ll find some of the drills we did together and some ideas to make sure your first day on skates goes smoothly.  I took a lot of ideas from the Skate to Ski Guide. I recommend you check it out. Remember to tag us in your workout with #pgworkout

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